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GreenPanthera is a rewards panel that promises to pay you for taking surveys, and to give you some cashback for shopping at certain online marketplaces. It sounds like a good deal. You get to earn some cash with one hand while saving some more with another.

But you’re here because you know better than to believe easy promises. There are many reliable survey panels out there. But is GreenPanthera one of them?

This in-depth review will examine all the ins and outs of this panel. Read on before you hit that signup button! 

GreenPanthera homepage preview layout

Site & Company Overview

How can you determine if a survey panel is legit?

The first logical step is to look up their contact info. Put yourself in their shoes. If you were a fraud, would you happily put your phone number and address for everyone to see?

The GreenPanthera site doesn’t have an About Us page. Survey panels are usually subsidiaries of market research companies. This one doesn’t even give us an insight into their parent company.

Even if there’s nothing wrong with the panel, why should we trust them when they haven’t so much as given us a phone number? There’s a single email address for customer support. Which doesn’t vouch for anything.

We also peeked into their Privacy Policy document, which mentions an unspecified entity called A & K International Inc. I suppose that’s the panel’s parent company, but a Google search didn’t return any results for it. 

There aren’t any social media links either. Also, they don’t have a file on Better Business Bureau. While all of these facts aren’t definite proofs of scam, they are certainly causes for concern. If nothing more, they are a sign that the company doesn’t really care about their public image and trustworthiness.

Joining is free though. So at least there’s one good sign against all the bad ones.

How Does It Work?

Registration is simple enough and it literally takes less than a minute. Then, you’ll need to provide some basic demographic info so that you could get well-matched surveys. The questionnaire asks for your gender, full name, birthdate, education, marital and employment status, as well as household income.

That’s about it! You’ll get a $5 signup bonus, which is a nice welcome gesture. And you’re ready to start taking advantage of their offers:

  • Online surveys. You can log in daily to see if there are any available surveys. In any case, you will get survey invitations via email – and lots of them for that matter!
  • Shopping discounts. These are actually cashback offers with up to 4% cashback in select online stores. Some of the stores are DKNY, Smashbox, Samsonite, Woolrich,, and more.
  • Coupons. At least that’s what they say. But when I clicked on that tab, I didn’t see any coupons. So the option is either dead, or exclusive to certain users, or location sensitive.
  • Referrals. Just copy your unique referral link and share it with your friends. You’ll get 10% of any earnings they might make.

Since you’re probably here for surveys and not rebates, you’ll want to know that most surveys will pay about $0.70. But that’s only if you complete them successfully, and if they get approved. The approval process may take 2-5 business days, which is annoying in its own right.

What Do Users Say About GreenPanthera?

Most users who reviewed GreenPanthera on TrustPilot are unhappy with the panel, to put it mildly. As of this writing, 70 out of 79 users have given the panel one star. And when you look at their experiences, many of them report that they would have given zero stars if that was an option.

Why are they so disgruntled? Most of the negative comments tackle the payout issue. Many people didn’t get paid for successfully completed surveys. Others claim that they did get paid in the beginning, but the panel started misbehaving all of a sudden, just as they were getting closer to the $30 cashout threshold.

green panthera negative review preview

Yet others got their accounts suspended or blocked as soon as they accrued $30. How convenient! It’s hard to consider it a coincidence when it happens to more than one user. 

greenpanthera another negative review screenshot


  • You’ll get paid in cash via PayPal. Considering that many survey panels only offer gift cards or even obscure sweepstakes entries as a reward, this is most definitely a pro.
  • The $5 signup bonus is yours as soon as you complete the demographic details. And that doesn’t take more than a minute or two.
  • There are lots of surveys. In fact, many users claim they are overwhelmed with all the survey invitations they get every day.
  • The referral program lets you earn 10% of your referees’ earnings. While that probably won’t amount to much, it’s still better than nothing.


  • The number of available surveys may drop as you get closer to the cashout threshold. Some users claim the company is doing it on purpose, to prevent users from cashing out. Ever.
  • Your account may get frozen or dead exactly when you’re about to finally reach those $30. Is it a coincidence? I should hope so. But hope won’t put bread on my table, nor will it on yours.
  • Spam alert? Another common complaint is that they hurl dozens of emails at their users every day. For the sake of complete honesty, there is the unsubscribe option though.
    greenpanthera email confirmation preview
  • Very high payout threshold of $30 means you’ll have to take many surveys to reach it. When you factor in all the surveys that will be unavailable by the time you manage to get in, plus all the ones that you won’t be eligible for, the number of surveys it takes gets even higher.
  • Many if not most of the survey invitations you’ll get just don’t work. They are either closed by the time you manage to get in, or the links are dead. It means having your inbox cluttered with lots of worthless junk.
  • If you’re a shopper, their choice of stores won’t thrill you. Does Birchbox ring a bell? What about Pickup Flowers? Whatever it is, it certainly doesn’t rank well when compared to the likes of Target or Walmart. Plus, the cashback goes up to 4%, which is not very attractive either.
  • Not mobile-friendly! We just entered the third decade of the 21st century, people. If you don’t care to optimize your site for mobile devices, much less to make an app, I don’t think there’s much chance for your business to flourish.

Final Verdict – Join or Steer Clear From GreenPanthera?

Now that we’ve examined the site thoroughly and outlined all the pros and cons, let’s see what’s the bottomline for this rewards panel.

From what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t say this is a good place to make a few extra bucks. Even though there are reviewers who believe otherwise, I think the company hasn’t provided nearly enough assurance that the panel is legitimate. If they won’t bother telling us who they are, where they are, and how to reach them, why should we give these info to them? In the ruthless online jungle we live in, the least we should expect from a website is to know who we’re dealing with.

But what about online shopping rebates? If you’re an ardent shopper who’s on the lookout for various cashback and rebate opportunities, you’ll definitely fare better with Ebates. Survey takers also have dozens of great, good, or decent earning opportunities – whether with survey panels or other get-paid-to panels.

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