Would you like to make $50 to $150 just for sharing your opinion? 20/20 Panel promises that this is possible. Becoming a member of their site will allow you to take part in studies that will pay you the aforementioned amounts of money or even more. This sounds tempting, but is it possible? The truth is that this offer doesn’t say if you are going to make this money in a day or in a year. So, it is possible. The real question is if it is worth it.

In this in-depth review, I will take a closer look at the 20/20 Panel. I will show you what do they offer, and how does it work. Online research panels are quite popular these days, but some of them are good opportunities while others aren’t. I will try to present all the important facts to allow you to make a judgment of your own.

First of all, we have to rule out the possibility that it is a scam. Or, to rule out the site right away if it is a scam.

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What Is It and Is It Legit

20/20 Panel is an online research panel. It offers you to take part in various online activities for a reward. Those activities include focus groups, online, video, and phone surveys. Unlike most of the other similar sites, 20/20 Panel offers in-person focus groups as well. In-focus group studies are best paid, but they are available only if you live in Nashville TN, Charlotte NC, and Miami FL. It is established in 1986 and operated by 20/20 Research.

While it is not a large company, it is in the industry for more than 20 years and it gained a solid reputation. So, it is a legit business. Furthermore, they conduct in-person studies at their offices, for years, meaning there is no legitimacy issue here. However, it says nothing about how good or fair they are.

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How it works

Signing up procedure is pretty much usual. You need to provide your email, address, and phone number. However, once you have signed up, it may take a while before you get your first survey or study. You will get an invitation via email or phone to take a pre-qualifying survey. If you pass this stage you will get a chance to participate in a survey or study.

20/20 Panel is different comparing to other survey sites. Their focus is on qualitative rather than quantitative market research. This means that they conduct more specific and targeted research on a smaller scale. For members, this means fewer opportunities, but higher payout. There are many ways to earn money with 20/20 Panel.


Typical online surveys are introduced only in the last couple of years. If you don’t get screened out, you will need to complete a survey to win points.

Survey + Chat

Online chat with the moderator is another way to earn money or points. A qualifying survey precedes this chat. However, if there isn’t a moderator available, or if you don’t qualify, you won’t get an opportunity. You will get some consolation points, though. This is a bit ridiculous. It is not your fault if a moderator isn’t available. But, you will be out just as if you didn’t qualify in the first place. I don’t see the reason why wouldn’t they just postpone the chat until the moderator is available.

Online Discussion

This is what you are looking for. These forum-like discussions are well paid. Usually, you will need to take part in this study for 30 to 45 minutes for a couple of days. It may include a webcam interview, and some additional requirements, like uploading a photo of you and a certain product. You will be notified beforehand, so you may refuse the offer if you want to.

In-Person Studies

Well, these studies are best paid, but they are available only in Nashville TN, Miami FL, and Charlotte NC.

How to Get Your Reward

Honestly, I have no idea. The incentives or rewards for each task are vague. When you get an invitation you will be informed about how much money or points you will earn if you qualify. But, before that, it is impossible to tell. It depends on the study, and how long does it take. Anyway, you have to complete it to earn the reward. If you get disqualified at any point you won’t get a reward.

As for redemption, you have several options. To redeem your points you need to have at least 500 points ($5). You can receive cash payments via PayPal, or you can choose gift cards including Amazon, Starbucks and many more. Whatever you choose, you should receive it in 7 to 10 business days.


  • Variety of programs – It is always good to be able to choose. Many different programs and tasks guarantee that you will never get bored on this site. Of course, it is so if you get regular invitations.
  • Focus groups – This is the best opportunity to make some extra cash, too bad that the number of participants is limited. All of the participants speak highly of this opportunity.


  • Not enough opportunities – Some members waited for a year or longer to get the first opportunity to do anything.
  • Too many ways to be disqualified – It is frustrating when you get close to the end only to be disqualified. Actually, you may miss the study even if you qualify, because there are no spaces left. So, you are not in, until you receive a phone call.


20/20 Panel has some ups and some downs. However, it is hard to make a judgment on how good they really are. While they are legit beyond any doubt, too many facts are vague. I think that a good survey site should be more transparent and predictable. It would take at least a couple of months to figure out all of the positives and negatives of this site.

For this reason, they would never be my top 5 choices. However, I can’t rule them out. Not enough information is a flaw, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not good. I don’t like to take chances, but if you do, you may give it a go. You might get lucky. Anyhow, you can’t lose anything, but a little bit of time. Maybe the potential rewards are worth taking a risk.

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