Trying to earn some extra cash from home through online methods is not an easy task, especially if you take a deep dive into the uncertain domain of online paid surveys. Many of these websites are nothing more than scams, but because some of them actually help many people earn real money via surveys, we are always willing to give new names like Brand Institute a shot.

However, we are here to make that job easier for you and help you determine which surveys are worth filling out, and which panels will give you great advantages if you join in. At the same time, you will be able to identify those sites that are just a waste of time and that should be avoided.

This article will review the Brand Institute surveys and whether you should become a member or not.

Brand Institute

Brand Institute Review: Who are they? What do they do?

Those who have tried to web search for Brand Institute might have realized that their website is not easy to find. Do not fret, it is because they stand as a completely independent company.

Brand Institute Inc. is no a normal market research panel like most paid survey sites; it is a “World Premiere Brand Identity Consultancy” as they call themselves online, and it provides useful information to firms on products, services, brand creating and even redesigning in the medical field.

The company is the parent of the Drug Safety Institute (DSI), which offers a path to naming a drug properly and in a way that it will be approved.

Although the biggest target for their surveys is medical professionals, they also send out diverse consumer surveys every once in a while, so this site might come in handy to you as well.

To join, all you have to do is sign up and fill out the form. They are open to new members all the time and all you will need is an email to register with. After that, you will receive survey invitations via email with details about how long it will take you to finish such survey, what it will talk about and how many points it is worth.

One thing to notice is that the design of the page looks a bit outdated. However, you must remember that this is addressed to medical professionals so it should be more serious than normal product panel, such as Betabound.

How Do Brand Institute Surveys work? What are the prizes?

Brand Institute will be excellent for you if you happen to be a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist or have any other medical professionals because most of the surveys they have are targeted to these people and they pay much more than regular consumer surveys.

Considering that some special medical surveys can only be completed by a select group of individuals, these pay even more than the rest. These type of surveys are usually related to drug names and other pharmaceutical issues.

For example, you might be presented with 6 to 20 potential drug names and will be asked to answer whether the name is appropriate for certain formulas and its use or not. Other questions might include to which class of drugs you believe the name belongs to if answered no in the previous question.

The medical surveys pay anywhere from $5 to $30 upon completion and can take from 20 to 40 minutes to finish, whereas normal surveys usually pay from $2 to $5, so this is a lot compared to normal online paid surveys that tend to pay no more than one buck!

By now, you should have noticed how determined and committed these people are to what they do, which means that this is a company that is far away from being a scam. However, whether it is useful to you or not will depend on your profession more than your demographics.

This being said, it is important to note that qualifying for a survey with this company is not an easy task and although they have consumer surveys as well, almost all the studies are addressed to the medical field. Nevertheless, if you belong to the pharmaceutical or medicinal world, this website will be worth of your time.

With Brand Institute, you will not need a minimum account balance to request payment because you will be paid as soon as you finish the survey, via check sent by post mail, or via PayPal transfer.

There is no point system with Brand Institute, and that is a relief! No math is needed to see how many points are worth your first dollar or how many surveys you need to complete in order to get your reward.

Also, no gift cards or donations with them, either. The only two payment options are those stated above and they both involve real money that you will be able to hold in your hands.Brand Institute

Advantages of Brand Institute Surveys

This survey panel has many great things to boast about. Firstly, it pays good money and many users have made an average of $15 per survey. That is about as much as you would normally do in a good month in any other market research panel.

Second, no points systems and no gift cards are also something to be grateful for because who wants to spend 30 minutes to make 20 cents toward a coffee at Starbucks?

Some of you out there are looking precisely for that: a way to make a few extra bucks a month from home. However, others are actually trying to see real cash by the end of the month and Brand Institute’s website offers this possibility.

In addition, it’s a great place for those who do not normally join other paid survey panels like doctors, physicians, biochemists, biologists and other similar professions. It might be bad news for some of us who don’t have a scientific background but it does include a whole field that had been left out before.

If you happen to match the criteria, you can receive up to 20 surveys a year, meaning easily over $200 directly to your PayPal account. As told by many users, they usually come in clusters for a short period of time before not receiving any invitations for a while.

Another great thing about Brand Institute is that you do not need to issue any payment request because it will be processed on its own as soon as you are done with a survey or a study. Because there is no point system and you get paid automatically, with this company all you have to do is make sure you open the survey link as soon as you can so as not to miss the chance.

Disadvantages of Brand Institute Surveys

Not everything is good about Brand Institute and the first thing that we consider a disadvantage is that their target is mostly medical professionals; so, if you are an average product user, this might not be the place for you.

The thing with Brand Institute is that the great majority of their surveys and inquiries refer to medical matters, making it a great place for doctors and nurses, but most of us have nothing to offer the company and will not be receiving many survey invitations any time soon.

Most users can spend up to 7 months waiting for an email that will never come and because they ask for a medical license number, you won’t be able to get around it, so our recommendation is that unless you are a nurse or something similar, try somewhere else.

Another disadvantage is that, even if you receive cash via PayPal or even a check directly to your home, it will take up to 1 month to be processed so you won’t be seeing the money you earned until the survey is completely closed and no other member is allowed to finish it anymore.

Moreover, there used to be a referral program that would allow you to make money from the friends you invited and the surveys they completed, but since January 1, 2017, that option was eliminated and you can no longer invite or make extra money from your referrals.

Brand Institute

Brand Institute Review Conclusion

There are many things to know about Brand Institute before joining, but the most important of them is that if you are not in the medical field, becoming a member of their survey panel might be a waste of your time.

They send many invitations and they pay really well, but this is all targeted to a very specific group of people like doctors, chemists and pharmacists considering that most companies that work with Brand Institute belong to the pharmaceutical world.

Do we recommend joining Brand Institute? If you are a medical professional, absolutely yes. You would be surprised with how much cash you can make with it. Nevertheless, if you are not in the medical field, forget about it and search for a panel that will value your opinion a little bit more.