20/20 Panel: Why Do They Stand Out from the Crowd?

These days there is a wide range of online survey companies which are all vying to gather your personal views and opinions on a variety of subjects, and are all offering to make it worth your while too! If you’re interested in making your opinion work for you, then perhaps you’ve already done some online research and been baffled by the sheer range of companies you’ve come across.

That’s why today, we are taking a closer look at one of those companies, named 20/20 Panel. We’ll offer you a review of their company as well as their online surveys to see if they could be a survey site you would like to work with.

20/20 Panel

So, we’ll give a little background of 20/20 Panel to start with, and one of the most encouraging things to note about them is that they have been in business for quite some time. They were founded as a survey company way back in 1986, and they moved onto the Internet with web-based surveys coming online in the year 2000. As far as web-based companies go, that practically makes them ancient!

The company’s mission statement focuses on gathering qualitative market research, which means that they are not just looking for how many people like one product or have a certain opinion on a set topic. They are also interested in why you have that opinion.

How Does 20/20 Panel Work?

As we said, 20/20 Panel is an older company, and it does look as if their website could do a bit of a refresh and update. It’s not as flashy as the sites of some others, but it’s still quite well laid out and easy to navigate.

Setting up an account is free, and they will require both a valid e-mail and a telephone number since recruiters will be contacting you when openings occur on one of the various panels and surveys.

The types of surveys they offer include:

  • Survey Only: A web-based question-and-answer type survey.
  • Survey and Online Chat: Some surveys also act as pre-screening for further discussion, which will take place in an online, text-based interface. You will be asked additional questions by a 20/20 moderator, and offered extra points for the extra info. This is a live chat, and if no moderator is available, you will still earn the bonus points.
  • Online Discussion: This is another online, text-based live chat with a 20/20 moderator. They will ask you various questions in a session that will generally last from 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Online Webcam Discussion: Very similar to the text-based live chat we discussed above, except this will be face to face via your webcam. In some respects, it may be easier to talk to someone directly rather than having to type answers all the time. It’s worth noting that it can be time-consuming as it will last between 30 and 90 minutes.
  • In-Person Study: The final type of survey is not one that many companies offer for the simple reason that they are, of course, limited to inviting participants in the local area. 20/20 is a little luckier in this regard as they have no less than three regional offices. So if you live near Charlotte, NC, Nashville, TN or Miami, then you could get an invite to a lucrative in-person style of a survey.

The payout for each survey will differ depending on the length and survey type, but the advertised payment is from $50 all the way to $350, which is one of the higher rates of payments we’ve seen around. However, given the high value of the surveys, don’t expect a flood of opportunities, which means that the frequency of call-up to survey will also differ from month to month; some months you may only be contacted once or twice.

20/20 also run more traditional, qualitative styles of surveys, so they are quick to answer, less in depth, and far more frequent. The downside though is they also pay considerably less, earning you points that slowly build toward a payout. They can be worth as little as $1 to $10 per survey.

What We Like about 20/20 Panel

  • A well-established company
  • Concentrates on Qualitative Research, so data collected are valued
  • Some surveys are paid with huge amounts
  • Straightforward and free sign-up process

What We Don’t Like about 20/20 Panel

  • A wide range of survey types
  • In-person surveys are more frequent
  • No PayPal cash transfer option

A Quick Summary

20/20 Panel is certainly not your everyday online survey company. For one thing, they have a variety of survey types that could make things more interesting, but it could also make things more complicated.

Nonetheless, they are very much interested in getting more in-depth information from you, so they do not just want you to tick boxes, they also want to know why you tick those boxes. This means that they will pay you higher fees. As such, although most of their surveys are of the traditional type that pays you less, there is a higher chance that you would earn more.

It should also be noted that some surveys are in-person only, and these are the better-paying ones. If you don’t live near a regional office, you could be eliminated from completing some of these lucrative surveys. Additionally, all money is paid via gift cards or pre-loaded Visa or MasterCard’s.

20:20 Panel vs. Other Survey Sites

20/20 Panel is certainly different from a lot of other survey sites primarily because of their focus on qualitative data. If you are tired of surveys that seem to last forever and in the end give out a scant reward for your efforts, then 20/20 is certainly different from that.

You will probably be contacted with less frequency that you may have experienced with other sites. This is mainly due to 20/20’s desire to focus on high-quality information gathering. That also means that should you not be suitable for a certain survey, you may qualify sometime between survey offers. So, stick with it and keep your profile updated, and you can earn a decent amount of money.

The Verdict

This company is the real deal. The issue that some people will have will likely be that they are not contacted often enough. When you do complete survey’s though, you will be well rewarded. With the quality over quantity approach, putting dollars into your hand without taking over all your spare time is the name of the game here.