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Is there anything better than spending an evening curled up under a blanket while binge-watching Netflix shows? Sure, there is – having someone pay you for it. But I know it sounds too good to be true. Can you really get paid to watch Netflix?

Well, I have bad and good news on that account. No, Netflix won’t pay you just for watching it. They are the ones who charge for the privilege and not vice versa. And they certainly don’t need to incentivize more people to subscribe! But yes, you can earn small amounts of money while gorging on your favorite shows – on Netflix or any other network. Read on to learn how!

The Realistic Way to Make Some Money by Watching Netflix – Or Whatever You Like

This realistic method is called Swagbucks. We’ve already written about it – it’s a get-paid-to platform that will reward you for performing various activities like taking online surveys, playing easy games, searching and shopping for things online.

When it comes to such platforms, Swagbucks really is among the few of the best ones. Not because it’ll make you rich, mind you, but because they do pay, and they aren’t a fraud.

How Much Can I Earn by Watching Videos on Swagbucks?

So, the concept is quite simple. Advertisers pay these platforms to serve content to their users. In turn, the platforms offer some compensation to the users as an incentive. With Swagbucks, this incentive are the so-called SB, that you can later redeem for cash or other rewards.

Okay, let’s speak in plain bucks instead of the SBs. How much is an SB worth? Alas, there is no exact conversion rate. But let’s take a quick look at some of the options for redeeming.

popular amazon gift card rewards

PayPal and Amazon gift cards are some of the most popular rewards, and the math here isn’t complicated. If a $5 Amazon gift card is worth 500 SB, it follows that you need 100 SB in your account to redeem $1 worth of rewards. Therefore, a single SB would weigh about $0.01.

On average, a one-hour video on Swagbucks will bring you as little as one SB, sometimes two, and seldom more than that. It means you would have to watch 10 hours of videos to earn a meagre $0.10 to $0.20.

swagbucks watch videos instructions

But that still doesn’t explain the relation between Netflix and this rewards site. Well, it doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage. Do you have two monitors on your computer? Play Netflix and Swagbucks videos on separate screens. Or play Swagbucks on your tablet as you watch your seventh replay of “Stranger Things”. Just keep in mind that these videos will often require a second of your attention. They are either chopped up into small pieces so you need to manually proceed with the next one, or there are ads that you need to skip. That’s why it’s wise to use two different devices. One for the show you’re binge-watching, the other for passively earning a few cents.

Is There Any Other Such Panel?

Sure, there are dozens of panels that promise to reward you for watching videos. Unfortunately, not all of them will actually deliver on their promise. Another best bet besides Swagbucks would be Inbox Dollars. With this rewards panel, every video will be worth a couple of cents – fair enough, considering that most of them only last for a couple of minutes.

While it’s a hassle to constantly have to avert your eyes from your coveted Netflix show, watching Inbox Dollars videos is still a nice option. After all, clicking through those videos is a mechanical activity that you don’t even need to pay attention to.

But the Money’s Not Enough!

Yes, you can’t hope to earn more than a handful of dollars with this method. But before you turn off this article in righteous anger, let me tell you that it makes much more sense to combine this with other activities on Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. If you install the browser add-on and use their mobile app, you may stand to earn as much as $10 worth of rewards every day while doing nothing out of the ordinary. You may as well watch your Netflix while at it – nobody will mind!

If you aren’t fond of these petty menial tasks but still want to earn with Netflix, you can apply for a regular job there. But even if they accept you, they wouldn’t want you to just lie down on your couch with a big box of popcorn. Just like any other employer, they would bid you go to work every day, sit in that office and work the dreaded 9-5.

There is one position that does involve much of the binge-watching though. And it’s called…

Taggers Do Get Paid to Watch Netflix. How Can I Become One?

As of this writing, Netflix seeks new employees for 468 positions in many of their offices across the planet. When I searched “tagger”, it returned seven results. And here’s what one of the current job descriptions includes.

They would require you to “watch, research, rate, tag, annotate, and write analysis reports for movie and TV content”. Yes, the main assignment would be to watch their shows, but it involves quite a bit of drudgery too. They would ask you to, for example, enter all the relevant technical info about a movie – cast, release date, genre. The tags and labels allow the system to recommend other titles based on the visitor’s watching history. Even though it’s gotta be difficult to become part of the Netflix ecosystem, it’s not an impossible feat – here’s an account of a real-life Netflix tagger, in case you want to know more.

Conclusion – What Are My Options?

By now, you probably understand that there is no clear cut way to turn your Netflix obsession into a golden goose. It’s kind of like expecting someone to pay you for playing games. Sure, it’s possible; but you would have to put in a lot of work, and not always at your convenience.

However, if you use the mentioned GPT platforms to make a few bucks by watching videos, you will surely earn enough to cover that monthly Netflix subscription fee. And possibly some change on top of that.

It’s far from being a decent sum, but you can’t expect miracles from such easy activities. Even my tech-anxious grandma could do it. Come to think of it, maybe I’ll even teach her to click through those videos while she’s crocheting the bits and pieces of her own Netflixian saga!

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