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Are you looking to make a little extra spending money for your time? Do you have medical experience or experience in niche markets that you’re willing to answer questions about? Do you like helping to shape products, businesses, and more with your opinions? If so, Engage Studies may be calling your name!

Who Are Engage Studies?

Engage Studies are market research specialists located in Washington D.C. They work with businesses, institutions, and individuals all over the world to recruit highly qualified participants for focus groups, online discussions, and more. They pride themselves on their ability to reach unique audiences, allowing their clients to target only their ideal candidates.

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How Does It Work?

Engage Studies operates like many survey businesses. They have a wide array of clients that are looking for qualitative or quantitative data on products, services, topics, and more from different demographics. This is usually beta testing a new product, telling them what packaging you find more appealing, and other opinion pieces. To accumulate their data, they often will come up with a questionnaire or survey for their participants to answer, providing the results to the business.

When performing market research, these companies will often have a target demographic in mind. For example, a company selling household products may only want to hear from middle-aged moms about their shampoo, toilet paper, or other product buying habits. Alternatively, a tech company may prefer targeting millennials who spend more than 4 hours a day on their smartphones. This is why you will have to provide information about yourself during registration.

If you are eligible for a survey, you will receive an email or other forms of contact outlining the requirements and providing additional information. From here, you can find out about the compensation, sign up to participate, and get your next steps.

How Do I Join?

Engage Studies’ website makes it very simple to put your name in the hat to receive a survey. To join, you will need to go to the “Participate in Research” tab. Here you will see two options for their panels of participants, and you can choose one (or both) that apply to you.

To determine your eligibility for different surveys, you will have to provide a variety of information about different parts of your life: occupation, income, level of education, marital status, and more. Once you submit all of your information, you will receive a verification email that contains your login information, which allows you to modify and review your profile.

Once you’ve reached this point, you are registered. As surveys become available for your demographic, you will receive notifications about them and you can participate.

How Much Work Can I Expect?

Where Engage Studies separates themselves from other market research and survey sites comes from their business model. Rather than offering nearly unlimited smaller, repetitive, and low-earning jobs for you to work at every day, they instead focus on quality rather than quantity.

The amount of work you can expect varies depending on what demographics you fit into. If you fall into a niche demographic that matches what a company is looking for, you are more likely to get the chance to participate. However, because these surveys are usually highly targeted, general or vague profiles will likely have a hard time getting work.

Due to being a separate panel, the “health care panel” applicants will most likely see more opportunities arise because the pool of participants is smaller. Additionally, if you qualify for this panel and have unique qualifications as a consumer, you may be the ideal candidate for medical services and products. This would allow you to participate in more surveys than if you chose exclusively one panel.

What’s the Pay Like?

Due to their focus on quality opportunities as opposed to more opportunities, the surveys you receive are some of the highest rewards you will find. On their website, Engage Studies boasts average rates of $50 to $250 per survey you participate in, with many only taking an hour or two of your time. Talk about value! The only shortcoming is that the number of jobs you receive varies depending on your qualifications, which makes it inconsistent work that should not be relied upon.

Unfortunately, not every job will be worth $250/hr. The pay you receive depends on the business, your qualifications, and how long it is expected to take to complete. For example, you could receive a product to test and review from a company for $250, but you will need to document your use for an entire month. Alternatively, you could receive a survey with a $50 award and complete it within an hour. Be sure to carefully review any offers you receive to make sure that it is worth your time.

When it comes to receiving your money, you don’t have to settle for gift cards or other prizes. Engage Studies offers cash as opposed to points, allowing you to receive a check or payment via PayPal upon completion of your tasks.

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Is It Legit?

Yes! Some may be wary of the site because it is very basic and doesn’t do a great job of letting you know what to do after you sign up. However, their website acts as more of a resume host than a survey company. You provide your information, they add you to a panel of participants, and your name gets called from there. It may take a while, but chances are you will receive an offer and will not have entered your information for nothing.

Reviews of regular users of Engage Studies are incredibly positive, with many happy about the high pay rates but wishing they had more chances to make money. There are very few complaints about payments or the work requested, causing us to give Engage Studies a thumbs up.


Engage Studies is one of the best survey sites you can register for if you are looking for the highest return for your time. It lacks the consistency of larger survey sites that have a variety of lower-priced work, but when you do get a job, it is likely to be worth your time. While in many cases sites like Engage Studies are not sustainable income, the inconsistency of the work available makes this even truer. It’s best to treat it as some extra spending money, and the opportunity to improve products or services you use.

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