Brand Institute Review

These days, everyone is looking for a little extra spending money. Whether you’re looking to make your daily commute more lucrative or just want to influence some brands, taking surveys is a good way to spend your down time.

With so many choices, you’ll want to filter out the best of the best – those that will give you the best rate for your time. If you’re a medical professional, Brand Institute may be the best option for you.

About Brand Institute

Brand Institute is a market research panel that has a heavy preference towards medical professionals. As the parent company of the Drug Safety Institute (DSI), they primarily seek feedback from doctors and nurses about medication labeling, naming conventions, and other drug-related information.

This is because DSI provides regulation and brand name development and research for the health care industry, making their target demographic quite clear.

Are They Legitimate?

With so many choices for survey sites, you’ll want to make sure any considerations are actually fair and legit. Brand Institute is a parent company to the Drug Safety Institute, a company with many accreditations and plenty of vouches. Along with feedback from real participants, this allows us to determine that Brand Institute is legitimate.

Who Is Eligible?

You’ll often find that survey sites have a particular niche that they are filling, making them better suited for panelists that fit their specifications. Brand Institute is no different, with a clear bias towards doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

This is obvious from the 2nd page of the registration form (after you provide account information) where you are asked what you do. From here, you are given a variety of options – all in the medical field. If you aren’t a medical professional, you’ll have to settle for that very response to the question. It certainly doesn’t feel overly welcoming to us everyday folks!

Fortunately, despite an obvious preference for doctors and nurses, Brand Institute will still work for those in other occupations. There are no limitations for signups, and there are a bunch of different “personal information” sections you can fill out to further increase your eligibility for surveys. As surveyors prefer directly targeted demographics, be sure to take advantage of these refinements for more opportunities.

How Does Brand Institute Work?

Brand Institute is very simple to sign up for and use. While their website doesn’t offer too much help, you’ll definitely be able to find the registration form and will have no problem filling it out. Simply enter your personal information, create an account, and you’re ready to go.

Once you have an account, you’re able to receive offers from various survey providers that are looking for feedback from people like you. If you’re new to the site, you’ll be receiving offers via your email address.

However, once you’ve been a member for 6 months, you are eligible to upgrade to their VIP program, allowing you to choose your tasks from the site, see their pay, and have additional opportunities available to you.

On your dashboard, simply navigate to your home and profile tabs to see any relevant offers or information as well as past jobs, messages, and more.

If you’ve been selected to participate, you’ll have an option to complete the survey through a link or other directions. Upon completion, the feedback will be evaluated and you’ll be paid the bounty on the task.

On average, you can expect around $2-4 for basic surveys and $10-30 on medical surveys, with limited availability for those that aren’t medical professionals.

When it comes time to cash out, you’re going to be happy with your options. While some survey sites offer gift cards or other non-cash options, Brand Institute offers PayPal or a check, allowing you to spend your money however you’d like. You can simply cash out after you are credited for completing any surveys, with no account limits to hold your money hostage.

The Good

High pay

One of the most important aspects of any survey site is the pay for work, and Brand Institute offers fair pay for their specialized surveys that are aimed at medical professionals. These special surveys pay $15-20 on average, and at a limit of 20 per year, you can definitely make some spending money on the site.

Cash payout options

You won’t be able to get cash in your hand, but PayPal and checks are about as good as it gets. You can spend your hard-earned money your way without needing to settle for a gift card or other prize.

Simple site

There’s no navigating through 4 pages to check your account balance, find surveys, or cash out. Brand Institute offers a very simple registration process and surveying process. Simply receive the task in your email (or pick it on the site if you’re a VIP), complete it, and get paid.

The Not-So-Good

Heavily favors medical professionals

This survey site is definitely a niche site, with doctors and nurses being heavily prioritized over non-medical panelists. If you don’t have a medical background, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Survey limits

On some sites, you can simply take as many surveys as are available to you. However, Brand Institute has a 20-survey limit before you’ll have to wait until next year, capping your earning potential.

Wrap Up

Overall, if you work in the medical field, you’ll probably love Brand Institute as a potential option to earn some extra money in your downtime. It heavily favors those with a medical background, offering very fair rates for your very valuable time.

The site is simple to use, the company is legitimate, and they pay in cash equivalents. It’s hard to find many negatives outside of their medical bias and survey limits, making it a solid option to consider

Unfortunately, if you’re not a doctor or nurse, you can have trouble earning opportunities and may be better off looking elsewhere. This is a niche site with targeted surveys, so consider a more general-focused option to spend your time on.