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There are hundreds of sites offering to help you make a little extra cash each month, typically through filling out surveys, questionnaires, or product reviews. However, it can be hard to figure out which are the best survey sites, and which are just straight-up scams.

One thing that is easy to agree on is that the time spent on these sites often doesn’t match up to the rewards. Cross Media Panel is looking to solve this problem, providing users with a passive income stream.

Today’s review hopes to outline the potential gains to be had with using a data-catching service such as Cross Media Panel.

About Cross Media Panel

Operated by Google, Cross Media Panel is a relatively unheard-of website for most of us; however, with the evolution of big data markets, they are looking to partner with individuals offering rewards for the download of an app.

This application can be downloaded to mobile devices or your browser, and simply monitors your Google-related activity. No more sitting in front of a screen and filling out tedious forms; go about your daily business and earn rewards at the same time. This form of passive income is a great way to make the most out of your time!

The panel’s goal is to gain an introspective view into Internet user habits in order to provide a more valuable and worthwhile experience for services such as YouTube, Chrome, and Android.

A First Look at Their Website

While rather brief in regards of an explanation to its purpose, the site does convey a professional yet welcoming tone with a warm and vibrant color scheme.

The landing page itself couldn’t be any easier to navigate; with limited navigational buttons it’s hard to get lost on the site.

This being said, a little more information on how the program works and is implemented wouldn’t hurt. To get a more detailed overview of the site, users will find themselves Googling others’ experiences.

Signing Up and Using Their Website

Cross Media Panel rewards users for time spent with the app running while surfing the web. With no restrictions in place, users are free to visit any site of their choosing. To get started earning you’ll follow the process below:

  1. Sign up to the website.
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Install the Screenwise Meter app.
  4. Surf the web as you would any other day.
  5. Redeem your time spent with gift card rewards.

The process is that simple and only has to be carried out when you join a new panel.

Furthermore, users are rewarded with a selection of gift card options for their participation in the program, such as:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart
  • Sephora
  • Nike

Users receive an instant $2 bonus per device installation with a maximum of 3 devices equating to $6. Users are then able to earn up to $3 a week for simply allowing the app to run in the background while surfing the web as they would any other day.

For those looking to earn some extra cash on top of this, Cross Media Panel will also send app notifications or email a selection of surveys and special programs to their members. These rewards vary with each survey or program, and the value is added to your gift card total.

In order to use the rewards earned, users must first reach $25 in order to request their e-gift card. After this first request, a value of only $5 is required for an e-gift card. Rewards can be expected anywhere between 24-48 hours after the request is made.

User Reports

Users report a high level of satisfaction with Cross Media Panel. They are particularly fond of the ease of use and how the application can be left running in the background while they go about their daily business. The added bonus of occasionally being sent surveys is a nice touch to top off those gift cards.

The only real issue users have found with Cross Media Panel is that the weekly earnings limit is capped at $1 per device, with a maximum of 3 devices linked to each account.

Across the board, this approach is generally received as a no-brainer as it requires very little input from users. The only real interaction needed with the application is when responding to a survey invite.

What We Think

Cross Media Panel tops our list of trustworthy moneymaking sites; this is mainly due to it being run and operated by Google as opposed to a site of which you may have never heard.

The only real downside to using a data tracking application comes to those against the idea of having their data tracked in the first place. For users with a more laid-back attitude towards sharing their surfing habits, this is a great tool and an easy way to make some extra money.

The Good

  • Very little effort required
  • Easy sign-up/installation process
  • A wide range of gift card types available
  • After the initial $25, payout is available at every $5
  • Swift payout

The Bad

  • Low reward limit
  • Surveys are invitation only
  • Low payout if you don’t have 3 devices
  • Panels can be hard to get into in the first place

Our Verdict: Worth It!

Without a doubt, Cross Media Panel is definitely worth the investment. Requiring only a few minutes of your time upon registration and installation, it is by far the easiest way to make money online.

Users can even visit other survey sites while having the Screenwise app running in the background; users can make money while making money. While you won’t make a lot of money fast, it definitely builds up over time and feels like you’ve made money for nothing. It’s a great way to save up an extra $150 for those ever-expensive Christmas presents.

The only real issue users are likely to face is the barrier to entry. This panel fills up rather quickly so you might be left hanging around trying to get a spot. We recommend that if the site is full do check up on it every now and again, as once you’re in you can start earning while surfing.

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