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The internet has become a crucial part of everyday life for so many people around the globe. From accessing information to staying in touch with people around the world to buying and selling products, the internet has revolutionized the world. A place where you may not think there was a revolution is in the world of marketing – but businesses know.

Where television used to dominate the marketing world, the internet has taken over as the new de facto king of advertising. Businesses understand the potential of being able to target their demographic to improve marketing efforts and analyzing browsing habits is one of the best ways for them to do that. They can learn where they can best find their target audience, what advertisements work best, and more.

Do you want to get paid to use the internet like you normally do, with the potential to make a few hundred dollars a year for nothing but a few surveys and installing a device to your home’s modem? Of course you do! With Digital Reflection Panel, this can become a reality.

About Digital Reflection Panel

Digital Reflection Panel is a part of the comScore, Inc. internet research firm, a market leader when it comes to web research and helping businesses understand how people use the internet. Based in the US, they provide hardware to panelists that allows them to monitor, track, and analyze internet usage in the home. This is then provided to businesses to improve marketing efforts, and users are paid for their contributions.

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How Digital Reflection Works

Digital Reflection Panel isn’t your standard survey or task site – it takes an entirely different approach to market research and analysis. Rather than requiring users to provide the information themselves, it is able to automatically collect data without any intervention. This allows the panelists to set and forget the system while earning extra cash – talk about a return on your time!

To be a panelist, you have to get in touch with the company to register. Once you do, you will receive a device to attach to your cable modem (the device that receives an internet connection from your internet service provider) that will allow for the information and web traffic that goes through it to be collected. After it is connected, you simply need to resume browsing the internet like you normally do, fill out some surveys that Digital Reflection Panel sends you on a regular basis, and that’s it.


You’re probably wondering how much you can make for just a few minutes of work, and the answer is that it varies. Digital Reflection Panel will pay you for a few different steps in the process, including a startup bonus for installing your device, rewards every month for using the device, payment for updating and upgrading your device, surveys, and more.

Some users have reported that they make as much as $50 a month from surveys and maintaining the device, but this is likely on the higher end. You can expect to make around $50 for the one-time payments for installation, upgrades, and more per year as well as $10-20 per month from surveys and using the product. While it is not the best payout there, when you consider that it only takes a few minutes a month, that free money sounds pretty good!

Digital Reflection Panel also has a variety of payment methods, offering PayPal, gift cards, and charitable donations once you reach the $50 minimum cash-out value. To claim your rewards, you can register on their website or get in touch with them on the phone.

Is It Safe?

If you were concerned when you read that they collect your internet data, you’re not alone. Data privacy is a major concern in the Internet Age, and having your usage monitored can be a scary thought. Thankfully, Digital Reflection Panel collects the non-identifying information (website visits, time spent on the site, device used, time of day, etc.) and encrypts and protects the more personal information (account logins, bank details, etc.) from the wrong hands when collected. As long as you are responsible with where you put your own data, you should have no problems with a Digital Reflection Panel device.

Digital Reflection Panel is an unconventional survey site with a model that has its benefits and some inherent flaws. Below are some of these pros and cons at a glance to help you decide if it’s worth it for you.

The Good

Passive income

Unlike standard survey sites, you can earn money without doing anything except using the internet. You don’t need to alter your browsing habits or usage, simply forget the device is even there until the monthly check-in!

Solid pay and rewards

If free money wasn’t enough for you, it’s also pretty solid money when compared to many survey sites. Rather than completing 100 surveys and spending hours to earn $25 a month, you can just set up your box and earn about the same amount in less than an hour of work. You can also redeem your money through methods that are useful – no being forced to go with an obscure gift card!

The Not-So-Good

Compromised Privacy

With a device that collects your internet data usage, you are basically selling your information – a concept not everyone is comfortable with. Answering questions that you can opt-out of with surveys is different than providing full access to your home’s browsing habits.

Digital Reflection Review Wrap Up

Digital Reflection Panel’s “survey” concept is a bit unconventional when it comes to most survey sites you’ll find online. Rather than answering questions actively, instead you are able to earn passive income by using the internet normally. At the risk of a little privacy, you can earn some extra spending money in the form of PayPal straight to your account for just a few minutes of your time.

For those who are looking to stack as many opportunities as they can to increase their income, Digital Reflection Panel seems like a no-brainer to add to your portfolio because you can do other tasks for money while you earn with them – talk about efficiency!

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