Surveys for Cash – An Insider’s Guide 2017

Updated best survey sites for July 2017:

  1. Harris Poll Online
  2. Vindale Research 
  3. Pinecone Research
  4. Inbox Dollars
  5. Global Test Market 

(Note, it's best to sign up for several as offers change regularly - click through each link above to sign on)

(Sign up to Pinecone Research while it's open as they often close for signups for long periods)

In the modern world, we cannot think of a life without the internet. It now becomes an essential part of our lives with an average person spending more time on the internet than all other mediums combined. When you can almost do anything on the internet, from chatting with friends to watching videos, online shopping to online education, you can also earn some extra cash on the internet.

When we can spend so much time on the internet during a day, why not spend one or two hours to earn some extra cash over your regular income? And that too doing something fun and easy.

There are probably hundreds of ways to earn money online now, and I have personally tried many but one of the easiest that requires no particular skill set is doing online surveys for cash.

Online surveys

This is my promise – if you have some extra time during your day to day routine – you can easily earn some extra cash in 2017 but only if you are working with a legit survey website (there are many). There are tons that are scam, while others pay you just pennies for your time.

The Secrets You Want to Know and Expectations to Begin With

Do you know there is something strange about this industry? Even if you try to find the online reviews of the best survey websites on the internet, you will find no website with an excellent overall feedback. Even at best, the most respected website in the industry is only rated above average.

online survey

This really amazed me, especially for the websites that I am working with for few years without a single issue. Then I realized something, most people have entirely wrong expectations to begin with that ends in frustration. Most people simply commit too much mistakes to limit their chances of steady income. In simple words – most of the time – It is us doing it the wrong way – not the website.

This is exactly why I decided to write this insider’s guide for you. If survey websites can work for me and hundreds and thousands of others, why not for you? I will guide you about everything that I learned, every mistake I did and every smart move I made in last few years and how you can learn from my experience to create an additional steady source of income in 2017.

Misconceptions About Surveys

  • First most important point that I want to make clear is that survey websites are not there to make you rich. If you think survey websites are there to replace your primary source of income, you are WRONG. Survey websites are an excellent source to add some extra cash to your regular income.

Can you earn $20 an hour on survey websites? No.

Can you earn $10 an hour on survey websites? No.

Can you earn $7-8 an hour on survey website? Probably.

Can you earn $4-$5 an hour on a survey website? Definitely, You can.

  • Another misconception is about the time. Some people think they can do surveys within minutes or even seconds, and when they find out that they have already spent 15 minutes on the survey and it is still not over, they get frustrated. These websites are not paying you for the polls like surveys – these are detailed surveys that can easily take 15 to 20 minutes and sometimes even more. The more complex and detailed the survey is, the more you are paid, but still, don’t assume that you can do 20 or 30 surveys in an hour. This is simply not possible.
  • If you search online survey websites, you can see a lot of ads from these websites. But ads do not mean legitimacy. You have to do research by reading reviews and comparing different review websites by reading online reviews.

5 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Joining a Survey Website

  1. Never ever join a website that asks for your credit card details or charge money for registration. I am working with the survey websites for many years now, and no good website that is legit asks for your credit card details or charge subscription fees, only the scam websites do.
  1. If the website’s support is not responsive, and believe me there are many with very hard to reach customer support, try contacting them through their social media channels, you will get a quicker answer there for your questions. Just make sure you ask questions and clear everything before investing your time on surveys.

For example, in one case, when the user spent a lot of time on the survey website and attempted to redeem his money, he was told he can’t. Why? Because he was living in the United States but was not a US citizen at that time, so NO, all money he earned vanished just like that. You don’t want something like this happen to you.

  1. Learn about the options the website offers to earn money. Many websites offer more than just surveys. You can refer friends, watch videos, click on emails, receive free products for review and do similar stuff to earn money. So check it out before you join a website to see of there is something that interests you.
  1. Be prepared to be bombarded by hundreds of emails from these websites. They sent you surveys via emails so there is no way around it except one that I learned after a year with these websites. If you receive important work emails in your inbox, make sure to use a secondary email to sign-up with survey websites just to not mix work emails with these emails.
  1. Make sure to read if you are not violating any tax law for self-employed.

Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Online survey mistakes

  • One of the common complaints by users is about the suspension of the accounts which often results in account termination. When this happen, the amount you have in account also vanish. And believe me – no matter how many emails and phone calls you made, once it is suspended, there is 99.99% chance that you are not getting it back.

So why does this happen? To know the answer, you need to understand how these survey websites work. The survey website matches the users to the surveys based on the profile to make sure the company gets the feedback from the audience they are targeting. If the website finds at any stage that the profile is tempered or you provided false information, your account will be seized with all your earnings.

In my experience, most people temper their profiles to make them qualified for more surveys. Just one advice, don’t do this. They will somehow find out and will suspend your account. Don’t do that.

  • Don’t make the websites your bank. Always cash out as soon as you reach the minimum payout level. Even though there are survey websites that are there for years, some just appear and disappear within the short period of time.

This is advised especially for your first transaction. Most scam websites try to delay your payment or create issues with transactions. So check them out as soon as you reach the minimum limit and continue only when your first payment is approved.

  • Always, always read the terms and conditions. I know it is sometimes frustrating to read long terms and conditions that look same for every website, but trust me, you can find some very useful points that will help in a long run.
  • Some users don’t maintain a record of surveys they do. No matter how much time you have spent on the website and the trust you have, make sure to keep a record. Even the best survey websites out there sometimes don’t transfer your points or cash for a completed survey probably due to some technical glitch. If you don’t have a record, you will not get your points.
  • Learn about the parent company. Many of the survey websites are operated by larger market research companies. Don’t join a website that is new and operated by an unknown company with no reviews on the internet. Try to join those that are operated by larger and known companies.

The Secrets of Earning More than Average

earn online survey

  • We have all heard about “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, right? Same is the case with survey websites. When there are hundreds of them online, you can easily find 20 to 50 survey websites that are good, legit and not scam. Read about them, check online reviews, see how much you can earn an hour and select top 5 to start working with and then build it to more if you want. There is a good chance as you move forward, you will drop few websites. Just make sure you are working with more than one website.
  • Start with a survey website with minimum cash out threshold. For example, when minimum payout limit in the industry averages $50, Opinion Outpost allows users to redeem Amazon gift card for only $5 or cash when you have only $10 in the account. This is a good way to understand the process and to build your trust.
  • Most of the survey websites send you a check or transfer your money through PayPal account. Make sure you are using a PayPal account. It is fast, better and easy to manage. You can also maintain a record of all your transactions in case you need to prove some point later with their support.
  • Make sure the survey website you are joining is responsive. Most of them are, but double check if the surveys work perfectly on your mobile device. With such websites, you will always have an advantage to doing surveys on the go, on the bus or train or even car (of course when you are not the one driving the car).

What to Look for in Online Reviews?

Online survey reviews

There is one thing that I repeated again and again in this article, to read online reviews and user feedback before opting for the survey websites. You have a lot of options, so you need to make a comparison and review websites and online feedback is the best source to make a comparison. So  what to look for in the reviews?

  • Aggregate rating. The first thing you may want to look for is the aggregate rating and how many users reviewed the website. Is users are in hundreds, this mean it is popular and there for a long time. Second, for a survey website, 3.5 or above aggregate rating is excellent. This may sound little strange but it is a fact mostly due to the wrong expectations people have when joining the website I already discussed above.
  • What are the most common complaints? Look for the common complaints like are most people complaining about their accounts getting deleted as soon as they request for payment? If yes, stay away. Are most people saying that it takes an hour to complete a survey in return of just $1? Stay away, there are better-paying websites. Learn about how much people are claiming to earn an hour. If it is anything more than $3 an hour, join the website.
  • What are the praised features? People may be praising different features but you must focus on two most important features, the payment processing time and the money people are making in an hour. Keep in mind, the success of your online survey career depends on the money you are making an hour.


Online survey cash

There is no doubt that the survey websites actually work and can add a steady amount of cash to your monthly earnings. But these websites are always a secondary source of income. You can easily kill your free time with them and earn some good amount of money for your time and effort but again, you need to make sure you are registered with only legit and most rewarding survey websites. In addition, you should know these secrets about survey websites to do good.

If you have read this guide in detail and looking forward to following the points I made, I am hopeful that you will do great in 2017 and even beyond. I wish you good luck, and yes, do read our detailed surveys on our website or share your personal experience with us in the comments section. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.