A brand new free WordPress theme with all the colors of a sunset sky, Silver, Blue & Gold has custom colors, custom background and custom header – you can completely change the look of your site easily through the admin panel. Silver, Blue and Gold is pending approval, but you can view a full-sized screenshot below:


About Silver, Blue & Gold

Silver, Blue & Gold is a three-column, fixed width theme that you can update easily in the WordPress back end. You can change the body background, the header and footer background color, and accent colors. The default image of a gorgeous sunrise is by Ronald Carson. You can keep the header image, change it, or leave it out entirely – all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Future editions of Silver, Blue & Gold will include the ability to upload a logo.


When Silver, Blue & Gold is approved, you can find support in the themes support thread at WordPress.org, or send me an email using the Contact link on the menu above.

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