iTunes Gift Card Survey

We would all love to have a little bit of extra money to spoil ourselves with, wouldn’t we? But life is tough, and it’s not always possible to find that little bit extra when you feel like a treat. A great way to earn a little extra money these days is by taking online surveys.

Many market research companies will reward you to take their surveys, either in cash or with gift cards. A very popular reward is an iTunes gift card for taking a survey. These market research companies are known as Get-Paid-To, or GPT companies, because they pay you to give them the information that their clients need.

GPT companies act on behalf of many major big brand names. Let us consider car manufacturers. When a big-brand motoring company decides to launch a new model, they need to know what Joe Public wants and is looking for when he buys a new car.

How does the company find out what is important to Joe Public in choosing that new baby? Issues like safety, fuel consumption, distance traveled daily, preference for manual or automatic, sedan or hatchback, and so many other questions. Simple. They hire a GPT company to ask Joe Public, ie., YOU!

You may be wondering why you would want to spend your precious free time answering some random motoring survey. That’s where the Paid part in Get-Paid-To comes in. You will get paid to provide your answers to these questions.

How Do Get-Paid-To Sites Work?

There are many GPT sites where you can sign up to do surveys. You need to register with the company on their website, and answer a few questions about yourself. Once you have registered with them, they will send you relevant surveys based on the demographic information that you have provided about yourself in your registration form.

Once you have completed and submitted a survey, they will award you a certain number of points to thank you for your time and effort. On most sites, you need to accumulate a minimum number of points before you can cash out and claim your reward.

Rewards vary from GPT site to GPT site. Some sites only offer cash payments, which are usually transferred to your Paypal account, but many also offer a variety of gift cards from popular places such as Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, and many others.

We think one of the best gift cards is an iTunes gift card when taking surveys. iTunes is affiliated with Apple, and the iTunes gift card can be used to purchase music, watch movies, play games, and download apps for your phone from the App Store.

Most people would agree that any iTunes purchase is a luxury and not a necessity in life. So how nice would it be to be able to earn an iTunes gift card, just by taking a survey, and then be in a position to treat yourself to that new album you really want?

While there are many GPT sites that will compensate you for taking surveys, not all of them offer iTunes gift cards as survey rewards. And not all of them are legitimate. Sadly, there are many fraudsters out there who set up cleverly designed scams that are out to catch you.

In this article, we will direct you to a few sites that are safe and legitimate places to earn an iTunes gift card for taking surveys. We will also alert you to the things to look out for in order to protect yourself against scammers.

Get-Paid-To Sites That Offer iTunes Gift Cards For Surveys

We have looked at the rewards offered by many of the big GPT sites and selected a few of the safest legitimate sites that will offer you an iTunes gift card in exchange for taking surveys.

It is important for you to read all of their terms and conditions when registering so that you understand exactly what you are signing up for. If you would like to earn an iTunes gift card, consider taking surveys with any of the following GPT sites.


Of all the GPT sites, E-Poll is one of the most popular. They have been in business for many years, reputable as safe and trusted. They will analyze the information that you provided about yourself in your sign-up form, and try to send you surveys that are most applicable to you.

To thank you for sharing your views with them, they will award you a certain number of points per survey. Once you have accumulated sufficient points, you can exchange them for the reward of your choice.

E-Poll offers rewards in the form of cash via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and numerous other gift cards, including an iTunes gift card. They also have a selection of prizes that you can choose from if you wish.

Something that we really like about E-Poll, which makes them better than many of the other GPT sites, is that every month they have a lucky draw for a $1000 prize. You are required to take at least one survey a month, to be eligible for entry into the draw.

E-Poll is also a GPT site with wonderful social awareness. They are committed to donating to charity, and also offer you the option of donating some of your points to a charity of your choice from their list of affiliated charities.

You need to engage in regular activity on E-Poll, because if you are inactive for a period of 12 months, your accumulated points will expire, and it would be very sad to lose the opportunity to earn an iTunes gift card for taking surveys.



California-based Swagbucks is a legitimate GPT site that has been paying people to complete surveys, for many years. They have paid out more than 500 million dollars in rewards, many of these in the form of iTunes gift cards.

It is quick and easy to join Swagbucks. Registration only takes a few minutes, and they will then start to send you surveys. When you complete and submit a survey, you are awarded points called Swagbucks, or SBs.

You can cash out and choose your rewards from a list of reward partners. If you choose to take an iTunes gift card for surveys on Swagbucks, 500 SBs will get you a $5 gift card.



Harris Poll is one of the oldest GPT sites on the internet. They have thousands of users who are very active on the site. Their members have given them a very high rating, as far as GPT sites go. They also have excellent reviews from users, underscoring their legitimacy.

Harris Poll rewards you with points that they call HIPoints. While the most common way to earn points on Harris Poll is by taking surveys, it is also possible to build up a nice sum of points through other activities on the site.

Members will be rewarded with extra points on the Harris Poll site for referring their friends. Once you have accumulated enough points, you are able to choose rewards ranging from cash, fun prizes, and an assortment of gift cards. Many people select an iTunes gift card for taking surveys.

Harris Poll has a regular sweepstakes draw, and it is possible to win big cash prizes if you are entered into the draw. If you apply for a particular survey but are told that you do not qualify for it, you will be given an entry into the sweepstakes draw as a consolation prize.

There are some other verified and trusted third party market research companies that have partnered with Harris Poll. If you join Harris Poll, these legitimate third parties may also sometimes send you surveys. You can feel quite safe taking these surveys, and you will receive HIPoints for them in the same way.



There are hundreds of thousands of members who are making money with the GPT site OpinionSquare. It is a safe and legitimate platform to share information and opinions in exchange for rewards.

On OpinionSquare, you will receive tokens every time you complete and submit a survey. The number of tokens awarded depends on the length of the survey. In order to cash out for a $10 iTunes gift card, you will need to save up to 2500 tokens. Your gift card will then be sent to you electronically.

Like some of the other GPT sites mentioned, OpinionSquare also has regular sweepstakes. Every time you complete a survey, in addition to your reward tokens you will also receive an entry into the next sweepstakes draw. Prizes can often be fairly substantial amounts of money, making OpinionSquare an attractive choice.



If you want to earn iTunes gift cards for surveys, you might want to consider signing up with Toluna. This is a very popular GPT site, with many positive reviews and member testimonials testifying to the fact that they are legit, and pay as promised.

In addition, Toluna is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This should also give you peace of mind. They usually offer a reward of 500 points just to thank you for joining them.

Once you have signed up with Toluna, you can earn points by doing either very short surveys, which will only earn you 100 points, or you can take longer surveys that will get you between 1500 and 2000 points, depending on the length of the survey.

While you can complete and submit your Toluna surveys online on their website, you can also download their app from the App Store. They encourage you to use their app by offering better rewards for surveys submitted through the app. The app is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Once you have accumulated 30,000 points, you will be eligible for a $10 iTunes gift card for doing surveys. As you can see, you do have to take a lot of surveys before you are able to actually exchange your points for a gift card. This is the case with all of the GPT sites that we have examined.


How Do You Redeem Your iTunes Gift Card Code?

Physical gift cards, the kind that looks like a credit card, are not used much by GPT companies that offer gift card rewards. The process of supplying the card and mailing it to you is cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming. And let’s face it, nobody wants to wait weeks and weeks for that card to arrive in your letterbox.

Most GPT sites send their members their gift card rewards by email, in electronic format. You will most probably feel highly self-satisfied and excited when you receive your first iTunes gift card in your email inbox. The card will have a code that has to be used in order to redeem the gift card.

If you carry out the following steps, you should not have any difficulty in redeeming your iTunes gift card code.

  1. Log into iTunes on your smartphone or your computer.
  2. Go to Account > Redeem
  3. Enter the code sent to you in your gift card email.
  4. Click Redeem

Your account balance should immediately be credited with the amount of the gift card. You should be able to use it immediately to make purchases in iTunes and in the App Store.

Earlier in this article, we promised to give you some tips to help you to protect yourself against scammers when taking surveys online. Sadly, there will always be dishonest people who want to rip you off.

How Do You Know That A Get-Paid-To Site Is Legitimate?

All of the GPT sites that we have recommended above are legitimate and above board, and you can trust them to pay you as promised. They will also not divulge your personal information to any unauthorized individual or company.

However, there are many other sites on which you can get iTunes gift cards for surveys. If you decide to explore any of them, be on the alert for:

    • A site that says you need to be pre-qualified before they will officially accept you.

They will most likely insist that you enter all your private details, and then tell you that you do not qualify for their offer. They will possibly use your personal information to commit fraud in your name or even sell that information to other crooked individuals.

    • A site that does not display a clearly visible privacy policy.

All legitimate sites have an easy-to-see privacy policy, in which they undertake to respect your privacy and safeguard your personal information. A site that does not have this policy will very possibly sell your information to others.

    • A site that demands that you pay a ‘Registration fee’ to join.

You should never have to pay to become a member of a GPT site. If anything, many reputable companies will offer you an incentive and pay you a small reward to join their program.

Another useful tip is to read reviews and testimonials given by other users of the site. After you have completed a few surveys and cashed out a reward, you will probably be asked to give a testimonial or an online review. Positive reviews are then shared with other users, to endorse and confirm the legitimacy of the site.

Summing It Up

You can get iTunes gift cards for doing surveys online. Now that you have an idea of which sites to look at, you will be able to select those that are best suited to you and start having fun.