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Maybe there actually exists the best Get-Paid-To platform in the world. But if you can’t take advantage of it, it hardly makes any difference to you. KnowledgePanel is a system that boasts of being industry leaders and “the largest probability-based online panel in the US,” with over 55,000 members. So, what’s in it for you and me? Let’s find out.

First, I’ll walk you through the basics, so we can find out who they are and if they really are legit. Then, we’ll check out the pros and cons, and conclude if they are worth our time.

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KnowledgePanel Overview

KnowledgePanel is a subsidiary of the company called GfK, which is an abbreviation for Growth from Knowledge. The company has been in operation for whopping eight decades, which should account for tons of experience and expertise, as well as indisputable legitimacy. The KnowledgePanel itself was founded in 1999 by two professors of the Stanford University. Today, it has offices in over 100 countries across the world. Their main goal is to track national trends in politics, economy, entertainment, healthcare and other areas. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies, universities, government and news agencies.

However, a single look at their file on Better Business Bureau unravels a different picture. They don’t have an accreditation, and even worse, their rating is D-, due to their failure to respond to five complaints. And maybe there’s an explanation for that. Some users claim that a scammy company has hijacked GfK’s logo and domain, so that might be the clue to all the complaints – and a reason for you to be very careful. Whereas we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that they are a scam, it could mean that they are pretty negligent when it comes to their users’ safety.

How Does It Work?

Now, you are probably wondering how to join the platform. This is where it gets tricky. Even though they have an immense number of users, it appears that they aren’t looking to expand it further. Each year, there will be just a few lucky winners of an invitation to join the panel. That means you don’t stand much chance to begin with. Worse yet, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Apart from the fact that very few chosen ones will get to join each year, the system claims to be appreciative of different demographic categories. Young and working adults, teens, boomers, Hispanics, everybody is welcome to join – assuming they got invited, of course. Even better, an invitation is valid for all members of a household above the age of 13. So, you can maximize your earning potential by having all of your eligible family members enroll.

knowledge panel homepage preview

So, for those of you who received an invitation by mail, here’s what you need to do. Your invitation letter will contain a unique 6-digit code. Go to Knowledge Panel homepage, hit Join Now, and type in the code to log in.

Even if you don’t have a computer, they will provide you with one to use for as long as you’re a member of the panel. Now, mind this: you will also receive “free telephone dial-up Internet access”. Seriously, dial-up Internet? I sure hope it’s just their outdated website. If it’s not, or you don’t have fast Internet at home, good luck using dial-up. You will get a taste of the ‘90s, in case you’ve forgotten how they looked.

Earning Opportunities

A new survey for you will pop up approximately once every week, and it will take you up to 15 minutes to fill it out. The surveys and polls cover a wide range of topics including current events, healthcare, new products, issues affecting the US.

Let’s talk money now, since that’s why we’re here. As soon as you open up an account you will be prompted to take an introductory survey worth $10. So will all of your household members who join. It’s a nice incentive for just getting started. From there on, every survey session that you manage to complete successfully will get you 1,000 points. That translates to $1 in cash – pretty nice for 10-15 minutes of leisure-time activity that many people would even do for free. The money you earn will be redeemable for cash, gift cards, merchandize, games, or sweepstakes entries. However, you can’t cash out whenever you want. The threshold that you have to meet is $25 – which means it could take months before you manage to pick up that check.

Most surveys won’t even have a time frame. You can do them in more than one sitting. However, for those that are time sensitive or very long, you will get an extra incentive.  


  • You can turn your points to cash. If you like, you can also convert them to gift cards or sweepstakes entries. But platforms that offer cash are always my favorites.
  • The compensation is fairly nice. You will earn approximately $1 per survey session that lasts 10-15 minutes. Let’s do some calculating: $1 per week means about $60 per year. It won’t get you a new car, but it’s a nice incentive for an activity that many people enjoy and do for free.
  • All members of a household are welcome to join. When that letter hits your mailbox, it’s not just for you or another single family member.
  • If you don’t have a computer and Internet access, you can still become a member. They will supply you with a computer and Internet to use while you work with them. Even a dial-up connection is nice when it’s free, I guess.


  • The panel is very exclusive. You can’t even get invited by their partners, and there are very few households that actually get the invitation.
  • The checkout threshold is pretty high. With $25 required to cash out, KnowledgePanel doesn’t stand out from most of its competitors.
  • Some users complain that the surveys tend to become longer over time. That wouldn’t be a problem if they paid per hour. However, you are getting paid per survey session. And if those get longer and longer, you get the point.
  • Some users claim that the company has an evil twin brother. Reportedly, this scammy company masquerades KnowledgePanel’s logo and website. Of course, it’s not their fault that they may have become victim of dishonest players. But it still means you should be careful.


At this point, I can finally cut to the chase: this business is absolutely legitimate and trustworthy, but I still don’t like it. With just a few households from the entire US being randomly selected each year, it’s virtually impossible to join. Most survey takers want to actually have a chance of earning by completing surveys and polls. So, if a platform doesn’t offer you enough of that chance, they fail to meet your most important condition.

That being said, I would still join the system if given a chance. And that’s why I recommend you to do the same if you ever get that letter.

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