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Many companies hiring online or remote, part-time workers perform frauds and make people work for them without paying them. Luckily, you can read reviews online, such as this one, and find out about the company’s credibility before doing any work, or submitting your personal information to them.

eJury is, in fact, a legitimate company, and it can pay very well on a monthly basis if you are lucky to be considered for multiple cases. Also, it works differently than other survey sites, but we will talk more about that in the next sections.

What Is eJury?

eJury has been active for almost twenty years, and their longevity is one of the first inclinations that what they do is real. It was founded in 1999 by an attorney who got an idea about using the possibilities of the internet to enhance his performance, as well as those of his colleagues.

It works on a different principle than other survey sites since you won’t be answering questions regarding popular services and products for market research purposes. Instead, you will play as a member of the mock jury and give your honest opinion about various cases.

Each case assigned to you will require you to read the document carefully, and then give your sound judgment about the situation. This way, the attorneys who are using the service will have an easier time understanding how real juries think and will be able to prepare for their court meetings in a more proper manner.

How Does eJury Work?

Each case will require you to study a case, which is up to five pages long. After doing so, you will be asked to answer ten questions, and five of those will be related to the case while the other five will address some of your personal beliefs.

After you finish doing so, you will be able to press the Submit button that is located on the bottom of the page on the website. Once all the other jurors have finished, and the verdict has been made, you will receive your payment.

Becoming a Member

Signing up on the website is a pretty straightforward process, but you will be required to give some of your personal information when asked. The company doesn’t accept just anyone, and it wants to make sure you’re a legitimate person who will take the job seriously.

When answering the survey you get during registration, make sure to answer the questions thoughtfully, as becoming a juror can prove to be hard if you appear like you are just doing it for fun. After receiving the confirmation email, you can be expecting your first case after a couple of days.


In order to be part of the jury the most important qualifications are that you should be more than eighteen years old and a USA resident. After meeting those qualifications, you should make sure that you have excellent reading and writing skills, which is nothing unusual.

If you have ever been convicted of a felony, even a minor one, you automatically become ineligible for work. The same applies to any other legal indictments or issues you might have. Another thing that would make you unable to work for them is any relation to a lawyer below the third degree of kinship. Additionally, working for any legal practitioner or a law firm is also forbidden. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a judge or an assistant, this is strictly prohibited.

If you meet all those requirements, then getting accepted into the company as an ejuror will be pretty easy. In case you’re a lawyer wanting to pay for eJury services, the price is four hundred dollars per one page of text you want to be reviewed. This might be considered too expensive, but the research you will be provided with is more than valuable.


Once you qualify, a small number of cases will be given to you each month. You can expect two cases on average to require your attention on a monthly basis, and this would equate to an hour of work for $30.

The amount you earn is sent directly via PayPal, as soon as the verdict has been made. You won’t have a virtual account on their website, and your funds will be immediately available, which is a big advantage compared to other companies offering similar job opportunities.

Why Should You Use eJury?

One of the great things about this website is that there aren’t many other survey companies that make it this hard to join. There is a multitude of rules and requirements you would need to adhere and meet to be considered; hence, limiting the number of ejurors that, in turn, gives you more opportunity.

The pay you receive per task is more than enough, considering you are doing everything out of the comfort of your home. Likewise, the amount of work required for you compared to the pay you will receive for it is better than what you get working for most other online survey sites.

If you have some experience with the online survey business, you probably know that some of them can feel quite dull after a moderate amount of time passes. However, people who are part of the eJury program generally feel like they are having fun while working. This is especially true if you’re a fan of detective-type TV shows or you are enthusiastic about the law.

What Are the Potential Issues with eJury?

Sadly, you won’t be able to work as much as you like when you become a member. Thus, if you are looking to make more money doing similar work, then you should look for more profitable companies, or join multiple sites similar to this one. Another problem is that you have to wait for the verdict before you can get what you earn.

eJury Review Conclusion

The eJury is extremely useful for both lawyers who want to improve their performance and regular people who are looking to earn more money online in a fun way.

As long as you’re a resident of the USA, older than eighteen, who hasn’t been persecuted, you will most likely be accepted to the program. What is better is that the payments are regular, and you can be sure about not being frauded for money. Likewise, setting up a PayPal account is pretty simple, and it’s the only thing you need to do to start receiving your payments.

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