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We live in a digital era, and it’s not only great because I can share my favorite cat photo with my Instagram followers or buy something in five seconds. It’s also great because I and you and everyone we know can earn money online, regardless of our skills or occupation. Don’t know how? The answer is right there – on the Internet.

But there’s a flip side to it as well, and it’s not very pretty. For every honest and legit earning opportunity, there are probably five that are scammy. One needs to know how to recognize the former and steer clear of the latter. And that’s why you’re here – to find out if the company called C2 Consumer Research is legitimate. Let me tell you right away – yes, it’s absolutely legit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth your time.

Let’s dig out all the particulars!

C2 Research Overview

C2 Research was founded back in 1997 under the name of C2 Consumer Research, with headquarters in Westchester County. They have conducted studies and focus groups all over the world, in countries such as China, Romania, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, France, US, Russia, Israel, India, Germany, as well as online. Their clients were gold mining corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and Silicon Valley tech companies, among others. All of that confirms the company’s good reputation.

c2 research homepage preview

How Can I Join?

Thankfully, everyone can join and it’s absolutely free. Head over to their homepage and hit the “Sign Up” button at the top right-hand corner. You will be prompted to fill out a short screening survey, so they would get the initial information about you and determine which studies would suit you best. The questions are entirely common for c2 research. They will ask you if you’re a business owner, a legal guardian/parent if you play video games, and do grocery shopping. You will also need to provide answers about your living situation, marital status, ethnicity.

At the end of this 10-minute survey, you will get a chance to enter the email addresses of your friends who would be interested in paid market research. Once you’re done with the screener, there’s nothing more you can do. They will reach out via email and/or phone as soon as a matching study becomes available. When inviting you to partake in a study, they will let you know how long it is and how much you can expect to earn.

C2 Research Earning Potential

There are four ways to earn money with C2 Research. You can take online surveys, participate in focus groups online or in-person, or take surveys by phone.

However, you can’t just log into your account and see if there are any studies available for you. There is no user dashboard. You just have to wait and see if they will invite you. It means you won’t be able to rely on c2 research. On the other hand, they won’t waste your time either.

c2research survey call notification

And now to the sweetest part. For every successfully completed study, you will get a generous honorarium ranging from $75 to $200. You can opt to get the reward as an electronic gift card, cash via PayPal, or cash via physical check. Either way, it’s a very nice amount that I would be glad to bag, if only once a year.

Also, make sure to get a list of friends to refer to while in the screening survey. Some users claim they got an incentive for doing that. It’s not clear how much a successful referral can bring you, but it doesn’t hurt to try.


  • Everyone can join. Unlike so many market research platforms, this one doesn’t restrict anyone from joining. Whether you live in the Americas, Europe or Asia, you’re welcome to register for an account.
  • They pay in cash, and they pay well. No need to trouble yourself with a calculator, trying to decipher and convert points or some other virtual currency into dollars and cents. You will get cash in return for your time – and lots of cash at that. The longest and toughest studies pay up to $200, and the least you can get is $75. Pretty good, eh? Plus, the payment is prompt. As soon as you’re done, your earnings will be headed towards your account or mailbox.
  • Various studies are conducted either online or in person. They might invite you to an in-person focus group, or to fill out a survey or do an interview online or by phone. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to travel to one of their offices by default.
  • They are real professionals who respect their users. Many people who have had a chance to partake in their studies are raving about how professional, friendly and helpful the facilitators are. It’s nice to know that you can talk to their reps, and not just stare into the inbox waiting for an answer that never comes.


  • You won’t get a lot of invitations. And that’s the most significant con with this panel. On average, their users will get one or two invitations per year. That’s far from enough to make it really worth your while.
  • Participating in a study sometimes isn’t enough to get paid. Many users report that they had to submit documents to verify their answers. For example, if you took part in a survey about a cell or Internet service, they might ask you to send documentation and prove that you’re really using a particular service. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a con, since it’s only logical that they will want to make sure the answers are correct. However, it does make a hassle on the user’s part, which is our primary concern.

C2 Research Final Verdict

The company is definitely trustworthy and legitimate, and there has been absolutely no ground for any suspicion so far. And they pay handsomely, but the problem is that it won’t happen very often.

So, I would heartily recommend you to register for an account, set it and forget it. If or when they contact you, great. Go ahead and trade two or three hours of your time for $75-$200. It’s an awesome reward and you will enjoy spending it, considering that it took you little to no effort to earn it. If they never invite you, nevermind. You’ve lost nothing, and they are professional and honest enough not to cram your inbox full of junk. Just like with most other legit platforms – don’t expect to get rich or earn a full income, and you won’t get disappointed.

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