Can CitizenMe Provide Well-Paying Surveys

Finding surveys worth your time can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sometimes, you’ll fill out preliminary questions for dozens of surveys before you find a single survey that you are eligible to compete for a cash reward.

The best survey websites make it easier to skip filling out the answer after answer for surveys that you are not eligible for, and instead help you get to the right surveys more efficiently. Is CitizenMe one of those good survey websites?

Take a look at today’s review of CitizenMe to get an idea of whether or not this site is the right choice for your survey needs.

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About the Company

CitizenMe is a unique company that really takes a different approach to collecting your opinion—and your data—than other survey companies do. First, they’re very forward about the fact that they can store your data, but they only store your data in your personal data cloud. The information that is shared is only done so with your consent, and you get rewarded.

Additionally, they work with data scientists to offer you some tools to read some insight about your social media profiles if you want. You can take a look at what your profiles include, how they appear to advertisers, and more with the help of CitizenMe. This unique feature makes the site fun to use—and you make some money.

First Look at the Website

The app has a very simple layout that is easy to navigate. You can log in and out, connect with those who are running the site, and complete surveys without any big issues or interference. While there have been some buggy issues, most are easily resolved.

Signing Up And Using the Website – Legit or Scam?

CitizenMe is unique in that is a mobile survey app that is strictly for use on your phone. The app saves some of your digital data but will only share that data with your permission. If you choose to share your information with particular surveys, you will be appropriately rewarded.

Registering for the app is simple:

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  • Search for the app in your phone’s app store
  • Download the app
  • Login to the app
  • Register your basic information
  • Link your PayPal
  • Start doing surveys
  • Get paid immediately

Isn’t that simple? It’s not often that you can find a site that makes it so simple to both register and cash out, but CitizenMe runs on the fact that it is much more accessible and convenient. Even on the go, you can fill out surveys.

Something that is particularly refreshing about this survey site is that there is no points system and there is no minimum amount of money that you need to receive before you can cash out. Instead, the site pays you instantly and quickly to your PayPal account every time that you do a survey. How nice is that?

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Still, the number of surveys available on the site means that you may not be able to cash in a huge amount of money at a single time, but those small survey amounts can really add up. When it’s so easy to cash out, there’s really nothing to lose.

Most surveys on the site take no more than a few seconds to complete. They don’t pay out huge amounts but are a fast, easy, fun way to make some extra money while waiting in line at the store or for the bus.

Lucrative or not, the app is fun to use and gives you an interesting insight into your data, the surveys you participate, and more.

User Reports

The user reports on this site are really fascinating to look at. The first thing that you would notice is that users all say that this site is not the most lucrative out there. The surveys don’t pay a huge amount, and there are not as many survey opportunities as one might like.

Still, people keep using it; why is that? According to users, it’s because even with the small payouts, the site is fun and easy to use. The payouts happen immediately, so even if they are not for a large amount, you are getting something for the time spent on the site.

One complaint that is worth highlighting is that some users found the app to be buggy. It would regularly crash, causing them some frustrations when trying to make a little extra money. Still, this isn’t severe enough to be wildly concerning.

What We Think

Overall, CitizenMe is a site that is definitely worth trying out. The app is simple to download, fun to use, and pays you immediately for any surveys you take. Even if you decide not to use it in the long run, there is no harm in trying because you’ll be paid immediately.


  • Pays immediately upon survey completion
  • Do not sell or store data without permission
  • Can get interesting insights into your own online usage
  • Surveys are very quick
  • Surveys are fun
  • Mobile app; can be done on the go


  • Surveys available infrequently
  • Users complain of phantom notifications, i.e. surveys that aren’t actually there
  • Doesn’t pay much for each survey

Verdict – [Legit]

CitizenMe is definitely a good choice for anyone who likes learning more about what their data looks like online and would love to make some extra money while doing so. The app is incredibly easy to use, and it really stands out from other sites because you get paid immediately upon survey completion.

What that should really say to you is that there is no harm in giving this site a try; even if you decide it’s not right for you, there is no cash-out minimum, so you won’t lose any time or money by giving it a go. Everything you do is immediately rewarded. Wouldn’t it be nice if every survey site worked like that?

CitizenMe is a very interesting site that is worth exploring. Try some of their fun surveys, and see what you think about their unique approach to online surveys.