Is YouGov A Scam Survey Site

There are already dozens of different survey sites out there, and dozens more show up every month. How is one person supposed to sort through them all to figure out which ones can actually become a convenient way to make money on the side, and which ones will just waste your time?

One person really can’t do it all, and that’s why we’re here to help you. Our survey site reviews will help you get a better understanding of what each site is all about so that you can decide which sites are right for your personal needs.

Today, we’re exploring the ins and outs of YouGov, a site that has been rapidly growing in popularity for years. Will it be popular with you?

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About the Company

YouGov is probably a site that you have heard of before if you have ever looked into survey sites. They’ve been popular for years, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to that popularity in site—and for good reason!

The site’s goal is to gather information about various respondents’ political, social, and economic views and situations. Many of the surveys are about current events going on in the world, but the surveys are varied in topics as well. Headquartered in the UK, they have various locations around the world.

This site, which often works with government organizations, attempts to gather a large and representative amount of data to help clients and organizations make informed decisions about the world around them. And of course, the site is known for properly rewarding its members.

A First Look at the Website

To be honest, this site can be a bit confusing at first because there is so much to look at! In addition to surveys, the YouGov site is full of advertiser-sponsored information, information articles, fun surveys, and paid surveys as well. Navigating your way around at first can be complicated.

Still, once you get used to it, the site is user-friendly and very fun to look at.

Signing Up and Using the Website – Legit or Scam?

YouGov is a points-based website, so you will go through the following process to start earning some rewards:

  1. Sign up for the site.
  2. Confirm your email.
  3. Take your first survey to begin a basic profile.
  4. Take full-length surveys to earn points.
  5. Redeem points for gift cards, items, and other fun items.

That’s all it takes!

And while registering on YouGov and getting started is very easy, it can take a good amount of time to earn enough points to get any rewards that you might be interested in.

Here’s what the points system looks like up close:

  • Earn points for completing full-length surveys
  • Point rewards vary based on the survey type and length
  • Every reward has a different point cost
  • A $15 Amazon gift card costs 35,000 points on YouGov

It’s hard to know how long it will take you to accumulate 35k points until you start doing surveys yourself, but it is worth mentioning that your initial profile survey will give you 2,000 points from the get-go. This survey will then help YouGov connect you with more surveys that may help you collect some cash.

One other way that’s pretty useful to earn money is to refer your friends. If you have friends or social media followers who might be interested in taking surveys, you can send them a referral link. If they sign up and take at least three surveys, you’ll be rewarded with 4,000 points and they will get an extra 2,000 points.

All in all, YouGov is a straightforward survey site where you can legitimately earn points to the exchange for a variety of interesting rewards. It might take some time to see real money from that, but patience is key when trying to make extra cash from online surveys.

User Reports

Users report that they enjoy using YouGov, but find that there are often not enough surveys on the site. Additionally, the point-to-prize ratio on YouGov is lower than on some other popular survey sites such as Swagbucks, but it is still good enough to spend your time on the surveys there.

Generally speaking, most users did not find more than one paid survey available to them per day. Each daily survey tends to be worth around 500 points. This means it would take nearly three months to collect one gift card. While that is slow going, it’s better than getting no gift cards at all.

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What We Think

YouGov is definitely a legitimate site. The main thing you’ll want to consider is not the legitimacy of the site, but how much time you have to devote to the surveys. You have to be in for the long haul to really see rewards from YouGov.


  • Easy to sign up for
  • Clear policies
  • Been around for many years
  • Interesting surveys
  • Can talk to other users
  • Can make money from friend referrals
  • Points system


  • Can take a long time to accumulate points
  • Cost of rewards is fairly high when compared to other similar survey sites
  • Not many paid surveys available daily

Verdict – [Legit]

There’s no doubt that YouGov is a legitimate survey website. The thing that you should be concerned about isn’t whether or not it’s legit, but whether or not you are ready to put in the time necessary.

This site is definitely of the long-haul variety. It’s not possible to make a quick buck in a few hours on this site. Instead, you’ll need to visit the site regularly to see rewards. If this isn’t a problem for you, then using YouGov to make some extra cash is a sure fire thing to do. Don’t wait any longer; sign up and get started on your first surveys today.

Additionally, this site really is a good choice for those who have strong opinions about current events and politics and want to be able to share their opinions with the world. This site affords you that opportunity, so sign up if you are someone with a lot of opinions that you’re ready to share.