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Finding a good-paying survey website that not only appreciates your opinion but that also invites you for more is the rarest thing in market research. If you are trying to work from home and earn extra money by completing surveys or product studies and product testing, you know by now how little these companies pay for a lot of your time.

Nevertheless, there are several sites out there that not only pay well, but they also offer surveys that you will not be bored with, and those are the panels worth finding even if it takes a lot of time and joining them all to get to know each panel’s advantages and prizes.

Crowdology stands as one among many on the web to offer money for every survey you finish. However, how much do they really pay, and is it really worth it to join?

What Crowdology Consists of

Told by the very same company through their website, Crowdology is an experienced market research panel that works with leading brands that are looking forwards to gathering useful information about how their consumers perceive the products and services they offer.

For this, Crowdology creates surveys that allow them to recollect data that they later provide to these partner brands. This information will be opinions and points of view that people like you are invited to share, and for this, you get paid.

The company states that you can get paid up to $10 for every survey you complete. Whether this is true or not, we will find out later on. What we know is that as soon as you join, you will be able to start completing surveys that are sent via email.

Once you have completed a survey, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of money that will remain in your account’s balance until you decide or are eligible for redeeming it. There is no points system with this company, and that is something to be happy about.

Something to note about Crowdology is that the interface and the website design is great looking and it is kept up to date, which gives some extra points to the company considering that most paid survey panels do not spend enough time trying to even make their portals look nice, let alone work properly. So every time you see a good-looking panel, you might want to give it a try at the very least.

Crowdology Surveys and prizes

Once you join Crowdology, you will be able to fill in a form with personal information that will allow them to categorize you and send you surveys that will be relevant to your demographic criteria.

After you start completing surveys, all you have to make sure of is to keep this data updated so that you receive as many invitations as you can; many users who do not keep their personal info up to date stop getting email invitations for surveys after a while.

A survey can take anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes to complete, which is short in comparison to surveys that can take up 40 minutes or one hour of your day. Crowdology took the time to actually create short studies because they know how much you appreciate every second of your life, and they do not plan to play around with it!

Ticking boxes also bothered them so they try to include as few of them as possible, using intuitive designs to make filling out the survey interesting, keeping you entertained.

How much money you get for a survey will depend on which one you are answering. This is another way to say that it will be completely random and can vary from 40 cents to even $10 per survey. This money will be credited to your account, and as soon as you have $8, you will be eligible for cashing it out.

It is important to know that the money hits your account as soon as YOU finish a survey, and not when the survey is completely closed weeks after you finished it. Moreover, payment methods are as good as this: You can get a transfer via PayPal, allowing you to have access to cash, or get an Amazon voucher if you do not have a PayPal account and would rather have a gift card instead.

In addition to that, you can win many more prizes for being an active member of Crowdology. They hold regular competitions in the form of sweepstakes that can end up in you winning anything from an Apple Watch to a 12-month Spotify Subscription.

All you have to do to participate is go online and complete a survey they establish before the end of the month. After that, you are in.

Crowdology Pros

This survey panel has great things, and one of them is that the topics they cover is quite wide; it can be from the food you like to eat to things you would not survive without on holiday.

Paid money for a survey in Crowdology is completely random and will depend on your luck. Although most surveys pay around $0.40, some of them can pay up to $10, which you can earn in less than half an hour.

There is no point system in Crowdology and the money you get is the money that is offered to you from the very beginning. This means that you won’t have to be doing any math to know the value of the points for the survey you just completed in real cash.

Prizes are great: You can get a PayPal transfer which can later be sent to your bank account, meaning that Crowdology allows you to earn cash. Also, if you happen to like gift cards or are planning to get anything from Amazon, you can also get an online voucher worth of the money you have on your account.

Lastly, being able to participate in competitions with great prizes for free is never something to complain about, especially if what you could win is an Apple device!

Crowdology Cons

Among the disadvantages of joining Crowdology is that survey invitations are slow to arrive. When you join the panel, there will be many of them to complete but as time passes, you will seldom receive a new survey link.

A good way to try to fix this issue is, as I explained above, keeping your personal data up to date and not forget about it after you sign up. However, this may or may not get you more survey invites.

Another bad thing about Crowdology is the screening out time. Many people claim to be screened out of the surveys after being too close to finishing it. The worst part is that you get no percentage of the final reward unless you complete it, so you end up wasting your time.

Reasons for being screened out vary, but one of the most common is the fact that they already received too many completed surveys for your social or demographic group and consider your opinion to be one too many.

Moreover, other users claim that surveys do not take as long as they determine it does. For example, a normal 5-minute survey can take up to 15 minutes, even if you are trying to do it as fast as possible.

Also, seemingly, the company sends a lot of spam and obtrusive emails that contain no survey links but advertisement and other marketing matters.

Another common issue with Crowdology is that glitches and lag tend to cause many problems to users while they are finishing a survey or even redeeming their money.

Remember that with sites like these, the longer you take to complete a survey, the less you are making in an hour, making it less worthy to join as time passes.

Man clicking on a crowdology review

Conclusion: Should You Use Crowdology?

At first sight, Crowdology seems to be a great panel to be part of. It pays well, it pays in cash and it also lets you participate in sweepstakes that will earn you even more prizes.

However, when you take a second look, mistakes and glitches show up, and you begin to realize that it might not be too easy to be eligible for a survey, let alone finish it, and that it can take you three times longer than you thought it would.

Because the survey’s worth is not determined by certain criteria, you can be very lucky one day and make $5 for a finishing one, while the next day you might only make 40 cents.

The sweepstakes is a good thing to be part of though, but definitely not worth it if you look at the whole picture. Even if the surveys are generally simple and Crowdology does pay the money you earn, it might be more difficult than you would think to reach the minimum balance needed to cash out.

Overall, Crowdology is a legitimate website, just not one you can make a lot of money with.

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