Consumer Opinion Institute Review: Is It Legit or Not?

Earning cash online for performing simple tasks is becoming more and more popular each year, and people are continually discovering new ways to do this with as little effort as possible. If you have some experience with these services, you probably already know that there are many websites that aren’t reliable, and are scamming people into doing work for free, withholding payments afterward.

Is Consumer Opinion Institute one of these companies? To answer that, we will review the way this website works and further discuss their credibility.

What Is Consumer Opinion Institute?

Consumer Opinion Institute is run by TMS, which is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to researching market and customer opinions. By completing researching surveys, you will be genuinely contributing to the company’s analytics and get paid adequately.

This is an excellent way to earn a small amount of extra money by simple research surveys, but don’t expect to do this as a full-time job, as the surveys will be sent only once or twice per month and they are neither too long nor paid too handsomely.

How Does Consumer Opinion Institute Work?

You already know that with this company, you earn money by completing surveys about various topics and services that are available to you. Don’t worry about having to make up anything, as you will write answers only about the everyday products and situations you are familiar with.

By doing this, you will improve market research and make companies know about your unique experience with a product. In the end, you might make a difference considering their politics and decisions, and receive a product that is better fitted to your preferences.

Becoming a Member

To start working for Consumer Opinion Institute, you will first have to become a member on their website. This membership is entirely free, and it can be canceled wherever you want to by easily unsubscribing from the service at your own volition.

Applying for membership is equally simple, and you will have to follow the simple steps provided at their website. You will be asked to complete a registration survey, where you will be answering some questions about your lifestyle. This is done so that the company would know which products and activities you often use, and you would get personalized surveys or those that you’re accustomed to.

The Process

When working for this company, you will actually be completing surveys you receive in your physical mail and not online ones. Some have reported getting an online survey via their email, but such cases are sporadic and may not ever happen to you throughout years.

The emails you get will contain an upfront payment of $5 and a survey you need to complete and send back. This is done through the postage envelope you receive inside of the first mail, which is already paid for and all information is filled in.

The amount of money you get with the survey depends entirely on the length of the said study. If you are tasked with a very short one, you might only get paid $1 for it. However, this is uncommon, and you will get the $5 ones almost all of the time.

We mentioned that there might be “longer” surveys, but don’t get scared about having to work too much, as they are only twenty minutes long, even if you complete them slowly without being focused on what you’re doing. If you take the task seriously, even the most extensive studies will take you no more than ten minutes to finish.

Why Is Consumer Opinion Institute Good for You?

As you can see, working for Consumer Opinion Institute is pretty straightforward and rewarding, especially if you’re short on cash, unemployed, or planning to make a purchase using side cash that isn’t a part of your regular monthly budget.

You will get the money for only ten minutes of work, so if you manage to get into many similar programs, it can turn into a viable source of income. You could also encourage your family or other members of the household to sign up and help them do their surveys in the same way you do.

As similar to any online jobs or projects, you no longer have to travel just to earn an income. That is why many people would prefer working this way, even if it was done eight hours a day, as opposed to sitting in an office.

What Are the Potential Issues?

The problem with becoming a member of this company’s research team is that it is only available for USA citizens. Don’t even bother trying to get them to consider your application if you aren’t living there. The way payments and mailing the surveys are handled makes it literally impossible for them to send you any work outside of the country.

Additionally, you will only receive one or two surveys each month. On average, you will earn four dollars per survey, and you will complete a one-and-a-half survey each month, which will only get you six dollars each month over a year.


Earning money online has never been easier than in this day and age, especially since many companies offer prizes and cash rewards if you complete simple tasks for them, and help them solve various studies. Consumer Opinion Institute is such a company, and it is entirely legit. Sadly, you can only utilize this way of earning funds if you are a USA citizen. Also, you will merely be able to perform surveys for them once or twice a month.

That said, if you’re indeed bound on discovering a way to work from your home full-time, by completing services in the form of surveys and similar tasks, you could find other reputable companies and actually have enough monthly income to support yourself and afford some luxury. However, you should always check online articles and reviews before deciding on applying for a job.

Overall, the issues with Consumer Opinion Institute do not overpower the fact that they are very trustworthy and you won’t ever have to worry about not being paid.