Top 9 Paid Survey Websites Reviewed – 2016

Survey Cool's current No.1 paid survey website (as of Feb 2017) goes to: MySurvey !!!

Making money online was a huge challenge in the past, probably up until the late 2000’s. You did not know which site to trust, and the companies were yet to embrace this opportunity from an employer standpoint. Today the market is completely different. You can now earn money in a variety of ways doing work with varying degree of difficulty.

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Filling out surveys is just one of the many methods proven to work, but the sheer number of the sites that offer this opportunity makes the decision rather difficult. There is also the problem of having too many of these sites around. To help you making your decision process a little bit easier, I took on the task of trying out dozens of these services with the hope of finding the best survey panels. It was a trial and error process but I feel confident about the end result. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. PaidViewpoint

I’ve read a fair amount about PaidViewpoint before I have decided to register on their site. The feedbacks were almost universally positive, raving about a service that is simple but very effective. That simplicity instantly shows in the site’s reward system. They only offer cash payouts via PayPal which at a first glance was interesting to say the least, but later I realized that this was actually one of their many strengths. PaidViewpoint has a no-nonsense policy that is rather refreshing. They don’t do anything fancy, they just deliver the surveys and pay for them upon completion.

The payments are made exclusively through PayPal and almost always within 72 hours from the moment of the request has been made. The available surveys are versatile, offering the members all kinds of topics. The site even has trait surveys that can be filled out in literally seconds, earning you anything from 3 to 10 cents per survey. It is important to note that these surveys are often region-dependent. Once you have filled out a survey like that, it will increase your Traitscore. This is important because the higher that value is, the more you will be able to earn with a single survey.

The site also offers an easy to understand referral program to take advantage of. The biggest thing here is finding new members who once joined the site, will be willing to take “biz surveys”. That way you will earn 20% of what they did upon filling out these surveys. You can invite as many people as you would like but the maximum amount you can earn per referral is $25.



2. GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket concentrates on surveys that help companies come up with new products or perfecting their existing ones. Like with most survey systems, the members are awarded with points after every successfully completed surveys. The amount of time needed for the completion of a single survey naturally varies, but it usually takes no more than 10 to 15, or a maximum of 20 minutes to finish. Once the survey is successfully completed, the system rewards the member with a predetermined amount of points.

One point translates to around 5 cents. The reward options at GlobalTestMarket are plentiful, in fact that is the aspect which makes this survey site one of the best in my opinion. If there is a reward you’ve ran into during your survey taking career somewhere, anywhere, chances are that you will find it at GlobalTestMarket. All kinds of gift cards and vouchers, payment checks, e-wallets, you name it. Sometimes you will be timed out after a completion of a survey, but this will probably happen to you anywhere else where the member base if fairly large, and with the best sites it will be. You can know more about GlobalTestMarket in our detailed review.


3. InboxDollars

A cash-based system that’s built on revenue sharing, InboxDollars is one of the most popular survey platforms. The revenue-sharing system is nothing new in the marketing world, but it is very rare when a service like that allows its customers to get a slice of the revenue they themselves helped generating. The site offers various activities in addition to traditional survey taking, including reading-emails, trying out certain games and earning coupons. Once a member completes his or her milestones, they earn a cashback based on the activities they have completed.

The site has a toolbar which you can use to earn additional rewards, and it works fairly well. If you use something similar anyway, this can represent a good opportunity for you to earn a little extra. The minimum balance for requesting a reward is $30. Checks are available in addition to the regular Viva Cash Card option. There are different kind of memberships which can be an annoying thing, but not here. Not only there are clear advantages to having more advanced memberships, including faster processing, but it is also very easy to get there.

All you have to do is earn the equivalent of that minimum reward (currently 30 bucks) and initiate the cash out. After it is completed (it will usually take around two weeks) you instantly become a gold member and from that point going forward, you can enjoy several perks including faster process and more points earned for the same work, in addition to free sweepstake entries. Check out our detailed review of InboxDollars.



4. Clear Voice Surveys

Clear Voice Survey has been around since 2006. Their policy is to offer surveys that are fun to fill out. This feature also involves a rather unique feedback feature that allows the panelists to actually offer their opinion on these surveys, making the whole system better and more rewarding as the time passes. A gradually improving service is a big pull for the new panelists. The site also has excellent reward options, the other staple of a quality survey site. They allow cash payouts which is always a nice option to have (the service uses Payoneer), but they also have all kinds of voucher options for those who prefer the non-cash rewards.

They have sweepstakes as well (with $100, $250 and $1000 prizes) and bonus rewards, in case the survey taker cannot fill out their survey for some reason. In addition to all that, you will get a 10 cents compensation for all surveys you did not quality for. While that is a miniscule amount in itself, if you are a regular those little compensations will add up fairly quickly. The site also offers product testing which is definitely a nice addition, mostly because it’s not forced on the users.

Some sites will make you do all kinds of side tasks in order to make money with your help (which you will never see of course), but with Clear Voice Surveys most of this stuff is optional. The last rather unique feature I wanted to talk about is the contact line this service offers. Clear Voice Surveys has created an opportunity for its customers to share their experiences with each other in an “instant message” environment. The community is extremely helpful for the most part, and this is something you can really take advantage of. Being able to pick the brain of the most experienced survey takers is a unique opportunity, and only a service that’s confident in its own values will offer you that.


5. MySoapBox

In order to join MySoapBox, you have to be a US resident and at least 13. The site rewards you with $2 upon registration which is a nice gesture on their part. Many site uses some kind of registration bonus but very rarely they give out real money as a welcome gift. Usually it’s points for their specific reward system. Another surely welcomed addition is the multi-account feature. This means exactly what you think it means. At MySoapBox, you are allowed to have multiple accounts with the same IP address. While not unprecedented on the survey market, this is definitely a rare feature and one that you can certainly take advantage of.

Having multiple accounts allows you to try out different strategies and see what works and what doesn’t. Another positive aspect about MySoapBox is their survey reward range. The maximum payouts (per survey) are usually $2 or maximum 4$ for the lengthiest and most complex surveys. On this site this amount is currently at $5, which is extremely good. Most sites will never pay that much for a single survey, regardless of its length.

By focusing exclusively on these aspects, MySoapBox offers a straightforward opportunity to earn money. The surveys are available through the dashbox but you can also request e-mail invites. With most services, the payout limit is at $25, which means that you need to earn at least that much in order to receive your rewards. This only applies to the first payout at MySoapBox, and after you have completed your first transaction, that minimum limit disappears. This is almost unprecedented in the survey world, and easily the single best feature of this site.


6. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is not your “run of the mill” survey website but rather one that comes with a twist. The two tiered referral system is one of these tweaks. Most sites gives you an incentive to bring in new members, but this system is a little different. Since with SurveySavvy you can actually earn money from the people that your invitees brought in as well, you can build a strategy that will really make a huge difference down the road.

All you have to do is bringing in people that are open to doing the same thing. I personally did not use that feature because I’m not that interested in it, but for those who have sales person mentality and the necessary chops for it, this is actually a golden opportunity. The other nice addition to an otherwise simple system is the compensational draw. When you fill out a survey but laterit turns out that you did not qualify for it (it happens fairly regularly with most sites), they will put your name into a draw where you can win a prize. This is a nice compensation and while your chances of winning will not be great (just like in any other lottery), it’s still better than missing out on a survey without any kind of compensation.



7. OpinionWorld

A free site that will not bombard you with mandatory consumer panels and product trials.OpinionWorld is exactly what it advertises itself as, a market research website that pays you to fill out surveys. There are actually many members that want the above mentioned perks (consumer panels and product trial) but there are several other survey sites where they can find them. At OpinionWorld, everything is about the surveys. This shows in the fairly limited features as well, but many prefers that kind of simplicity. They have the almost mandatory Amazon gift cards and PayPal options, but otherwise not many reward options.

Movie vouchers are a nice touch I guess, as well as the option to donate to charities but there is very little versatility going on from a reward standpoint. Where they got that aspect covered is the survey process. In addition to the regular ones, the users can receive mobile surveys, allowing them to earn some money on the go. As far as the redemption system goes, the minimum withdrawal and reward limit is 1000 points which equals to $10.

Another important aspect is survey length. At OpinionWorld you will run into a lot of shorter and less complicated surveys which can actually be a positive. A lot of people prefer short surveys because these will give you a nice change of pace. Even if you run into a topic that doesn’t interest you at all, you can finish it in minutes and get to the next, likely more interesting one. Survey-fatigue is not something that will be a problem with this service.


8. Univox Community

Univox uses a demography system which allows them to send out surveys that could potentially be more relevant to their members. In my experience it is much easier to fill out a survey which is about something you are interested in, as opposed to a topic that could not be further away from your hobbies and general interests. The membership is free, which is obviously a welcomed addition, especially because there are no major limitations because of it. The reward system is fairly straightforward as well. After every successfully completed survey Univox members get a compensation of anywhere between $.50 and $2.00. Where this compensation falls will be decided by the length of the survey. The lengthier it is, the higher the amount will be.

Members can earn rewards outside of the paid surveys too, by simply accumulating points. Certain contribution (like inviting a friend for example) will earn them points. 100 of those translates to a $1 amount. You can either cash in on those points or keep earning them. By doing that, once you get to 2500 points, you get a $25 gift code. Gift codes are much better than physical gift cards because you can redeem them almost instantly. With a gift card, it can take weeks or even months until you see your reward. With a gift code, all you have to do is go to the issuer’s website and you can use the code in literally seconds.

For those who prefer the conventional method, Unibox offers Amazon gift cards and even VISA prepaid cards. It is important to note than in order to initiate a cash out, a member has to have at least 2500 points or $25 on their account.


9. Toluna

The interesting aspect of Toluna is their currency system. At this site they use the so called “Toluna points”. You can earn those points through various activities including but not limited to: introducing new members and of course filling out all kinds of surveys. What makes this site truly interesting is their reward system. They offer all kinds of interesting prizes other than the traditional payout. We are talking about various different merchandise products, iTunes and restaurant gift cards, sweepstakes entries and you can even donate to charities. This is a relatively unique take on the whole survey industry and one that certainly offers many positives. Not too many services offer such versatility but more about this later.

In order to request a payment at the site you need to have a minimum of $5 worth of points on your account. The gift certificates can be used at the following retailers: Amazon, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Tango, Best Buy and Target, among many more. The reward process is dependable but can take some time until you get your prizes. For me it took around 5 weeks before I could get my hands on my gift card, although to be frank this was a physical gift. The virtual ones (like gift codes) are supposedly much faster to arrive, possibly within a couple of days. The PayPal payments are reportedly quick as well.

The site also offers a new member bonus. Any newcomer will earn an instant 500 points which Toluna deposits on their account almost instantly. Lastly, the service also offers product testing opportunities to its members, which is another welcomed aspect, especially because it is closer to being opportunity than it is to something that you have to do. The members can test several of these products within the comfort of their own homes. They include mostly include cosmetic brands but if we can believe the website, food items will also be included in the near future. For more information about this company, check out Toluna review.



Not going to lie, the survey business can be extremely frustrating. I have ran into my fair share of scam sites that either refused to pay me or made earning enough points too hard. This list I have compiled involved the sites that I had good experiences with, and although neither has made me rich yet, they offered me a nice opportunity to earn a little bit of cash, or get a gift card or voucher relevant to my everyday interests. Filling out surveys can be lucrative, but as with anything that will make you rich barring winning the lottery, you will have to sacrifice a little bit of your time. Good luck and don’t forget to check out top 20 paid survey websites of 2016.