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How hard can it be to earn a few cents by taking surveys, watching videos or playing simple games? You’d be surprised! With most rewards sites out there, you’ll sweat and curse your way through various signups, redirects, obstacles and schemes just to add a few cents to your balance. Others will even trick you out of that measly payment. Is GG2U one of those panels?

Let me tell you straight away – yes and no. They will pay you alright. But the road to those pennies and bucks isn’t without bumps and meanders.

To be completely fair, those meanders are far fewer in number than with most other get-paid-to panels. And the bumps won’t hurt you, annoying though they are.

Read on this in-depth review to decide whether GG2U is a good, bad, or ugly rewards site!

gg2u homepage preview layout

Company Overview – Is GG2U Legit or a Scam? is a very young panel. It started operating in 2019, but has already proved to be one of the better get-paid-to panels. According to their Privacy Policy, the company is based in Wellesley, Massachusetts. They have listed an exact postal address, giving their users a chance to contact them in person. And that is the first clear-cut sign that they are a legitimate company, seeing that they aren’t trying to hide anything. (A phone number would be nice too!)

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They don’t have a file on Better Business Bureau. But we can resort to consumer review websites such as TrustPilot, where GG2U holds an impressive rating, with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Granted, some of those reviews may be biased, but experience has shown me that the median ratings are usually pretty close to the truth. And such a brilliant rating is extremely rare as far as get-paid-to sites go. 

Additionally, the panel is free to join and use, and won’t deduce any of your earnings for sweepstakes or other shady contests. All of these facts add up to the conclusion that the site is absolutely legit.

Whether it’s a profitable panel is an entirely different question. And we’ll examine it in the rest of this article. Keep reading before you sign up!

How Does It Work?

The signup form is the first thing you’ll see on their homepage. Enter your name, email address, username, password, and country. Then, you’ll see this message that pretty much explains the gist.

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gg2u welcome and payout rate message

So, the activities you can do for money include:

  • Taking online surveys
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Taking various offers (downloading apps, registering on websites)
  • Referring friends

Right off the bat, they claim that their payout rates are 65% – 85%, which is almost twice as much as other GPT panels. More on that later, since we know better than to believe every nice promise.

Anyhow, when you confirm your account from email and log in again, here’s what you’ll see.

gg2u offers page preview

$1 signup bonus received, thank you very much! There’s $6 more to go until you reach the cashout threshold of $7. Which is, by the way, significantly lower than with most other rewards panels.

As you can see, they aren’t hosting their own surveys. Instead, they are curating them from well-known market research panels such as Dynata,, SurveyTime, YourSurveys, CPALead, and more.

For example, when I clicked through the banner, I got to choose from a dozen surveys, each worth anywhere from 65 to 135 coins. I chose one and was prompted to enter my birthdate. Alas, I was immediately disqualified as they were obviously targeting another age group. However, I could still sign up with SurveyTime and get 70 coins upon completing one survey there. Pity I’m already a member of SurveyTime, so it doesn’t apply to me.

Earning Potential

As far as surveys go, the drill is as usual. You may or may not get matching surveys, which depends on your demographics as well as location. Some users will certainly get more than others, but that’s just the way it works. Truth be told, surveys do pay a bit higher via GG2U than other sites. Since 100 coins equals $1, getting $0.60 to $0.85 per 10-minute survey is way better than getting half of that amount per 45-minute survey elsewhere.

What about games? I was redirected to the website, where I was supposed to earn 500 so-called Soul Gems (GameHag’s currency) in order to get 21 coins through GG2U.

gg 2u coin offers

Now, this would take quite some time to accrue. But even though I am not a gamer, I think the games offered are pretty interesting. In case some of them ring a bell for you, here’s what I got: CrossOut, World of Tanks, Star Conflict. I dislike the fact that you have to register time and again on every new site they redirect you to. But if you like playing games, just install a good antimalware tool (better safe than sorry!) and give it a ride!

Now, if your favorite activity is watching videos, you will get a Silver Token for every 200 video points you earn. This Silver Token will then convert into a random bonus amount of $1 to $3, which will be added to your balance. But there are even more bonuses. For every five payout requests, you’ll get a Golden Token, worth between $1 and $7.

As for referrals, you will get 5% of your referee’s earnings every time they request a payout. Another nice incentive!

Pro Tip – Inspect Your Offers Thoroughly!

Note that all offers are third-party, and some of them will require you to pay for a subscription! As irritating as it may be if you’re not paying attention, it’s not a scheme. There are people who actually pay for these subscriptions because they need them. So, make sure to read the offer before you accept it.

If you decide you like the offer and really need that particular service for a month or so, make sure to set up a reminder and cancel the subscription when you no longer need it. Otherwise, it may keep automatically withdrawing the amount from your credit card.

What We Like About GG2U

  • Payouts truly are higher than with most other GPT panels. Getting $0.60 to $1.35 per survey is very nice when you compare it with most other panels. Videos also tend to pay pretty well considering that you can let them play in the background and go about your business.
  • You can convert your coins into cash (via PayPal), bitcoins, or gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Best Buy, Game Stop, Walmart, Target, Nintendo, Play Station, VISA prepaid card, etc. Of course, we root for PayPal. However, bitcoins aren’t a bad option if you like investing, and the gift card selection is quite attractive too.
  • The cashout threshold is very low and easily achievable. $7 as a minimum is very different from, say, $20 or even $30, which is common with rewards panels.
  • They are generous with bonuses. Silver Tokens, Golden Tokens, bonus video points can really add up to your earnings if you’re active on the panel.
  • Customer support is great. Just take a look at their page on TrustPilot to see how the users are raving about it. They have an email address listed on their FAQ page, plus there’s live chat support on Discord. It seems they are really going out of their way to build a good reputation, which can’t be a bad sign.
  • If you’re under 18, you can still use the site and redeem your earnings for gift cards instead of PayPal cash or bitcoins. It may turn out to be a nice way for teens to supplement their allowance.
  • Gamers can avail themselves of special deals and discounts. Just go to the Deals & Resources tab and you’ll see their current offers. While this is not a way to earn money, it might be an alluring option if you buy games on a regular basis.

What We Dislike About GG2U

  • Many users will have a hard time qualifying for online surveys. While it’s a common issue with survey sites, it’s still annoying to spend a minute or two on filling out the demographic info just to get kicked out.
  • Welcome to the vicious cycle of redirects, signups, offers that don’t work for you. That’s right! Even though this panel is light years ahead of many others, it’s not immune to the common ailments. Not all of that is their fault though. They aren’t hosting any of the offers. So, you’ll have to register with many third-party panels and sites.
  • Not every member is equal! Even though they are available internationally, it seems that members from some countries will have far fewer earning opportunities.

Final Word – to Join or Not to Join?

From what I’ve seen, I can safely say that this is one of the best get-paid-to panels out there. There are quite a few ways to make money, the tasks pay comparatively high, and there are nice bonuses as an incentive to keep you active.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you will get rich on GG2U or any other get-paid-to panel. The best you can hope for is to supplement your income with a couple of dozen bucks each month. Maybe a hundred or two if you combine a few different panels. And that’s if you’re active almost every day.

But that does make sense, since the activities are very easy and require next to zero brainpower. So, as long as you keep your expectations low or at least reasonable, this could be a nice chance to supplement your income.

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