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Very roughly translated as Say and Play, or Speak and Win, DigaYGane is a survey panel set up in both English and Spanish but initially created to cater to a predominantly Hispanic clientele. We’re going to be reviewing the platform today and assessing whether it’s worth getting involved with this scheme and what the potential rewards structure looks like for active members.

If you are one of the millions of people looking to create an extra stream of revenue that you can manage in your own time doing as much or as little as you have the time and inclination for, then participating in survey schemes likes this one from DigaYGane might be something that you’ve already considered.

Usually, a short pre-qualifying personal question-and-answer survey is required first to activate your membership and then open up the option to earn money from completing a series of targeted questionnaires about everyday services and products, designed to improve the relationship between consumers and companies. Surveys are a popular means of collating all kinds of vital information which can then be used by government agencies and businesses to make improvements and enhancements.

About the DigaYGane

From what we can tell, DigaYGane has been operating exclusively in the US since 2012. It encourages and provides incentives to members to share their thoughts on a wide range of products and services which the company then collates and shares with third parties to improve policy, customer satisfaction and a whole host of future decision-making processes.

As you may have already guessed from the name, DigaYGane offers surveys in both English and Spanish, and is marketed to the US Hispanic community.

What are the Key Features Benefits and Service Offered by DigaYGane?

The basic premise is that you complete surveys in exchange for cash. Initially, you are required to complete your profile and based on the responses provided, you will be matched with relevant surveys. The number and nature of the polls you are likely to receive will depend upon both your unique profile as well as the types of studies currently being undertaken.

To ensure that you are regularly e-mailed and selected to complete surveys so that you can increase your earning potential, the company recommends that you comprehensively complete your profile and ensure that you regularly keep it updated.

What are the Incentives and Rewards Offered by DigaYGane?

The range of rewards on offer vary from just $.50 up to $5.00 and are usually linked to the length and complexity of the actual survey. You will only be invited to participate in a pre-chosen study; you can’t simply log on to the DigaYGane website and decide for yourself to complete a survey at random. The e-mail invitation is a way of screening your eligibility, and it will also clearly outline the incentive on offer for successful completion which you can decide to accept or not.

What’s the Payout Timeframe and Process?

Members are required to reach a total of $12.50 in their back-office before they can “cash out.” To complete an eligible transfer, an active PayPal account is required. The company does not set a limit on the number of surveys you are allowed to complete, however, it does determine which ones you get invited to be a part of. We have noted via our research that some members are yet to receive any requests to complete surveys.

What Kind of Money or Rewards Can You Expect to Receive From When Joining the DigaYGane Community?

Roughly speaking, a detailed survey taking around 10 minutes to complete should yield $5.00, so on the basis of needing to hit $12.50 before you can request a payment withdrawal, you will need to spend about 25 minutes completing surveys first. Not that bad overall, considering all you have to do is sit at home and answer a few yes- and no-type questions.

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Are There Any Other Benefits to Being A Part of DigaYGane?

Besides the surveys which we’ve already mentioned, panel participants of DigaYGane are all automatically entered for a monthly sweepstake. The more reviews you complete and are able to participate in, the more entries you are eligible to enter into that company sweepstake.

Sweepstake winners are drawn at random on the 15th day of each month, and in order to qualify in the first place, you must fulfill a number of criteria – namely that you are a resident of the US, at least 14 years old, and apparently of Latino/Hispanic or Mexican descent.

Final Thoughts on the DigaYGane Online Survey Platform

From our research, DigaYGane received a highly recommendable trust score of 96%. The privacy policy all looks legitimate, and besides cash reward payouts to a PayPal account, gift cards are also offered as means of incentivization.

Amazon cards work on a points basis, and 1,000 points translate into a $10.00 gift card. There’s no limit to the number of gift cards that you can qualify to receive so the more surveys you complete and have your say, then the more you can spend and play. Makes sense, right?

If you are a Latino and you live in the US, it costs nothing to sign up, and you could end up getting your next purchase for free. Sometimes it really does pay to air your opinion, and when it comes to the many survey sites out there like this one, it’s obvious to see why they have been gaining popularity. While you won’t be able to give up your day job any time soon, you can definitely earn a bit of side cash by participating in an online survey platform like this.

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