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Hi everyone!!! Hope y’all doing well. So, last week I decided to investigate Hiving Surveys, which is one of the best survey sites available online. I signed up for the website, checked the overall interface, completed several surveys, and did much more. I will let you know my personal experience with the website, and if it’s worth your time.

About Hiving

Hiving is an online survey website that allows people to make money when they are bored. Founded in 2009, they are based in France, and specialize in market research and consumer feedback. From their humble beginnings in Paris, they have now grown to have a presence in over 20 countries all over the world.

In order to guarantee that no one is locked out of the website and the opportunities it presents, hiving is open to a wide range of profiles. The only requirements to join the community are that you are over 15 years old, accepting their terms and conditions, and living in the few accepted countries.

And just so you know, Hiving refers to the act of bringing the focus of your life back at home, while still maintaining open communication with the outside world.


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 First Look at the Hiving Website

The website has an attractive blue color, which happens to be my favorite color. The interface is very simple, and there are even customer reviews from current users of the website. One of them reads “I don’t receive surveys as frequently as I would like. But your tell a friend program compensates for that. I’ve earned $23 in 2 months for inviting 23 friends. I will invite as many people as possible to join!”

 Signing Up And Using The Website – Legit or Scam?

If you are interested in signing up for Hiving, it’s pretty simple. Just visit the website. You can also sign up using Facebook, which is similar to most other websites.

After signing up is when things get a little messier since you have to fill up an entire profile. Hiving are very popular for their strictness when it comes to profiling and recruiting its panelists. This according to their website, is what has enabled them to meet the quality and practice standards set by major companies in this market such as Gfk, Nielsen, and SurveyMonkey, as well as allowed them to collaborate.

Hiving asks 15 personal questions which cover various themes such as Health, Beauty, automotive, Hi-tech etc. And for completing them you will earn 300 points. Unfortunately, this isn’t a lot considering that one has to accumulate 4000 points before they can cash out. And that 4000 points is worth just $4. But the good thing is that members who fully complete the profile will get the surveys before others and will even get access to limited panelist spots.

Now let’s take a look at the various ways you can earn money on Hiving:

Hiving allows you to share your opinions, and in return you are rewarded with Hiving points that you can exchange for cash. These surveys are usually centered on current and future consumption trends in the U.S.  This is quite interesting because it means that your opinions can actually have an impact on the types of products that will be put on the shelves.

Before starting any survey you will be required to answer a few pre-selection questions. You will need to provide details about personal things like your age or sex, or more general things like your favorite consumption brands. Once you have put up your profile, it will be verified for correctness and returned back to you. All this is done to verify that you fit in within their demographics, thereby preventing you from giving irrelevant answers.  Everyone who does not fit in within their demographics is eliminated from the website with no prior warning.

Each member of hiving is usually sent around 4 surveys every month depending on their demographics. All the surveys take around 5 minutes to complete depending on the member’s skills. Some can take less than 5 minutes, and others up to 20 minutes. The surveys usually come with a timer in the survey description.

Hivings will also notify you via email every time there is a new survey available. This means that you have to keep checking your email every time to check out the surveys available. Once you click on one of the surveys, you will be redirected to the membership area where you can complete your surveys.

  1. Test Free Products.

You will also be given an opportunity to test new and exciting products right from your home. These include gift cards, amazon vouchers,

  1. Micro Tasks.

Another great way to earn money is by doing the micro tasks. Hiving added this feature to ensure you don’t miss out on cashing out at least a few dollars for your time. These tasks are usually very engaging, and could require translation, or modifying images. The number of points that are earned for each task will be displayed clearly for you to see. Ensure you do as many tasks as possible each day, because that will increase your chances of getting more offers. However, these tasks are usually very easy and so much fun, and require no effort at all.

  1. Other Fun Activities.

Hiving also provides so many other things for you to explore. You can explore lotteries, quizzes, competitions and even write articles about things that tinkle your fancies.

  1. Refer a Friend!

The Hiving Tell a Friend program allows members to gain some points by recommending friends to their website. For each member that you introduce to the Programme, you will get a higher percentage of points from your friends’ surveys. This will not affect the amount of points they receive, and the good thing is that you can get as many people as possible to join the system.

To get your friends into the system, you just have to visit the Tell a Friend webpage and input their personal details. These include their names, email address, and much more. If you want to earn as much as possible, you can broadcast the program to your email friends as well.

  1. Hiving Affiliate Programme

If you have a big social media influence, blog or website, hiving also have an affiliate Programme where you can earn money as well. This is another system where you will be provided with affiliate links that have to be clicked by your site visitors. You are also provided with an affiliate dashboard where you can monitor your affiliates’ actions.

The affiliate program pays $1 per lead depending on your country of residence.

The last option available is the charity program where you can donate points. Share your earnings with the less fortunate, and you will be rewarded for doing so.

For all the work done, you will be rewarded with Hiving points. The amounts of points you get awarded depends on the complexity and length of the surveys. The points are not guaranteed to get to your account right then, it may take about 30 days for the points to show up. This is because the surveys must be fully subscribed to before you can get a chance to get paid.

To redeem points, you must accumulate 4000 points. The conversions are made as follows;

  • 4 000 Points = $5.00
  • 8 000 Points = $10.00
  • 12 000 points = $15.00

However, you won’t get rewarded if you don’t participate in the survey seriously, give senseless answers, or try to answer the same survey many times. There are three different payment options available: redeeming via Paypal, requesting an Amazon e-voucher or donating points to charitable causes!


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Hiving User Reports

It has been there are many negative reviews being spread about this website. For example, one user claims that they get error a message every time they try to submit their surveys. This cannot be remedied, since even the customer service department does not respond to emails.

Another very common user report is that it takes very long to get the minimum points required to cash out. This probably has to do with the fact that there are a few surveys available and there are stringent requirements for getting into each survey. This makes it very hard to get a survey hence you may have to wait patiently for a long time before getting a survey.

 What We Think of Hiving

This site is not necessarily a scam. However, it’s not a very reliable site considering the peanuts you will get as payment.


  • Free to join survey panel.
  • Low redemption amount
  • Payments via PayPal
  • I really like that it’s available in multiple countries, but I do have some complaints about this site.


  • Low earning potential.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Payments seem to be very slow, they even tell you that when you go to cash out.
  • There’s not that many surveys and you won’t qualify for a lot of the surveys they send you.

 Verdict –  Hiving is a Legit and Good Survey Site

Earning money from survey websites is painfully slow, but for a website like Hiving, it even gets slower. Heck! You have to fill your profile each time you want to write a survey. Why would you have to go through this when there are so many other sites available?  But still, the website is not a scam, and you can earn money by combining it with other websites.

Have you used this website before? If you have, let us know your good/bad experience with the website!

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