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You might or might not have heard about Harris Poll Online. It is a popular website where users get paid to conduct surveys. There are over six million users of the platform, belonging to over 90 countries.

Harris Poll Online

For a newbie, it can be difficult deciding whether any website is reliable or not and this includes the Harris Poll Online. Our Legit or Scam review team is going to discuss the authenticity of Harris Poll Online and investigate

whether it is actually a source for reliable money or not. This is an unbiased and unpaid review to give you an insight as to what the website is all about and what to expect while using it.

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About Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is a project backed by Harris Interactive. The latter is a New York based business company that focuses on market research and exploitation. It was founded in 1975 and has prevailed through the years, which gives us a sign of confidence regarding its product and performance.

Due to the age of the company, Harris Poll has found its footsteps all across the world. Its reviews are sources from companies covering all the continents and various industrial segments. The company has been acknowledged by several polling and marketing groups in the USA and Europe.

About Harris Poll Online

If you turn your attention towards the Better Business Bureau for the Harris Poll’s rating, you are bound to be

impressed. It features an A+ grade from an F to A+ range. This means that it has the highest credit rating that is possible to achieve. This rating is not easy to achieve and has to be complemented with fair business policy and performance.

Moreover, the BBB information also confirms our aforementioned information regarding the base of the company i.e. Rochester, NY.

The background check leaves us with a good impression about the company and makes it look like very legit. Let’s visit the website and personally use the platform to discover more about it.

First Look At The Website

You can visit Harris Poll Online at

Harris Poll Online Homepage

The website looks very clean and the layout is better than most survey websites. What struck out the very moment you view the website is a message stating:

Hello Harris Panel Members!
We value the trust you have placed in us. Please note that we recently discovered an unauthorized party accessed a small number of Harris Panel members’ rewards benefits. As a precautionary measure, we have reset all account passwords and added additional security protocols.
We are committed to being responsible stewards of the personal data in our control. If you have any questions, please contact us HERE

Well this is not the best impression as a prospective user. It shows that the website is not serious about its security. This is further proved by a lack of any certification in the website. This means that data losses can occur, data can be used for profit and the website itself can be totally compromised. However, most survey websites do not spend a lot on their website front page security so we still have our fingers crossed.
The website was last updated in the passing year as confirmed by ‘Copyright © 2015’ text at the bottom. Again, any serious website would have a team of developers to keep the website up to date.

So by the overall looks of it, Harris Poll Online website is of an average standard and does not give super good vibes.

Signing Up And Using The Website – Legit or Scam?

In order to give you a totally holistic opinion of the website and the program itself, we have decided to sign up on the website and use it as a user. We are going to experience what any newbie would, including all the good and the bad.

  • First of all it should be noted that there are age restrictions for using this program. If you are an American citizen and live in the country, you should be at least 13 years old to use the platform. If you belong to any other eligible country, you should be at least 14 years old to use the platform.
  • Now the signing up process is a straightforward one itself. The website has a separate signing up page which requires you to fill in your information in the relevant text box. After signing up, you are required to confirm your email address. In our opinion this is a great decision by the company as second step verification tends to draw any spam users away from the website. Therefore no junking up of the platform.
  • We were not able to choose our own password. The company provides a random password to you. This can be annoying and it can be difficult to remember the password.
  • Upon signing up and verifying the email, the platform is immediately accessible and you can start earning.
  • Now we encountered a variety of surveys. These were different with respect to their types as well as the length and complexity. In general, it took us anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes to wrap up with a survey. The variety helped in preventing boredom to settle in and kept us interested.
  • There are special surveys on offer as well. While we did not opt in to these but we think that they are worth mentioning. These surveys include special focus group, telephone based surveys, email based surveys and even surveys on independently downloaded software. The type of surveys you get is dependent on the website.
  • We were surprised to see that as we browsed through the surveys, we found many which included subjects like religion and ethics. These are considered as sensitive topics and surveys are not usually undertaken by companies under these subjects. However, the most common topics were usually related to fashion, music, movies and groceries.
  • Each survey gave us points after completion. We were not told about the worth of the surveys until we had completed it. Note that sometimes you may be disqualified from a survey. We were disqualified from our third survey, after only a few minutes spent online. What can be a solid positive regarding Harris Poll is the fact that you get 15 points even for disqualification.
  • We were sent a total of 3 to 5 surveys a month. We have been told that this is the case with most reviewers. So unfortunately there are not a lot of surveys to conduct on a monthly basis.
  • As mentioned above, all the surveys result in a deposit of credit points in the account. After the account creditGiftcards reaches 1250 points, we are liable for payment. The 1250 points are equal to $10 in real value. Unfortunately, there is no cash payment. We can request for a payment in shape of e-cards and gift vouchers from Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, ESPN, Walmart, etc.
  • After we had completed about 10 odd surveys, we were able to cross the 1250 points barrier. It took us 2 whole months.
  • We selected an Amazon card as our payment. The website states that the payment is reached within 15 business days, however we received it in 10 days. (Hooray). Note that the payment is received in the email account and not on the platform itself.
  • While the surveys are limited and do not earn much, we were delighted to receive an email stating that we were selected for the Harris Poll sweepstake. We did not know about this feature while conducting surveys, however we researched on it and found out that Harris Poll does a sweepstake in every business quarter. The company gives away ten thousand dollars to one lucky winner. Entries are automatically sent to the sweepstake and are received every time you get disqualified or take part in a short survey.
  • The winner of the sweepstake is listed on the website. We shall inform you if we win it, albeit the odds are strictly against us.
  • That’s all that we got after using the website for a couple of months.

What we noticed about the website is that it does not offer any referral program. This is opposite to what most survey sites offer. Referral programs generally offer higher commissions and are a better way to earn money.

Unfortunately, Harris Poll does not have a mobile app like most other top end surveying websites. This means that we cannot earn while on the go and have to sit back with a laptop. Even if you are determined to use the website on the mobile we have to warn you that the website is not optimized and hence is not at all user friendly.

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User Reports

The accounts of the users have been generally very positive. However not many are happing with it. In fact, while almost all the users have received payouts, they have generally refrained from continuing with this website due to the fact that they can only make measly payout.

There are a few negative reviews by the users. However, these have been isolated and their claims are largely irrelevant. Most the negative reviews are about the fact that users can get blocked by the website which makes them become illegible for any further work.

What We Think

So after experiencing the platform for ourselves and taking into account the feedback provided to us by the users, it is clear that there is a pattern for the good and bad in this website.


  • The website pays out in time.
  • You can start without any investment.
  • There are reward points even if you are disqualified.
  • The website is not limited to only American nationals in contrast to other major survey websites.
  • Payment reaches you in time.


  • The platform is not feasible for earning regularly. It cannot become a part time job.
  • There is no option of withdrawing in cash. You must choose between a variety of gift cards.
  • The ratio of time and effort makes the website pretty gruelling for most users.
  • Survey quantity is limited to 4 or 5 per month. You cannot see the worth of the survey until after completion.

Verdict – [Legit]

So now we have everything laid out in front of us. All the facts are clear and they all highlight Harris Poll Online as a


legit company. If you are a newbie, you can visit this website with full confidence and turn your efforts into payments.

However, if you ask our opinion regarding the website and if we would refer it to anyone else, then our answer is a strict no. While that fact remains that Harris Poll is an honest legit website, the truth is that it is not a practical solution. The payout is too low and the effort required is too much. This makes a very bad combination. Maybe if you are a teen, with all the time in the world, you can play around with this website and make a few bucks that you can invest to make more money, however if you are an adult you will largely disappointed with the website and hence should avoid it.


The Harris Poll Online name is unfortunately being utilized by online scammers to commit online fraud. Therefore you must be careful while using the website and make sure that you ignore any offers that look too good to be true. Harris Poll is aware of this issue and are trying their best to counter it. However, it is not the fault of the company and scammers like these will always exist regardless of the countering efforts.  The website for the platform is There is no other web address and even if you might find any that looks similar to the company’s name you should already know that it is not the real platform. Stay watchful and report any unlawful activities to Harris Interactive. We also did comprehensive reviews on Nielsen Digital Voice and PrizeRebel, check them out

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