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If you’ve got spare time and an internet-ready device, you’re ready to start earning some extra money on the side. While it won’t be life-changing amounts of money, the ability to turn the time you spend on a bus ride or your breakfast into something profitable is something to consider.

Survey sites are an incredibly popular way of turning your spare time into spare cash. By answering a few questions on your smartphone or PC, you can earn cash, gift cards, and more. If you’ve got a unique job or lifestyle, you may even qualify for higher-paying jobs, increasing your earning potential and opening you to more opportunities.

Want to know if Inspired Opinions is worth your time? Keep reading!

About Inspired Opinions

Inspired Opinions is a division of the Schlesinger Group, a market research company with more than 40 years of experience helping brands collect the qualitative and quantitative data they need to make decisions. With 16 offices scattered around the United States, it is safe to say that their primary focus is American, despite supporting European countries as well.

When it comes to their ideal audience, the first step of registration clearly shows that they prefer medical professionals and caregivers based on the options they have for choosing your profession. However, they also accept other professions so as long as you are above 18 and in a location they support, you can definitely consider Inspired Opinions.

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How Does Inspired Opinions Work?

Similar to most survey sites, Inspired Opinions uses an account system to collect your information, display survey history, track your balance, and process rewards. Therefore, your first step will be to register an account by providing personal information and creating a login. This may take a little while, as they require a legal form of ID before they accept your application. This is to ensure that they only have real, unique users on their panel and helps to improve the quality of their results.

Once you have an account, you’ll need to provide additional information about you so that they can determine your eligibility for different niches (parent, single, student, etc.), which controls the surveys and offers you qualify for. There are a variety of different survey possibilities, depending on your location as well as your preferences. While many sites are strictly online, Inspired Opinions also offers the ability to complete surveys and participate in a focus group in person, or you can answer surveys on the phone.

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These surveys can span anything from reviewing product packaging to listening to new songs to testing new products before they are released to the market. In terms of survey options, Inspired Opinions offers an incredible selection – a breath of fresh air from the number of online questionnaires that you’ll come across. Depending on what offers you’ve elected to receive and your eligibility, you can expect anywhere from 1-10 surveys a month – much more than a lot of sites that are invite-only.

To earn rewards, you’ll have to complete the feedback tasks that each of these opportunities requests of you. Sometimes this will be answering simple multiple-choice questions, and other times you will have to use video or pictures. Once you’ve satisfied the requirements and the campaign ends, you’ll receive the payment (usually within 30 days of completion). Depending on the type of the survey as well as the time investment, you can earn anywhere from $1 to $100, earning more for focus groups and specialized niches.

For payment, you’ll receive points rather than dollars (though every 100 points is $1) that can be redeemed once you reach 1,000 points ($10). Unfortunately, they only offer Amazon gift card codes for cashing out, but fortunately, Amazon has just about everything.

What We Like About Inspired Opinions

High Earning Potential

Between their desire for medical professionals and the focus group option, you can make a significant amount more than the average survey site will pay if you’re eligible.

Variety of Survey Types

Not everyone is computer-savvy, so the ability to take surveys in-person or on the phone opens up the panel to even greater diversity.

Physical Locations

Not many survey sites boast physical locations where you can sit and talk to someone about your account or surveys. It adds an incredible layer of trustworthiness to the site.

What We Don’t Like About Inspired Opinions

Limited Cash Out Options

The only major knock against Inspired Opinions is their lack of a cash-equivalent payment option. Amazon gift cards are great, but they still limit what you can spend your earnings on when participating online.

Not Internationally Focused

You could also argue that their limited international support restricts a lot of potential panelists from participating, which isn’t great for international brands looking for significant diversity.

Inspired Opinions vs. Other Sites

When compared to other sites, Inspired Opinions ranks pretty highly in most cases. In-person surveys and focus groups as well as mobile, desktop, and phone surveys make it incredibly easy for you to participate. They also pay better than many other sites, especially for those in specialized niches like the medical field. If you’re willing to go to a location for a focus group, you can earn $100 for just a few hours of your time – and likely get to see some exclusive stuff as well.

Inspired Opinions Review Conclusion

Overall, Inspired Opinions is highly recommended as part of your collection of surveys. The site is very easy to use (despite a slightly excessive ID verification) and everything is free to join. They offer decent pay, a solid number of opportunities for most users, and nearly unmatched trustworthiness due to their physical locations in the US. Unfortunately, the only thing holding the site back from being a no-brainer is the lack of cash out options and lesser convenience for non-American panelists.

If you’re looking to complete some surveys on the go, in person, or on your PC, Inspired Opinions should be heavily considered. In combination with other panels, it would allow for potentially steady, fair-paying jobs you could complete regularly.

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