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Even some of the best survey sites don’t match up to Baker Street Solutions’ modern look and feel. Their website is very sleek and up to date, with nearly all the information needed, such as full contact info, as well as an approach to clients. But does that mean that they are legitimate and worthy of your time? Let’s play Sherlock (pun intended) and try to find it out together.

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and we won’t do that here either. But the site’s appearance is still a mention-worthy advantage, considering how sloppy and dated many of their competitors’ sites are. As a user, you need to always be able to find your way through the panel. In case you’re experiencing issues, you also need to be able to contact customer service for troubleshooting. Baker Street Solutions have made that possible. You can find their mailing and email addresses in the bottom right-hand corner, as well as a phone number (that they actually answer).

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In the bottom left-hand corner, you will also note a box with boastful yet promising info. They won the “Agency of the Year” award from the Internet Marketing Association back in 2015.

ima of 2015 logo

The company itself dates back to 2002 and was founded by a former P&G executive. Their main expertise is researching consumer behavior and then feeding the data to companies, so they could improve their products. The list of clients is pretty impressive too. Besides P&G, they have also worked with Walmart, Honda, Bloomingdales, Del Monte, Arm&Hammer, Phizer. Did anyone mention scam? Drop your guns. This company is absolutely legit.

How to Join Baker Street Solutions

The signup option is not immediately accessible. It made me wonder if survey takers such as you and me are their primary concern. But more on that later.

To register, you need to hover over the “Contact Us” tab in the top right-hand corner and then click “Get Paid to Take Surveys”. Scroll down a bit until you see the contact form you need to fill out to become a panelist.

become a panelist form page

Spend two minutes of your time to fill in your name, address, and that’s it! No confirmation needed. You will only see a short notification that they would get in touch with you soon.

So basically, this is one of those panels you can set and forget. You won’t get a user dashboard with tons of available surveys. They will just email you an invitation as soon as there is one.

Note that the panel is only open to U.S. residents over 18. It’s a pity for other readers of this blog, but there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s how most survey panels work.

What Can I Expect as a Member?

Let’s see what you’re in for once you become a member.

First off, their methodology revolves around several types of activities:

  • Online surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Product testing

So, the first thing I like is that they are not exclusively oriented toward desktop users. Way to go, since the internet is basically happening on mobile devices and tablets nowadays. Another important thing for you is that you will get invitations to focus on groups that are done in person. Naturally, the rewards will be proportionately higher (even though there is no exact info about the amounts). How many of those you will get depends on your location.

As for surveys, you can’t beat the slow dynamics they have in place here. Most users claim they get just a survey or two per month – and that’s when and if they are lucky. Others report not getting a single survey for months on end.

However, there is a silver lining here. Once your luck smiles on you, you can expect to make quite a generous sum. Their compensation per survey ranges anywhere between $5 and $40 – a significantly higher amount than with most other panels that pay in cents. I know what you’re thinking now. The $5 surveys are probably much more frequent than the high-paying ones? Not true! In fact, it appears that the most frequent ones are somewhere in between, paying about $20.

Your earnings will most likely automatically convert to Amazon Gift Cards. But it’s also possible (although not near as often, it seems) to get them in cash, via bank transfer or check. Don’t worry if you don’t get your earnings immediately. Judging by most users’ experience, it usually takes up to eight weeks to get your hands on them.


  • Compensation is more than fair. Getting $20 per survey (on average) is a big deal. Now, if that doesn’t seem so enticing to you, bear in mind that its many times over what most survey panels offer.
  • Rewards are enticing. Amazon Gift Cards are most common, but there’s also cash.
  • Multiple ways of earning. Surveys are fine, but focus groups and product testing are usually a better deal. Finance-wise, of course. Even though there are no payment proofs for these online (and I myself haven’t got any invitations yet), it’s safe to assume that the compensation is even better.
  • There are mobile surveys too. As I said above, allowing users to take surveys on their mobile is a vital thing if a panel wants to survive these days.
  • They are a respectable company. Of course, you can’t eat respect for breakfast, but it’s still a considerable advantage. You won’t have to worry too much about confidentiality and privacy issues. Your information should be safe with them (or at least, safe as possible in the era of Cambridge Analytica).


  • Surveys seem to be very rare. This is the only con I could find, but it’s a huge one. It means you can’t rely on this to be a stable income. But (and this is also a huge but), the same stands for other survey panels too.

Final Verdict – Should I Join Baker Street Solutions?

In spite of the fact that there are not enough surveys to qualify this panel as an awesome side gig, I would still heartily recommend you to join. Instead of elaborating on why, I will just give you this formula.

An average survey panel pays $0.50 to $1 per survey. That’s if you qualify (which doesn’t happen as often as one would expect), and if you’ve chosen one of the better panels (PrizeRebel comes to mind as an example). Even if you’re patient and persistent enough to come back each day and successfully complete a survey, it still amounts to no more than $20-$30 per month.

Baker Street Solutions pay $20 on average. It could easily be even more. Plus, you won’t waste your time on sifting through available surveys on your dashboard. Get an invitation, take part in the survey, and collect your earnings. That’s less than half an hour spent, on a $20 sum. Elsewhere, you would have to spend hours to accrue that much. Not a bad deal, eh?