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Review summary: Keep Rewarding is a survey site that helps you make money from home, check out their site here. 

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In the delicate times that we are living in, it is safe to say that most of us are looking for a way to make an extra dollar. Ideally, you want to be able to make some money from the comfort of your own home, am I right? Online surveys appear to be the easiest way of doing just that

Online survey sites, otherwise known as market research companies, have been around for far longer than you think. Due to their growing popularity, it’s harder to become a member of legitimate survey sites, and if you do find a reliable site, you might not be sent enough surveys to make it worth your while. 

We are going to find out about Keep Rewarding and discover whether it is a legitimate survey site that pays its participants or a scam. By the end of this review, you should have an idea of whether you want to become a Keep Rewarding panelist or not.

A Deep Dive into Keep Rewarding

Keep Rewarding is a fairly new market research company. They started in 2012 and claim to have one aim and one aim only… to help you, their members. The site is completely free to join, which is a good sign of their legitimacy. 

The company is categorized as a survey get-paid-to site (GPT). The reason the site was created in the first place was due to members of other GPT sites not being rewarded enough for their time, efforts, and general participation. Keep Rewarding wanted to be a site that breaks the chain by being honest and loyal to its members in practice. 

You might be wondering what the difference is between a GPT site and a regular survey site is.  Well, the answer is simple, GPT sites pay you for completing surveys and other computing tasks such as watching videos and visiting specific websites. 

Here is a list of tasks that Keep Rewarding will pay you to complete:

1. Clicking Ads

Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone got paid for watching ads? Adverts would become far less irritating that way. This activity is referred to as a PTC, or paid-to-click activity. We wouldn’t recommend participating in this activity because you only get paid 0.001 points per ad. Basically, you would have to click over 1000 ads to earn just $1. 

2. Completing Surveys 

Paid surveys are the main reasons people join GPT and survey sites. The good news is that Keep Rewarding has a lot of paid surveys for you to complete on this site. This is because they work with other survey sites… a bit like a middleman site as Keep Rewarding simply redirects you to the survey company itself.

Now here comes the bad news. There might be a lot of surveys on offer, but you won’t qualify for the majority of them. Surveys are very specific and therefore must be completed by people that fit their criteria.  

Fortunately, this isn’t an issue that is exclusive to Keep Rewarding and is a general nuisance with every survey site or focus group activity. If you are patient, you will be sent surveys to complete, stay persistent and the right thing will come your way.  

3. Watching Videos 

This is probably the most appealing task to complete. You don’t get paid for every video that you watch, instead, you are paid for viewing batches of 4 or more videos. Keep Rewarding has videos available on a vast range of topics and finding a few that suit you is easy enough.

Why would a site pay you to watch videos? Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Well, you are getting paid to watch the ads in the videos, not the videos themselves. The videos often have nothing to do with the ads either. 

Before you get too excited, video watching won’t earn you as much as some of the more time consuming and challenging tasks. Nonetheless, it is a great way to make money in your spare time.  

4. Paid Offers

Paid offers will earn you money for downloading apps, games, free trials, and finding surveys. There are a lot of these paid offers on the Keep Rewarding website to choose from. Of course, as with everything on Keep Rewarding, you get paid for participating in these activities too. 

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5. Online Tasks

Keep Rewarding rewards its members for completing simple online tasks through a program called Figure Eight. These jobs are easy to complete and won’t take up a lot of your time. 

When you are just starting out, the rewards will seem incredibly low for the requested tasks, and you might find yourself thinking that there is not much point in doing them. Over time, the tasks will reward you with more and more points. It is a process that takes time and requires you to build a bit of a portfolio with Keep Rewarding before you reap the rewards. 

If you stick at it, you can earn a bonus of $5 for every $50 you make on Figure Eight online tasks. That is a whopping 10% bonus! They also have weekly contests that on average have a $50 prize. 

You can also enter competitions and receive free promo codes, but more on that later. 

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Who is Keep Rewarding For?

Keep Rewarding is not for anyone looking to make thousands of dollars from home. It won’t pay your bills, even if you spend all day participating in their paid activities. 

That being said, it is a great way to pass some free time. Spending an hour on the site every evening will not do you any harm. In fact, do it instead of watching television as you probably spend more than an hour lounging about in the evening or before you go to bed flicking through TV channels. 

You only have to be over 13 years of age to join the site. Members must be willing to disclose their area code, email address, security code, and name. If for any reason you are not comfortable disclosing this information, then Keep Rewarding is not for you.

It is important to mention that Keep Rewarding asks for very minimal personal information from its members. Most sites want to know more details about its members and some have been known to ask for copies of their members’ drivers license. 

What We Like About Keep Rewarding

Firstly, you can redeem your rewards from as low as $1. That is fantastic! A lot of survey sites and GPT companies’ downfall is having a high payout threshold that leaves their members feeling disinterested and frustrated. 

We also like that members can redeem their rewards in cash through PayPal, or as gift cards for top retailers and sites such as Amazon. A lot of GPT sites only pay in gift cards and do not have a PayPal payment option, so we give Keep Rewarding a big thumbs up for their flexibility!

What We Don’t Like About Keep Rewarding

Keep Rewarding seems pretty perfect until you realize how little they pay their members. They use a points system, that when converted into real money, isn’t very profitable at all. So not only does it take a while to earn just $1, it takes even longer to make enough money on the site to buy a cup of coffee. 


  • A vast pool of paid activities to participate in 
  • The site is easy to navigate
  • Free to join 
  • Anyone over 13 can join
  • They have an app


  • Low pay rate 
  • They use a frustrating points system payment method

What’s Included?

Becoming a member of Keep Rewarding will give you access to a large option of paid online ‘odd-jobs’ and surveys to complete. Members can redeem their rewards either in cash or vouchers and gift cards. Usually, gift cards are sent digitally to your email, so there is no waiting around for the mailman. 

Overview of Company Benefits

Members that are active on the site will be rewarded higher points than inactive members for certain simple tasks. The more you use the site, the better your rewards seem to be. 

Competitions and free promo codes are accessible to Keep Rewarding members. There are weekly competitions and prize draws, where the prize is sometimes as high as $50. In comparison to how little you earn using the site, $50 is a great prize. They have daily bonuses of roughly 5 to 10 points once you have hit the company’s daily target of either 100 or 200 points. 

If you flick through Keep Rewarding’s social media, you will come across various promo codes. If you enter the promo codes into the Keep Rewarding official website you will be rewarded a few points for your efforts. 

Review Summary 

We have mentioned a few times already in this review that Keep Rewarding isn’t the site to use to make a lot of money. It is however a great site to use to pass some spare time during your commute to work, lunch break, or in the evening instead of procrastinating in your pajamas. 

If you choose to become a Keep Rewarding member you will probably need to sign up to other sites to ensure you have enough activities to complete that will make you a nice little side income. We think that Keep Rewarding is worth the effort, mainly because they have a lot of different tasks to complete, so at least the work you do won’t get monotonous and downright boring. 

They are a legitimate and trustworthy site, and that says a lot when you compare them to other sites on the web. Survey sites and GPT sites have a bad reputation of not paying their participants or have sneaky terms and conditions that allow them to sell your information onto other companies. 

Why don’t you give Keep Rewarding a chance? If you don’t like the site you can always unsubscribe and deactivate your account.

A top tip from us would be to create an email address that is used exclusively for GPT sites and survey sites. They tend to send a lot of emails reminding you to complete tasks or advertising certain things and the last thing you want is all of that getting mixed up in your regular inbox. 

Keep Rewarding and GPT Sites FAQs

We hope that our review cleared up a lot of your questions. If you want to know a little more about Keep Rewarding or general information about get-paid-to sites then this is the section to look at. Below are some frequently asked questions on the topic:

Q: Which countries can join Keep Rewarding?

A: Keep Rewarding is open for international use. They may decide not to participate with certain countries or areas to their sole discretion.

Q: What rewards are available on Keep Rewarding?

A: Their rewards options are as follows: 

  • Cash through PayPal
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards

Q: Why are GBP rewards a different price?

A: Most companies work with USD, Keep Rewarding sticks to an exchange rate of 1 GBP is equal to 1.40 USD.

Q: Is Keep Rewarding a scam?

A: No, it is 100% a legitimate company that prides itself on rewarding its members fairly. 

Q: Can I redeem a Keep Rewarding reward from another country?

A: Yes, members can redeem rewards from other countries. Keep Rewarding will most probably contact you via email to confirm this first. 

Q: Why did Keep Rewarding pay me $0.01?

A: Keep Rewarding often sends its members a test payment of 0.01 to their PayPal accounts. This is done to verify that the account is active and belongs to the participant themselves. 

Q: Why does Keep Rewarding’s Admin participate in activities?

A: Their Admin participates in activities and invests the money back into the company. Companies provide the Admin with written consent to complete the activities before proceeding to do so. 

We would love to hear your feedback and general opinion about Keep Rewarding! 

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