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Looking to earn some extra cash online? Paid surveys are a great way to top up your weekly budget as you complete various questionnaires in exchange for rewards. The only problem is that due to more and more people using the internet for secondary sources of income, there has been a significant rise in the number of paid survey sites available.

The difficulty comes when trying to find the best survey sites that offer real payouts, which aren’t worth your time, and which of them are scams. Once you’ve found some reputable sites, there is then the investigation into how many surveys are available as well as the size of the payout offered.

Fortunately for you, we’ve taken some time to help verify the legitimacy of one of the more popular paid survey sites, HCD Surveys. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of the legitimacy of this site as well as whether or not it is right for you or not.

Getting to Know HCD Surveys

Before we start delving into the inner workings of HCD Surveys, it’s a good idea to get a feel for who the company is and how they operate.

HCD Surveys is a marketing and communications company with a sole focus on providing traditional and e-based marketing and communications research services. The aim was to reach their client’s target audience quickly and directly through the use of online surveys.

HCD works with organizations in numerous fields such as pharmaceuticals, finance, and publishing. They even developed a political ad testing website ( for the 2004 presidential campaign. 

This wide range of commercial clients allows us, members, to take part in a variety of interesting surveys aimed at numerous target markets. This diverse selection requires a large user base to fulfill its needs which is why HCD offers better than average survey payouts to entice a greater range of users.

How HCD Surveys Works

The HCD Surveys landing page may not look as enticing as others, but it does offer all of the necessities that we look for in a survey website. Users will easily be able to find the sign-up button as well as links to HCD’s about us and FAQ.  

They have included an update at the top of their landing page addressing an issue where a third party has been mailing members under false pretenses. This is a great way to reassure customers that their security is at the top of HCD’s list of priorities as they actively notify members of the situation.

The registration process is extremely straightforward requiring some very basic personal information in order to join their user base.

Members will then be able to gain rewards through:

  • Online Surveys
  • Refer-a-friend program

Each survey will offer a varying level of points to the user for completion with each survey being worth between $1 and $5. One point is equal to 100 points and withdrawals can be made once the user has reached 1000 points ($10). This amount is then sent as a check to the member and typically arrives between six and eight weeks. Every successful friend referral will result in 50 points ($0.5), which would be added to that member’s account.

Most members receive one survey per week and to ensure members are receiving their survey invites, HCD encourages them to join their “safe sender” list keep the mail out of the spam folder.

What We Like about HCD Surveys

  • Cash rewards of $1 to $5 per survey
  • Somme extra cash just for referring a friend
  • Free and simple registration
  • Members don’t have to search for surveys
  • Invites can be received the same day you sign up

What We Don’t Like about HCD Surveys

  • Cash payments received by check that can take up to 8 weeks to arrive
  • Eligibility is limited to the USA
  • Low invite frequency coupled with qualifying testing

A Quick Summary

HCD Surveys stands out from the crowd because their surveys are varied and engaging. Since the surveys are assigned to you depending upon your personal profile, you would be answering surveys that might be relevant to you but maybe not something you’re overly interested in.

Definitely, you’ll earn extra cash with HCD, and members can cash out rewards at regular $10 intervals or wait for a larger pay-out. However, receiving the check could be a little quicker because typically, it takes six to eight weeks for it to arrive. This can be rather off-putting especially when other survey sites offer payments via PayPal or bank transfers.

Additionally, when invited to join a survey, members still have to test if they qualify. This means that even if you receive a good amount of invites, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be accepted onto the paying survey.

HCD Surveys vs. Other Survey Sites

HCD Surveys is an interesting survey site to be a part of and is a legitimate site that can make you some extra cash. It’s also a great site for those looking to work with a reputable company with years of experience in the e-marketing industry. 

Unfortunately, HCD Surveys, like many other survey sites, only caters to USA residents, which means residents in other countries are unable to take advantage of its reward system.

For those who are eligible to partner with HCD, you’ll have some great surveys available to you as HCD Surveys work with numerous multinational companies at the very top of their industry. This will give members a real chance of influencing products and services that reach the market.

While most other survey sites offer varying product, gift card, or e-check rewards, HCD Surveys focus on paying out in cash. This allows member greater versatility as they’re not locked into spending their rewards in specific stores or on specific items.

The Verdict

HCD Surveys is a 100% legitimate way to boost your secondary income. Members will benefit from a reliable and consistent flow of survey invites allowing them to build up their reward balance before withdrawing for cash. As with most paid survey sites, this won’t be able to provide a full-time income, but it’s a great way to save for special occasion gifts.

If you’re not overly worried about the waiting time between withdrawal and actually receiving your check, then HCD Surveys will most likely be a good fit for you as they offer a competitive reward structure and great customer support.

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