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There are a lot of ways to earn a little extra online, but probably one of the most enjoyable and straightforward ways is to complete surveys. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, nor does it take a lot of your precious time to earn a little money. The only challenge, though, is finding the best survey sites.

Here’s the deal: companies want to know their consumers’ opinions, and would even pay for it. Consumers, on the other hand, are more than willing to give their thoughts and ideas to their favorite brands, not only to get extra income but also to be involved in the creation and improvement of their favorite products.

Because of the high demand, survey websites have started to sprout online like mushrooms, and much like mushrooms there are good, legitimate survey sites, and there are also bad scamming sites. So how do you pick the right one and avoid being poisoned?

That’s where we come in. In fact, today we are going to examine one such site called iQuestion. Is iQuestion legitimate? Will you really earn money from answering their surveys? Those are just few of the questions which we will seek to answer in this review.


Before anything else, let us first get to know the website. According to their about page, iQuestion is an online community that seeks to connect research companies and consumers. They offer their clients’ surveys to their members and in return, their members get to earn:

  • Actual cash rewards
  • Gift vouchers
  • Other forms of prizes

Aside from surveys, they also allow their members to participate in debates, polls, and various discussions with the objective of gaining valuable consumer insight and suggestions for the improvement of new or existing products and services.

It is also worth mentioning that this website is operated by Toluna Group, a digital insights company which works with big brands such as Kia, Wendy’s, and Kellogg’s, just to name a few, which is pretty impressive!

How does iQuestion Work?

The iQuestion landing page is very simple. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a lot of information about their website. However, what they have there is enough to discern that they are a survey site. Their sign-up button is very easy to find as well—it’s actually one of the first things you’ll see upon clicking on the page.

Once you select it, you will be brought to their sign-up page. Their registration process is quick, simple, and free of charge. Anyone who is from the United States can join.

After registration, you will start to receive survey invitations. Their average survey takes twenty minutes to finish, after which you will get rewarded.

You can claim your rewards via check or PayPal.

Aside from cash and voucher rewards, you may also earn sweepstakes entries. The drawing is held monthly, and a member is chosen randomly. If you win, your rewards will then automatically go to your account.

What We Like About iQuestion:

  • Registration is free; there’s no payment required.
  • They offer other research activities aside from surveys such as polls, discussions, and even product testing!
  • There are different forms of rewards that you can earn such as vouchers, cash, and sweepstakes entries.
  • Their monthly sweepstakes event is a nice touch to engage their members.
  • You can withdraw your earnings in two ways: PayPal or check.
  • The amount of money you can earn from them per survey is higher as compared to other websites.

What We Don’t Like About iQuestion:

  • If you’re looking for a survey site which allows you to earn cash alone, then this is not the site for you.
  • The frequency of the surveys was not stated, so you won’t really be able to estimate how much you’re going to earn from them every month.
  • It takes 72 hours to redeem your cash rewards via PayPal, and it can take up to a month to redeem checks.
  • Only those who reside in the United States are eligible for membership.

A Quick Summary

  • iQuestion is a legitimate survey website. If you are looking for a survey site where you can earn extra income while answering surveys, then iQuestion is a legitimate site to use.
  • You won’t be earning only cash, though. If you are looking for something which will pay you exclusively in cash, then you might want to look elsewhere. iQuestion has a varied reward system which includes checks, vouchers, and other forms of prizes.
  • You can earn money through iQuestion, but you can’t depend on it. iQuestion is a survey site to join only if you’re looking to earn extra income on the side. Because the frequency of the survey invitations are not fixed, while they pay more per survey answered, you still won’t be able to earn full-time from their website alone.
  • The payout option takes longer than usual. The ability to withdraw your earnings via PayPal is great. However, you would still have to wait 72 hours in order to redeem your earnings. The check option takes even longer, with a processing time of three to four weeks.

iQuestion vs. Other Survey Sites

iQuestion is much like other survey sites out there which allow their members to earn rewards by answering surveys coming from different research companies. An advantage we have seen, though, is that iQuestion pays more per survey as compared to the average payout of other survey sites.

The sweepstakes event that they hold every month is also a great feature that other survey sites don’t have. It’s fun to have something to look forward to every month, apart from your earnings through answering surveys and participating in other site activities.

The Verdict

If you’re asking if iQuestion is 100% legitimate, then it is. Signing up for this survey site is actually a fun way to earn extra income without spending a lot of time and effort. While their average survey might take at least twenty minutes to complete, it is also worth noting that their payout per survey completed is a bit higher. This allows their members to earn more per hour compared to other survey sites—which makes iQuestion truly proud!

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