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Do you have a child you want to teach the value of a dollar, or help them earn some extra cash for toys? If you have opinionated kids who want their voices heard, KidzEyes offers a forum to share their opinions and get paid while doing so.

About KidzEyes

KidzEyes is an online survey website that is targeted directly at children from ages 6-12 from the United States. They are owned by C+R Research, a Chicago marketing research company. KidzEyes aims to allow marketers to see through the eyes of a demographic that can be hard to reach: children and young teens.

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The surveys are designed to be taken directly by your child, and because of that, KidzEyes goes through a rigorous verification process to ensure that the users are safe. They will obtain and verify your information for registration, get your permission for your child to participate, and then they are free to go.

Is It Legit?

The first questions everyone always asks when it comes to survey sites. In short: YES!

Unfortunately, many scam sites have given survey sites a bad name, but the research marketing industry is a massive multi-billion-dollar industry. There is value in opinion, and the money that companies save by refining their marketing efforts makes it more than worth it to pay children, a gigantic consumer demographic, for their feedback.

With KidzEyes, you have nothing to worry about. They are recognized by the Better Business Bureau and follow all the necessary safety and legal precautions to ensure your child and their information are safe.

Why Survey Children?

Even though they don’t usually have an income themselves, children are some of the most reliable consumers you could possibly market to. Everyone has seen commercials where kids kick and scream about stopping for fast food, throw temper tantrums in stores, and want everything put in front of them. Marketing towards children really comes down to convincing them that they need something enough to get their parents to buy them it.

Harnessing the attention of children and young teenagers can be difficult, but their insight into different products and forms of advertising can prove to be an invaluable use of market research. Tapping into what excites them can help to determine the next “Silly Bandz,” fidget spinners, or other fads that sweep through schools and make companies millions.


The KidzEyes website makes it relatively obvious that it was made for children from the start. The color scheme and design are very simple and easy to navigate, even for younger children. Once they are set up with an account, your child should have no problem using the site themselves, although we would still recommend monitoring what they enter to be safe. They also have a child-friendly game corner where your child can play games if they have no surveys to complete.

To register your child (or children) and have them participate in the surveys, you will have to sign onto their website and click “join now.” After providing some information and completing the registration, your application will be reviewed, and your children will begin receiving surveys to be completed within a week or two. Along with registration, your children will receive $5 each for being signed up.

How It Works

KidzEyes offers surveys and other questionnaires similarly to many other sites, with the specification of them being directly targeted towards children 6-12. Depending on a variety of factors like age, race, interests, and other household information, your child will fall into a specific demographic to make it easier for companies to target them with their campaigns.

As a panelist, your child will receive surveys from companies that are looking to learn more about what kids are into. They will be asked a variety of questions, be asked to give ratings, and test new ideas from these companies. This will often be questions about their favorite TV shows, games, foods, and other markets targeted towards younger audiences and their parents. Their feedback will work to shape how the businesses approach marketing campaigns and other advertising. They will also receive KidzPoints for the surveys they complete, which can be redeemed for money.

How Much Can They Make?

While children have more spare time than many adult survey takers, they should still be compensated for their time and effort. KidzEyes does not have surveys on demand for children like many survey sites do for adults. The surveys need to be sent to your child, making it more difficult to rely on consistent income.

On average, you can expect your child to receive 1-3 opportunities a month. However, they are specially curated for children. This means that the number of panelists available for children’s surveys is less than many 13+ surveys, and they will likely pay more than on-demand spam surveys you could find elsewhere. According to their website, KidzEyes pays between $2 and $20 per survey, on average. The actual reward will depend on the difficulty, length, and targeted demographic, but that’s not too bad.

On top of survey rewards, the site also offers a “Superpoll Survey” where kids can enter to win up to $100 in a sweepstakes, and there are prizes like apparel, games, products, and more as rewards for surveys and for being a member of the site.

How Do They Get Paid?

Earning their own money can be a great learning experience for children. When they take surveys and complete them online, it is an entirely different experience than if you were to hand them the money directly. Fortunately, KidzEyes offers you that ability to put cash in their hand without much intervention from you.

Once your account reaches $10 (10,000 KidzPoints), you can redeem the money through PayPal or by check. Due to PayPal requiring you to be 18 to register, you will need to accept the payment for them if you choose PayPal. However, if you really want to make an impression on your child, you can choose a check with their name on it. They will see that they earned their money, and when cashed they can have that money in their hand. Talk about motivation to earn more.

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Should You Sign Your Child Up for KidzEyes?

If you’re a parent and are looking for ways to teach your child about money, survey sites can be a great decision. Spending their time to earn their own money is a great lesson to teach. By doing so on KidzEyes, you are making sure that they are operating safely and not getting ripped off, and will have fun doing so.

The jobs available are limited and the pay is not the very best, but as a few times a month activity, there’s no real reason not to join. Free money is free money, and any chance to help your child learn the value of a dollar early on should be taken advantage of.

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