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There is a huge number of websites on the internet that offer all sorts of rewards and compensation for those who take the time to be part of market research and share their opinions about products and companies through online surveys.

Awards tend to range from gift cards to prepaid cards and airline miles. Sometimes, you can get paid real cash, which might be exactly what you are looking for. The only problem is that if cash happens to be an option on these sites, most of the time they make it really hard to access it, pushing you towards the gift card option instead.

Dollar Surveys does none of these things. They openly offer through their website an opportunity to spend your time completing surveys that you´ll find fun and entertaining while being paid exclusively in cash.

This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It even makes you doubt. This brings the question… is it true? Is this really a site through which you can finally spend your days taking surveys and getting paid real money at the end of the month? Let´s dig a little deeper in order to give you the opportunity of concluding for yourself.

What Is Dollar Surveys? is a market research panel (like all surveys websites) that conducts a survey program where its members can offer feedback on a product, company, brand or service in exchange for rewards.

What makes Dollar Surveys quite unique is the fact that it considers itself as “self-service,” as you will not have to go through any point rewards system or wait for weeks for a check or a gift card to arrive in your mail.

With Dollar Surveys, you will get paid in dollars directly into your PayPal account, which will be asked for as soon as you join the panel. Once you enter you PayPal-enabled email address, you will receive the first survey in your inbox. After that, you will be able to take as many surveys as you want, provided that the companies Dollar Surveys works with allow you to do so.

In other words, as long as there are available surveys for you, you will get paid. Dollar Surveys´ rate is $1 per completed survey, and their payment falls into your account within one week after you have reached a minimum amount of $30.

The survey system with Dollar Surveys is quite different from what you might be used to; you will not have to wait for an email to arrive to your inbox with a survey invitation. It is called “self-service” for a reason, and it´s because it works best if you go online to the website and choose surveys you like best.

On average, these surveys can take from 5 to 25 minutes, but it is important to note that no matter how long they last, the pay will always be $1.

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Dollar Surveys Pros

The number one advantage of joining a panel like Dollar Surveys is that you will never have to count up or redeem any points in exchange for dollars that are worth less than half the amount. There are no gift cards, no airline miles, no testing products—just pure, real cash that goes straight into your PayPal account. This, as you might know already, can be later transferred into your bank account with no issues.

Dollar Surveys pays a total of $1 for each survey that you qualify for, and this might sound like a small amount but the truth is that with sites out there that pay as much as 0.30 cents a survey, this pay rate is quite good.dollar surveys logo in front of website sign up page

Also, Dollar Surveys allows you to take as many surveys as you´d like; you won´t have to wait eternally for an emailed survey invitation on this website. On the contrary, you are encouraged to go online and choose surveys for yourself.

Another great thing about Dollar Surveys is that it requires a non-detailed registration. There won´t be a long-form to fill or a qualifying survey to take. You just have to enter your PayPal email address and you are ready to start making cash.

Dollar Surveys Cons

As with every website, Dollar Surveys also has its bad features.

Firstly, there isn´t a proper member account, so you will not have an online balance of your earnings. Dollar Surveys will pay directly into your PayPal account; this means that you will have to keep track of how much you should be made according to the number of surveys you have taken. It also means that if you happen to insert your PayPal email address incorrectly, you will not get paid at all because it will be invalid.

Secondly, the pay rate is not the lowest on the internet but you will still have to complete a total of 30 surveys before achieving the needed $30 to be sent to your PayPal account. This can create greater issues when you realize that some people stop receiving surveys when they are about to reach the $30. Is it a coincidence or do they not want you to get paid?

Also, because your member account is linked to your PayPal account, and actually consists of the email address you used for it, if you happen to change emails, you will have to notify the people at Dollar Surveys as soon as possible so no issues with payments come up.

The self-service aspect might sound like the best thing you have heard in your life, but the truth is that looking for surveys yourself makes it more prone to not being able to qualify for them.

Considering there isn´t really a demographic profile that Dollar Surveys can use to send you personalized surveys invitations, you will have to just click and try until you get one that you will be eligible for.

The worst part is that you do not get paid at all for all those surveys that you get screened out of, so it can end up in a lot of time invested into making zero dollars.

In addition to this, if you do get paid, you will be getting $1 for each survey you finish. The problem is that a certain survey can take about 5 minutes to complete, while others can take up to half an hour. The length of the survey does not determine how much money you will make at all; in the end, you will only see $1 per survey.

Another big issue that has been described all over the internet is that because you have no earning or survey balance, there is no record of how much you should be receiving in your PayPal account.

This leads to all sorts of problems like not getting paid for a great number of surveys you already completed. And yes, you can try to write to them, they will say you should be receiving the money as soon as possible, and it will never happen.

In fact, the whole website can give you a fishy impression. There is a huge lack of information, and they do not seem to mind at all to leave a lot of things out of the picture, things that you, as a user, might find relevant.

Finally, the most terrible aspect of Dollar Surveys, and please know how bad we consider this, is that the website does not want you to contact them at all. They have FAQ sections where you are supposed to get all the answers to your issues, and that´s pretty much it.

If you try to file a problem, you will be directed to the FAQ, and if you go to the FAQ, you will be told that this section does not respond to any individual questions. It is just a vicious circle of negligence and lack of customer support. So much for self-service, eh?

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Dollar Surveys Review: Final Verdict

Dollar Surveys is quite a particular survey panel, and although it might seem like they have the perfect self-service system that pays real cash via PayPal, you will want to think twice before joining the site.

The truth is that this is not a trustworthy site at all. There seem to be a low number of people that have gotten paid by taking surveys with Dollar Surveys, but even they have had more than one completed survey that they did not receive money for.

The website has little maintenance, as well. There is a lack of information and when you sign up with the idea of searching for surveys for yourself, you will soon realize that there is a huge lack of surveys as well.

Of course, it could be your demographics that do not let you qualify for the majority of surveys, but truly, you just have to go online and read about other users’ experiences so you can see for yourself that most of them have had a bad time with Dollar Surveys.

Do we recommend this site? Not at all. Too many issues revolve around it to make it worthy of joining. And, as we explained above, these will be issues that will remain unresolved for as long as you are a member. Dollar Surveys lacks proper customer support so when they say self-service, they really mean it. On this website, you are truly on your own.

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