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The purpose of this review is to take a comprehensive look at Datatelligence Online (DEO) in order to validate their legitimacy. DEO is a popular online surveying company that collects user opinions to influence market behavior.

When it comes to making money online, especially through paid surveys, most people are often left with doubts and rightfully so due to the increasing number of illegitimate websites currently available. In this review, we’ll look at the company themselves, how their system works, and what rewards are on offer!

Datatelligence Online: The Details You Need to Know

Datatelligence Online is owned and operated by CRGGlobal, and this parent company is a huge player in the online market research industry. To provide quantitative and qualitative data as well as data analysis, CRGGlobal has set up a host of established consumer research-based data collection sites covering a plethora of markets. The information collected is used to shape the market by providing producers with relevant information on consumer habits and preferences.

Being established in 2009 and maintaining an active user base of over 400,000 members makes DEO amongst the largest panel communities in the United States of America.

First Look at the Website

With a simple website with limited navigation options, it’s hard for a user to get lost. This is a widely accepted approach when it comes to web design for sites of this nature as it creates a more streamlined user experience.

Information is also easy to find as they clearly explain how the reward system works as well as the opportunities available to their members. There is also an FAQ and Testimonials page which help to reassure new members of their validity.

The design itself is rather lacking and is certainly less appealing when compared to other survey sites, and this could lead to people questioning how trustworthy it is. Nonetheless, they do also include a link to their parent company CRGGlobal, which is a reputable company in the marketing industry, as well as to a privacy page which is continuously updated to comply with the most recent laws and regulations.

How It Works

1. Registration

Signing up to DEO couldn’t be any easier as you’ll find numerous links to the sign-up page dotted throughout the website. That will direct you to a registration form that you’ll be required to fill out in order to gain membership. Once you’ve completed this brief process, it becomes merely a waiting game while DEO find surveys applicable to you.

2. Survey Invitation

DEO operates via a points-based reward system where members will be invited, depending upon their eligibility to partake in some online surveys. These surveys vary in frequency, but most members will typically receive one to two invites per month. There are also other methods of data collection such as:

  • Online Focus groups
  • In-person focus groups
  • Product testing
  • Teen surveys

Albeit, these methods are rarer in frequency and commonly apply to a niché member base.

3. Eligibility

In order to be eligible for registration with DEO, you’re required to be a USA citizen and at least 13 years of age with consent from your parents or legal guardian. This relatively young sign-up age allows for a whole new demographic to partake in surveys and provide a different perspective on market performance and innovation.

4. Rewards

After each successful completion, members are granted some points that are detailed before the survey begins. The value of 1000 points equates to a reward value of $10, but members must also complete a minimum of two surveys before they’re able to redeem prizes. Members are also automatically entered into monthly sweepstakes where awards range from Apple iPod Touch to $2,500 worth of points.

Prizes consist of:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Cash paid via check
  • Retail e-vouchers
  • Sweepstakes entries
  • Donations to charity

Personal Experience

In order to provide some real value rather than simply recycle information found on the internet, we signed up to DEO and took part in some surveys to get some first-hand experience with their system.

Firstly, the signing-up process couldn’t be any easier and took just a few moments as opposed to filling out page after page of scrupulous forms that some other survey sites require. This was great as it let us get started right away and didn’t have us feel like we were wasting any time.

Now, all we had to do was wait for an email from DEO as they don’t require us to download and install any software which is extremely reassuring. After three weeks, we had completed two surveys and acquired a few hundred points that were added to our rewards points. Surveys typically only take between 10 and 20 minutes each and are incredibly straightforward.

Other Users Experiences

The vast majority of users are extremely happy with the service provided by DEO.

The Good

Some of the biggest selling points for this survey site is the diverse range of the reward system, and that cash payouts are available as this allows users to spend the cash earned with a more considerable degree of freedom. The automatic entries to sweepstakes are also a huge plus as it gives members that extra chance of significantly boosting their rewards.

The Bad

When it comes to drawbacks encountered when taking surveys with DEO, even if you receive an invitation to a survey, there is still a chance that you may not be approved. When you’re only receiving one to two invitations a month, it can be rather demoralizing as you’re unable to earn any points and therefore unable to claim any rewards.

Verdict: Legit

After factoring in all the considerations that make a quality survey site, we can happily deduce that Datatelligence Online is legit.

Users do get regular invites to surveys as well as the occasional invite to one of the special survey schemes that often offer a higher payout as well as an automatic sweepstakes entry. The pay per survey is also relatively high when compared to that of other survey websites although acceptance into the survey can seem somewhat sporadic.

As with many survey sites, you can’t rely on DEO as a reliable income source as the frequency of invites may change from month to month as well as your eligibility and the payout amounts. That being said, it certainly is a good way to top up your bank balance throughout the year for just a few minutes work on the occasions that you are accepted onto one of the surveys. Plus, the chance of such big sweepstakes payouts for simply completing surveys that you get paid for really makes it a no-brainer choice.

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