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“Finger on Pulse Community” doesn’t really roll off the tongue. And yet, it boasts of being one of the foremost market research panels in the industry. Of course, I would probably claim that too if it were my company. A potential user such as you, who is looking for a legit side hassle, would want to hear the whole story. And here it is.

In this review, I will try to cover all the bits and pieces I could find about this earning opportunity, so you could decide for yourself if Finger on the Pulse Community (FPC in further text) is worth your time. Let’s dig in!

Company Overview

The first thing I liked about this survey panel is that they are upfront about their background. Too often I’m seeing platforms that are keeping their users in partial or complete darkness about this, which can’t help but smell of dishonesty and scam.

So, FPC is founded and operated by a company called Horizon Media. According to FPC’s About Us section, this company is “the largest independently owned media services agency in the USA.” They created ads for GEICO Gecko, Capital One Quicksilver Card with Samuel L. Jackson, as well as Corona Bear. Even though they are not accredited with Better Business Bureau, they still hold an A+ rating. It means that BBB deems them legitimate, and there isn’t a thing that would give me reasons to doubt that.

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How Does It Work?

Registration is free and everyone is welcome to try. To try, mind you. That doesn’t mean you will manage to get in.

Unlike most other survey platforms, this one won’t ask you about your email and physical address or phone number right away. The first thing they will ask you is your country. They are currently only accepting US residents over 18 years old, so if you are not both of these, just skip this panel and look for a more inclusive one.

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The next stage is to determine your line of work. You will be presented with a list of industries. Check all of them that apply to either you or other members of your household. Your answers will make or break your entry here. I checked five options that describe what I and my household members do. And bam! I got rejected, with an explanation that they are currently looking for members with other industry backgrounds.

Of course, it’s impossible to tell which answers would be “right” or “wrong” here. It just depends on their current clients, and it most certainly varies. Today, they might be looking for candidates from food/beverages industry, but tomorrow they might switch their preferences to travel/tourism niche, for example. So, it’s best to be honest and see if you happen to match what they’re currently looking for.

But let’s see what’s in store for those of you who manage to get in.

finger on the pulse homepage preview

Activities and Earning Potential

FPC is offering multiple ways to earn rewards. Three most common ways are:

  • Interactive surveys
  • Discussion boards
  • Quick polls

The topics vary from health to dining to retail, and you can complete the surveys either on your desktop or mobile, whichever you prefer. They promise the surveys are short and interesting. Other activities may be organized live, so you should be in for a lot of fun.

The greatest problem, however, is the fact that they don’t tell how much you should hope to earn from doing these activities. Points are fine when you can convert them into nice prizes, but how many points do you need? How big the cashout threshold? No information on that. And since they are a relatively new panel, there aren’t many user reviews or experiences that would clarify the issue.


  • The company behind them is a big player. Even if you haven’t seen the Corona commercial, it’s reassuring to know that a survey panel you are applying for is ran by such a company.
  • The rewards appear to be nice. Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks gift cards are definitely among the most desirable rewards on survey panels, save for cash.
  • You will be able to do different kinds of activities. Taking surveys all the time can definitely get boring, which is why it’s nice to also earn by participating live discussions and doing short polls. You can also earn by referring your friends, and both of you will get a bonus if the friend gets in. What kind of bonus? They don’t say.


  • They seem to be highly selective. They aren’t an invite-only panel, so everyone is welcome to try and join. However, you don’t stand too much chance to get approved, or at least that was my experiences. They are probably narrowing down the niches to the maximum, so that they can find just the right fits. Admittedly, it’s very good for their approved members, since they won’t get a lot of disqualifications from surveys. However, it’s pretty bad if you want to get started.
  • There is cash… as a possibility. Don’t rub your hands just yet. For completing various activities, you will get sweepstakes entries. Every month, they award four cash prizes to their users. How big are these prizes and how likely you are to become a lucky winner? They don’t say. I did some digging and found out that the rewards are $100, $75, $50, and $25. But I couldn’t confirm this anywhere.
  • They aren’t upfront about the earning potential. Okay, they do say that you can redeem your earned points for rewards such as Amazon, Starbucks or iTunes gift cards, which sounds very nice. But it would be music to my ears if they told me how much a survey is worth, for example. It would eliminate guesswork and help us decide if we want to try it at all.

Final Verdict

There isn’t a single signal that this panel is a scam, so we can comfortably conclude that it’s safe to join and trust them with your information. The company that stands behind the panel is a tech giant, which should be a rock solid sign of legitimacy.

However, there isn’t a way to figure out if they are worth your time. The best thing to do would be to try to get in. If you get approved, you will learn about the ins and outs very soon. If they reject you, you lose nothing except for two minutes of your time. Good luck!

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