What exactly do you have going on inside your head and have you ever stopped to think how valuable that mine of information might be to someone else? At InsideHeads, they totally value that premise, and it’s why they set up their service offer.

Their mission is to be able to offer valuable and inciteful thoughts and opinions by way of comprehensive polls, surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups, on all kinds of products and services that companies want to sell to consumers just like you. By sharing your opinions by participating in a series of targeted online surveys, as a member, you can receive cash rewards and incentives.

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About the Company

InsideHeads has been running from 1998 which is a sure sign of its legitimacy. From our own research and monitoring of feedback and their company website, it seems that they are predominantly focused on handling online marketing research for a wide variety of direct-to-consumer brands and service offers. Besides the traditional mechanism of invitations to pre-qualified members to complete appropriate polls and surveys, InsideHeads are also using bulletin board discussions and social media listening to collate opinion and information.

Their current and past clients span all significant industries globally, and they pride themselves of delivering thought-provoking, interesting and cost-effective surveys for the companies they work with across any internet connected device.

What Kind of Online Marketing Research Opportunities do InsideHeads Offer?

At InsideHeads, they’ve been designing and deploying all kinds of interesting online marketing research studies for decades and claim to provide a proprietary and user-friendly platform for both their clients and members. While the list of services offered by InsideHeads seems to be quite extensive, it is predominately based around the following online disciplines:

  • Online focus groups
  • Bulletin board discussions
  • In-depth online interviews
  • Web surveys and intercepts
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Online diaries
  • Hybrid designs

How Easy Is It to Join the Insideheads Platform?

First up, like many of these sites, the process is totally free and relatively easy – just a few quick personal questions to answer first about yourself, nothing too daunting or time-consuming, as part of the initial sign-up registration process. Quite frankly, if you object to spending a few minutes filling out some information on yourself, you’ve come to the wrong place! The whole principle behind the InsideHeads platform and others like it is that the more you share information and spend time participating in research studies, the higher the rewards. If you don’t like ticking boxes and filling out forms, then it’s not the extra revenue stream for you!

The company does have a disclaimer that qualification cannot be guaranteed and you may not necessarily be selected to participate in any of their active research studies. While incentives are given for your time and opinion, ordinarily in the form of a cash payment, we could not find any specific details about the value of these.

What are the Incentives and Rewards Offered by InsideHeads?

InsideHeads looks like it offers three main incentives to members:

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  • Cash paid directly into a nominated and acceptable bank account
  • A cash check posted out
  • Entry into company sweepstakes as an additional means of motivation and the potential for extra payouts

What’s the Payout Time Frame and Process?

Regarding the actual redemption process, this is relatively quick compared with many of the other similar platforms and apparently can be as quick as 2 weeks. On average, participants can expect to wait between 2-4 weeks subject to the successful completion of a survey before they receive remuneration.

What Type of Research Opportunities Exist for Panelists and Research Members?

Fundamentally, the main membership opportunities include participation in online surveys as well as online focus groups. All of the work can be carried out remotely, and there is no requirement for any face-to-face activity to take place.

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Joining Up to Become a Moderator

If you are looking to develop as a career as a moderator, InsideHeads also provides a free training program alongside an affordable ad hoc support structure providing access to their qualitative researchers for the purposes of running your own focus groups professionally and ethically. They offer something called My Virtual Focus Facility which enables moderators to conduct their own online focus and research groups.

InsideHeads has developed their personal text-based project management and chat tool which moderators can access and use to manage and moderate their own focus group activity. The software is available to purchase and can also be branded in a white label-type of offering. It’s simple to use, comes with free initial training and support and could help you set up and manage your own marketing research business.

Final Thoughts on the InsideHeads Online Market Survey Research Platform

From what we can determine through our research, InsideHeads would seem to be an intelligent choice for anyone looking to branch out into the world of market research moderation themselves in an independent capacity, but who might benefit from having access to training and support as well as an easy-to-use and intuitive system for data collation. InsideHeads offer a reliable and robust, trouble-free (paid for) platform and would certainly seem to be a company of experienced research professionals.

However, if you are looking at this as a revenue-generating opportunity from a member perspective, we could find little information about the payout values, evidence of the panels ever paying out and noted that overall there seemed to be a lack of ongoing surveys that members claimed to have been invited to participate in.