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While some survey websites focus on volume, others focus on the quality of jobs, compensation, and surveys provided. The best survey sites, in our opinion, offer a unique blend of both. Ultimately, the type of site that you want to use should depend on your personal goals for making some extra money on survey panels.

Directive Analytics is a unique panel site for a few different reasons, but are any of the reasons worth it for your time? Our updated review of Directive Analytics Panel can help you decide if this brand-focused site can work for you or not.

About Directive Analytics Panel

Directive Analytics Panel is a USA-based marketing research company, and their goal is to create an extensive and diverse panel of consumers to take surveys about various products. With this research, they can help businesses to improve what they are selling and how they go about selling it.

The topics covered by surveys in this panel range from sports to cars, to travel and even to technology. No matter where your experiences and interests are focused, you can likely find surveys on this site that apply to you.

How Directive Analytics Panel Works

This is an older site, but the sign-up process works very similarly to other survey sites. First, you enter basic information about yourself and confirm contact information such as your email address. Once you do that, you will be asked to take a five-minute survey to get some more information about you. This info is used to help you find more eligible surveys.

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Surveys and Earnings

On this site, 100 Direct Points is worth $1.00, and every survey or activity that you do on the site will earn you a specific amount of Direct Points, and those points will then be credited to your account. Once you have enough of them, you can cash out per the instructions provided.

In some cases, there will be unique offers on the site that pay even more than the usual $1 survey. These offers are infrequent, but qualifying for just one of them can make a huge difference in how much money you make with a simple side job like this one.


The minimum threshold for payouts on this site is 500 points or $5.00. The payment is always put out as a check, and you actually have to email their support to have the check sent out. While this is quite an old system, it’s not incredibly difficult to do. That said, payout checks can be expected to arrive anywhere from one month to four months from the time that your request is processed.


  • Trustworthy

Despite this site being a bit older, it is a legitimate company that does make payments to those who do surveys from their panel. Even though it isn’t the most modern site, it is a trustworthy site.

  • Offerings

In addition to online surveys, Directive Analytics Panel also offers other ways to earn some extra money. There are mail surveys, focus groups, and discussion groups that you could be invited to join. All of these types of offerings have different reward levels, and your profile determines your eligibility, so be sure to keep it up to date.

  • Some Large Paying Jobs

While there aren’t very many surveys on this site in comparison to larger competitors, there are some interesting and well-paying research jobs that pop up from time to time. One user kept a diary for two weeks and was ultimately get paid over $100 for their time. If you keep your eye out for these types of larger projects, you can get a big payoff that makes your time on the site worthwhile.


  • Limited Survey Opportunities

Due to the small size of this older marketing survey page, there are not very many surveys here. Depending on your specific qualifications and information, you may only get one or two surveys a month that you qualify for. Though this means it will take time to earn enough money to cash out, it still helps you gain a little bit in your free time.

  • Almost USA Only

In addition to being based in the USA, this site is geared towards USA residents to sign up. While you can join if you are outside of the country, there are not nearly as many surveys open to non-USA residents, so you might find that you have better opportunities if you are from somewhere else in the world.

  • Credit Waiting Period

Another issue that some people have with this site is how long it takes for them to credit their payment after completing a survey. While this delay is likely because the payment is not processed until the survey window has closed, it can be confusing. It might take two weeks or more for your survey earnings to credit to your account.

  • Old-Fashion Cashout

With the rise of digital survey sites like this one, most of them have modernized to instant payouts by using PayPal or other electronic payouts. Directive Analytics Panel remains firmly planted in the past with their check system.

While it is still possible to receive the money that you earn, it will take some time. Not everyone wants to wait for six weeks or more for a check to arrive. If you aren’t willing to wait, you will want to look at other survey sites instead.

Conclusion: Scam or Legit?

Directive Analytics Panel is a legit survey website that you can use to make money. From offers to surveys, there are a few different ways that this site gives you the ability to make some extra cash.

While the cashout method on this site is old-fashioned and there aren’t a lot of surveys available daily, you can make a reasonable amount of money and get it sent to you by check in just a few weeks.

Overall, this site is a good choice for anyone who is patient and willing to look for some of the intermittent high-paying offers that pop up on this site or anyone who simply wants to join as many of the best survey sites as possible for the most variety.

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