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When a survey panel claims to be the largest in Canada, with nearly half a million members, there can hardly be any doubt about its legitimacy. Even less so when you take into account their detailed contact information for each of the six offices across Canada and the US, with over 400 employees. Not convinced? Call any one of their phone numbers or visit their regularly updated social media pages.

The panel in question is called Leger Opinion, shortly LEO. Previously known as Legerweb, it’s been around since 2004. Even if the number of users was a bit overinflated, there are still numerous bits and pieces of user feedback across the internet.

But the fact that they are legitimate only means that they are not a scam. We still have to determine whether it pays off to invest your time there, and that’s why I’m writing this review. 

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How to Take Advantage of This Panel?

The standard registration form will ask you to provide a few personal details including name, gender, birthdate, country and such. Be patient, as creating your account will take a few minutes – and not because of you. You’ll jot down these info in less than a minute, but then you’re in for some waiting, for reasons that escape me.

I was a bit impatient and reloaded the page, thinking it was a glitch of some sort. But then, it wouldn’t let me sign in, reporting that such an account doesn’t exist. And I couldn’t create a new one since it would violate the rules. So, take your time and let the loader do its bidding.

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Make sure to also download their mobile app. Earning an extra dollar or two while waiting in lines or commuting won’t hurt your wallet.

As for surveys themselves, you will get notified when there are new opportunities. Or you can always log in and check your dashboard. Note, however, that there are fewer surveys in the app than on desktop. It’s not really their fault though. As a matter of fact, they have addressed this issue in the FAQ. Some of their partners’ surveys just aren’t compatible with mobile devices, which is why they don’t offer them at all. But there is a solution to this problem. You can use your app while on the go, and switch to your computer when you’re at home to maximize your chances.

And Now to the Crucial Point – Rewards

The rewards are pretty awesome here. You can choose from a few types of rewards, each more alluring than the other. At least when it comes to surveys. Just take a look:

  • $20 PayPal transfer
  • $20 cheque
  • $20 prepaid Visa card
  • $20 Starbucks gift card
  • $20 Tim Hortons gift card
  • $100 cheque
  • 20 Air Miles
  • 250 Aeroplan miles

If you’re new to the world of surveys, you may be disappointed with the values. But know this: hardly any other survey panel offers this number of rewards, so kudos for that!

Additionally, they organize contests on a monthly basis. The winners may hope to get iPads, $250 to $2,500 in cheques or cash, or some minor rewards such as spa gift cards. The more surveys you complete each month, the greater your chances to win these contests. Whereas I personally don’t fancy sweepstakes and contests, it’s still a nice additional perk of being a member here.

Canadians can also answer questions of the day. Those are short and sweet, but to my knowledge, they only bring you a slightly bigger chance to win one of those monthly contests.


  • A huge inventory of rewards. Most panels offer just a couple of options, with retail gift cards being the most common. Here, you can also get money, and in various forms – PayPal, cheque, Visa card, whichever please you.
  • Nice pay per survey. $1 per survey won’t pay your bills, but it’s still at least twice the amount that other panels offer. And that’s for a survey that isn’t longer than ten minutes. The longer ones will pay significantly higher, up to $35 as far as I’ve heard.
  • You can take surveys on your desktop, tablet, or mobile. In the 21st century, this should come by default, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. Many a survey panel isn’t even optimized for mobile. In those circumstances, it’s only natural to commend those that have apps as well.
  • Canadians have a couple of more ways to rack up some money. They can answer questions of the day and get invited to online focus groups. I haven’t been able to find out how often or how profitable these are, but it’s nice to have an extra activity. Less nice that it isn’t available to the US users, though.

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  • The cashout threshold is comparatively high. Fact is, $20 to $25 is about the average threshold out there. But it still doesn’t mean we should be happy for it.
  • They only accept people from Canada and the United States. Also, Canadian users seem to have precedence. Sure, you can also become a member from the US, but your chances won’t be that high.
  • The disqualification rate appears to be high. At least that what many users report as the most annoying feature of this panel. While it’s very common with surveys in general, it’s still fair that you should be aware of that.
  • The better the reward you choose, the longer you have to wait for it. The time period varies from five days (for airline miles) to 30 days (for cheques). That’s not the longest I’ve seen, but not the shortest either.
  • Is there a glitch in the system? As I explained above, I had trouble registering. It just took forever to create my account, and not through my own fault (I guess). But I want to be completely fair here. The fact that I encountered this issue doesn’t mean you will too. It might have been a server overload or some other temporary technical problem.

Final Thoughts – Should You Join Leger Opinion Panel?

My verdict is simple. This may not be the best survey panel I’ve seen, but it’s definitely a decent one. It’s legit and trustworthy. The rewards are nice and you won’t have to wait for months on end to get your hands on them.

So, if you’re after some extra income, be my guest and try this panel, especially if you reside in Canada. To make sure the income is relatively stable, combine it with a few other panels. You certainly won’t get rich. But if you’re diligent enough to spend an hour or two each day taking surveys and doing other activities, you should be able to earn an additional $200 to $500 each month. And that’s already a respectable amount of money, considering how easy the activities are.

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