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On the web, you can find any type of projects regarding market research and consumer data collection, some of them which even pay their users for sharing what they consider valuable information.

Among these, the most popular style is survey panels that offer opportunities for those who like to work from home to make extra money without having an office schedule.

These well-known survey websites are so numerous that it is no surprise that some of them are useless and stand as nothing more than a scam. Through these articles, we are presenting an easier way to find out which of these portals are legitimate and which of them will only make you waste time you could be smartly spending somewhere else.

In this case, we will be reviewing E-Poll Surveys below.

E-Poll Surveys: What does it consist of?

E-Poll has been collecting useful marketing information since 1997 and is still online, exchanging people’s opinions for rewards and prizes of a different kind.

As soon as you go on the site, the first thing you will notice is that the layout and design of the webpage are a little bit outdated and looks like it has not been revamped in a while.

However, this is nothing compared to the Frequently Asked Questions Sections, which open in a pop-up window and will surprise you because of the 90s look it still has. Clearly, redesigning the webpage has not been a priority to the company and this is a very bad first step.

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E-Poll Surveys define themselves as an online forum where their users can express their opinions on diverse issues, services, and products that they use every day in their lives.

All of this information is gathered through interactive surveys that will make a member earn certain points that they will later be able to exchange for gift cards and other prizes, which we will discuss later on in the article.

An important detail to have in mind is that E-Poll Surveys used to be called just E-Poll, so if you already have an account with this company, all you have to do is log in with your past member information and everything, from record and reward points, will be there waiting for you.

If you are new and you want to join, you simply log onto their website and sign up for an account. The membership is completely free and it is currently open for new users, something that not all survey panels offer nowadays.

Even so, is it really worth joining? Let’s keep exploring and find out.

How does E-Poll work?

Once you join, they will ask for your e-mail address, which will be used to notify you when you have a survey invitation that you can fill out and earn points. The more of these surveys you finish, the more points you will add up and the better the prizes, needless to say!

Nevertheless, you cannot request surveys so you will have to wait for an invitation to arrive in your mailbox—make sure that you do not miss it or you will also be missing the possible points from the study.

The surveys they send to each user vary according to the person’s demographics: ethnicity, age, geographic location, income, and household information. This is done to help you offer useful information about your opinion on certain matters.

When you finish filling out the information required to open a member account, you will be sent an activation link and the first survey that you will have to fill out. This first survey that you finish will be worth 100 points and the rest of the survey’s worth will depend on the number of questions and overall length.

The average waiting time for new survey invitations is 4 to 6 weeks. This means that the most you can earn through E-Poll Surveys is a total of 100 points a month. You will soon find out what 100 points are worth in rewards.

Their surveys sometimes come in the form of streaming videos, making it more interactive. In addition to that, E-Poll Surveys offer the possibility of picking up old surveys where you left them, in case they are still online. However, if they have been removed from the link, you have lost those points.

What are the prizes on E-Poll?

The prizes you can earn through E-Poll Surveys are all electronically delivered, meaning e-gift cards and online vouchers. You can also donate all your points to charity in the form of money.

One thing you will not be getting from E-Poll Surveys is cash, so if you were planning on making a few extra bucks, this is not the website you are looking for.

Earned points for a survey will depend on how long these are. They can go from 200 points to 1,000 points for a video survey. Remember that although the average waiting time for a survey invitation might be four weeks, you can still get more if you happen to match certain demographic criteria that are in demand.

Once you have reached a total of 3,500 points worth $5, you can request a gift card from any of the retailers they show, which include Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Target.

You can also receive money directly to your PayPal wallet. The maximum you can redeem is $30 (17250 points), and it can be done via PayPal transfer, so make sure that the e-mail you sign up with is the same as in your PayPal account!

E-Poll Pros

As stated above, their surveys are quite interactive. Some of them are plain, usual question filling but others come in the form of videos. Another method they use is asking you to watch a certain TV show and later fill out a survey about it.

In fact, this is the most common reason why people join and stay active in E-Poll Surveys. If you are a TV show lover, this can be a great place for you, and if you happen to have demographic characteristics that are useful to them; you can even receive a couple of surveys in a week.

Also, the video surveys we just mentioned can be watched on any smartphone or mobile device, which is pretty convenient. However, beware that 10 minutes of video may consume up to 250MB of your data.

You can transfer your money to your PayPal account, which means that you have options other than only gift cards.

E-Poll Cons

To begin with, survey invitations are very rare through this panel. Users have spent up to three months without any new surveys sent to them via email, and the average waiting time of four to six weeks is just absurd.

As if invitations weren’t rare enough, many users have experienced glitches with the links sent to them, not being able to open the surveys and fill them out at all.

In addition to that, they send out more survey invitations than they need. For example, according to demographic criteria, over 300 members are eligible for finishing a certain survey but they might only need 100 responses which means that if you are member #101 to fill in the questions, you might not get reward points at all! Isn’t this just a crazy system?

Some surveys take only 10 minutes to complete, but others, including video streaming and TV show surveys, can take you up to one hour and will make you earn a total of 1,000 points or 70 cents on a dollar.

Also, their website presents several cookie errors, making it impossible to complete surveys for some users.

Among the rewards they offer, they do not have the possibility of getting real cash, only gift cards, and PayPal transfers, so you will not be seeing any real money with this company.

They also deduct reward points for those members who stay inactive for too long. One year of inactivity can cost you up to 2,000 points.

As we mentioned in the beginning, the whole layout and design of the webpage is outdated and so is the support team, which will receive your complaint but will most probably do nothing about it.

Lastly, the processing time for both PayPal transfer and gift cards is up to 8 weeks. Although this might be the common length among this type of website to process your requests, we still believe that it is a bit too long.

E-Poll Review Conclusion

E-Poll is not a scam at all; it is a legitimate website that sends survey invitations to its members in exchange for points that can be redeemed in the form of gift cards and PayPal transfers.

Nevertheless, is it worth it to join? As we explained in the cons section, one hour can be worth up to 70 cents making it a total waste of your time. I won’t speak for those who like watching TV shows, however, who might not consider a one-hour episode time bad spent at all.

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