Surveys That Pay – What’s The Secret

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The ways of making money online are numerous. Getting paid to complete surveys is one of the way. You can start making cash via surveying without requiring any specific qualifications or experience, while seated comfortably in your couch and watching over your kids.

Sounds good? It is.

Note that if you are planning to indulge in surveying to become an overnight millionaire, you should quit your plans right now and redirect your efforts in to some other medium. Surveying is by no means a source of generating unlimited money. It is a tit-for-tat business that pays small to medium commissions and is limited in scalability.

In this article we are going to discuss all that it takes to find surveys online and earn some side money. Our review will cover everything from the basic definition of the work, the legit or scam schemes and tips to become more productive.

Let’s get started.

How Do Surveys Work

Getting to know how the work you are getting in operates is the first step in being successful in it.

In general, companies often conduct surveys, either online or via telephone, to get the user opinion and experience. The companies store the feedbacks and analyse them, based on demographics such as age, location, etc. This helps these companies optimise their markets and tinker their products to become more appealing to the buyers.

Survey based websites can be divided into two different types. Ones are owned and operated by the aforementioned market research companies. Others are basically agencies which act as middlemen. These latter types of websites collect various surveys from different companies and find surveyors to complete these surveys. As you can imagine, the survey agencies are looking to make money and therefore they charge a membership fee to stay on their websites and complete the surveys available in contrast to the market research companies, which are looking to pay to get data. Here are paid survey secrets that you should know to keep safe from scams and get most out of the paid surveys.

Spam Vs. Legit – How To Know

Now the biggest problem with surveying websites is that there are many online which are looking to take advantage of its users (especially the newbies) and scamming them for their efforts. Generally, spam websites have a particular pattern which can be instinctively read as you gain experience in the surveying world.

  • One of the biggest hints is a surveying website offering too good to be true payments. As mentioned above, surveys cannot bring a big pay day. Therefore if you find a website which states giving $100 or $1000 every day, you should immediately abort it.
  • Usually survey websites ask for minimal membership fees and some of them even ignore these membership fees if you are willing to do a free survey. However, if you see a survey website that is asking for an exorbitantBeware of Scamsamount of membership fee ($50+), you should really have your red flag up. Such websites might not have any surveys available and are only looking to get away with your payment.
  • However not all scamming websites have high membership fees. Sometimes they may have low fees ($10-$30), however what they are trying to do here is to scale up their operation and get as many members in as possible, before exiting and leaving you dumbfounded. To prevent this, you should look at the company’s information available online and its trust ratings if available.
  • Go over the Privacy Policy. It is generally found at the base of a site’s landing page. This is vital: who will your data be shared with? Continuously search for an announcement along the lines of: “Emails given to our organization will never be sold, given away, or imparted to any outsiders without your permission.” When you read those, contemplate internally if there’s anything in the dialect that would give them a chance to offer their mailing list. You should make sure there is no opportunity to take advantage of you and your data.

How Long Do Paid Surveys Take And How Much Do They Pay

Different surveys take different times for completion and come with different payment rates. There is no exact formula for payment and duration. The reason behind this is the fact that different companies pay a different amount as investment to get the feedback of the users. In general, the average pay varies between $0.5 and $5, for 15 – 30 minutes of work. Sometimes, you can get a survey that is worth $50. It is not common, but can make for a sweet deal in midst of low paying work. Whether a survey is worth the time is entirely dependent on you.

The best way to make the most out of surveys is to work simultaneously for a variety of websites and browse through their surveys to find the one which gives the highest pay for the time.

Sweet Hack


Productivity is the key when you are looking to earn some good money from surveys. One of the easiest way to lessen the hassle and save some time is by auto filling the generic questions asked by most surveys, usually at the very start. One great add-on for this purpose is the RoboForm. It is an extension that saves your input for questions such as your age, sex, address, ethnicity, etc. The application is pretty flexible and you can even add in your own sets of
questions for which answers can be stored. So by just spending a few minutes on setting up RoboForm, you can save several minutes for each survey and go straight to the questions that matter.
RoboForm is not the only add-on that can do this particular job. You can find several alternatives in the market.

Top Surveys In The Market

Find The Best Survey For Your Fit

The following surveys have been chosen after a research conducted in 2016:

Swag Bucks


This website is an exciting prospect for the teens and college students, who are looking to make easy bucks. The platform is an old one and has proved to be reliable. You get paid for completing surveys and executing offers such as playing games or watching videos. The reward can be redeemed either in cash or gift cards, depending upon you. The rewards are calculated in Swag Bucks.
Swag Bucks has received a positive review generally, by thousands of users and over many years. You can earn anywhere between $3 and $5 per hour. The nice thing about the website is that it pays you a sign up bonus so you are already in a positive balance before even taking any survey.



Toluna is a trusted surveying site dealing with top notch organizations. These companies want to analyse what you think about specific items, administrations and issues. Consequently, they put send you products to review and pay you for your opinion! The items you get are for free of cost to you and can be kept with you.
The website rewards you with free items, Amazon vouchers and prize draws. The rewards are calculated using points. In general, about 40,000 points are equal to almost 10 USD. You need to collect at least 500 points before you become eligible for any rewards.



Vivatic is an awesome surveying site. It is a site that permits you to get cash from surveys as well as various different offers, for example, composing audits and entering data.
It takes around 15 minutes to finish a survey, so it could take you a short time to achieve the minimum reward (approx. 30 USD), however the uplifting news is that there’s additional cash making windows that they have so certainly justified regardless of a sign up. The rewards are sent in cash.
The website is available for different regions and is not limited to only USA.



MySurvey and Lightspeed research have converged to shape the all new MySurvey board. You get Reward Points that are proportional to the amount of surveys you take. The quantity of points fluctuate from review to review, more often than not between 5 and 200 points on average. Points are amassed in your Rewards account and can be reclaimed for PayPal, promotions, gift cards of any choice. 1,000 points is identical to $10.00. You can likewise win incredible prizes in different sweepstakes including the Grand prize of $4,000.

Global Test Market


Global Test market is another site which sends a great deal of surveying opportunities. It was established in August 1999 as a division of Global Market Insite, Inc. Individuals are compensated for taking paid reviews with Market Points – which are convertible to money. Every successful survey commonly offers 50 to 100 market points. The quantity of Market Points remunerated relies on upon the length of the review or survey. Market Points are redeemable for money once you have amassed 1000 or more Market Points in your record. 1000 market points are proportionate to $50. With the quantity of work available, the pay-out is anything but difficult to reach. Instalments are sent with check to your location.

Ipsos Surveys


Ipsos i-Say board is overseen by Ipsos Insight which is one of the biggest marketing and advertising research firms on the planet.

Built up in 1979, Ipsos Insight is one of North America’s driving statistical surveying and general assessment organization. Ipsos i-Say right now utilizes a points based prize framework. Individuals gain reward points for taking reviews. Once you’ve earned 50 (or more) points, you can recover your points for products and gift cards offered by mainstream retail shippers. Every time you finish a review, you are likewise welcomed to play “It’s Your Luck Day Instant Win Game” where you can win a few awesome prizes right away. Individuals are additionally entered in sweepstakes: You could win $5000 only to join the Ipsos i-Say Panel. Most steadfast (individuals who take most or the greater part of the surveys available) members became a part of the VIP club and are consequently entered to win an automobile in the yearly challenge.

These are just a handful of companies that have proven to be reliable and feasible. They have been selected only after reviewing them first hand to ensure that the results are stable and similar. You can browse through our website to review other top paying survey websites and learn about them in detail.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Deciding On A Survey Company

Picking up a good survey company and committing to it for making the most profit can take some research and practice.

  1. Survey sites come with their own terms and conditions. You should not just look at an ad and get down toSuccess!working immediately. Instead, you should closely read the fine lines and compare various websites against each other. You should also make sure to compare the user feedbacks. Doing this will give you a much more transparent view of the position of any certain survey website and its potential as a stable money source.
  2. Be Up To Date. Being on top of the game requires you to keep checking for the top surveying websites and browsing any news related to these websites. This will also prevent you from falling into any considerable scams.
  3. Keep Work And Home Separate. Make a separate email address for your surveying work. Survey websites are notorious for blasting their users with spam mails. You can receive up to 500 spam mails a day! It is better to have a totally different email id and manage your survey work there, instead of using a personal email id. Also, keep a look out in your inbox for any special offers by the survey websites.