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Do you have some spare time, need some spare cash, and have a PC or smartphone? Do you live in Canada and want to join a focus group? If you like answering questions and sharing your opinions, Legerweb’s survey website could be your ticket to some spending money.

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About the Company

Legerweb is a Canadian-owned digital marketing and marketing research company with its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 2004, they claim to have the largest online community in Canada, with 400,000 active participants from the country alone. Despite primarily focusing on online surveys, they also have focus group opportunities for some Canadian residents. Their company is not isolated to just Canada, however. They also have an office in Philadelphia, and support the US as well as other countries across the pond with their digital surveys.

The Site

The website itself is relatively straightforward. On the homepage, you are greeted by a login, some information about their services, a random question asked by participants, and the registration form. It gets to the point but lacks information about what to expect by registering (aside from the promise of earning money and “expressing yourself”).  It also omits any information about payment methods, survey frequency, ways to take the surveys, and more.

Before you can truly find out more about what they offer, you need an account. This unlocks the primary menu, allowing you to find information on rewards, surveys, and more. The registration process is very basic, only asking general information and your standard “account creation” questions. Once you have the account, you can modify your profile and fill out more information about yourself to earn money and increase your chances at surveys, and explore rewards.

How Do I Earn the Money?

Legerweb is not like Swagbucks and other survey websites that have a ton of small, low-paying jobs that you can claim and take at your convenience. When you register on the site, you are putting your name into the pool of potential survey participants that can be chosen for any particular job.

Once you have an account and unlock the menu, you can fill out more specific information about yourself. Your income, race, marital status, number of children, and more can be provided in order to earn a few dollars and increase the odds of you being selected.

The businesses that host these surveys will likely provide guidelines for the demographic they are trying to reach. If you fit into one or more of their categories or fill them all perfectly, you’re more likely to receive an offer for the survey. After all, a millennial with no children is not the demographic for answering questions about diaper brands or baby formulas.

I Was Selected – Now What?

If your name was selected and you received an email with an offer, congratulations! You’re on your way to earning some cash. The email you receive will likely provide you with information about the job. You can find out the pay, the industry it falls under, and what you’ll need to do. To find out more, you can sign into your account and visit the “pending surveys” page to claim the survey and get started.

I’m All Done – Where’s My Money?

Congratulations on completing a survey and earning some extra money! Depending on how much the survey was worth and how much you have in your balance, you may be able to claim your money. I say “may” because unfortunately, there is a $20 minimum to be able to cash out. However, once you reach that balance, you have a variety of methods to choose from.

Legerweb offers a few reward types for claiming your balance. You can choose cash equivalents in the form of a Visa prepaid gift card or a check, or you can donate your money to a non-profit if you’re feeling generous. You can also choose to deposit the balance to your Air Miles or Aeroplan accounts, though they are undoubtedly less popular than a check or gift card.

Once you make your selection and verify your shipping info, your reward will be sent to you or deposited right away. Users report it takes 1-2 weeks for a check, with digital gift cards available immediately.


At Home or On the Go

A great feature of Legerweb is the ability to take the surveys on their mobile app or your PC. This means that anywhere you have spare time, you can earn some extra money (as long as there are surveys available)!

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Offers Cash Equivalent Payments

One of the major knocks against a survey company is the lack of liquid withdrawal options. Many only allow you to receive gift cards from different businesses. Fortunately, Legerweb offers checks as well as Visa gift cards, allowing you to spend your money how you want.

Tracks Surveys

Another benefit of Legerweb is that you can track the status of surveys you are rewarded and complete. You are able to see any available surveys and see whether your payment has been approved, and your past surveys as well.


$20 Payout Minimum

Nobody likes payout minimums, especially when it comes to surveys. Many surveys are just a few dollars. If there are not a high number of surveys available, it could take days or even weeks for you to reach the minimum cash out amount.

No On-Demand Surveys

One of the most important parts of making survey taking sustainable long-term is consistency. Unfortunately, Legerweb surveys are provided for you, meaning that you cannot just decide to work when you want. We would recommend you only completing tasks in your spare time for extra spending money rather than an income.


If you’re a Canadian, this may be one of the best survey sites for you. They focus primarily on their home country, which would likely lead to more opportunities for Canadians. If you live in Canada, you also have the chance to participate in focus groups through the site, adding to the potential money that could be made. Additionally, they offer mobile surveys and cash equivalent payouts, so that as long as you don’t mind a minimum withdrawal, you can likely rack up enough of a balance for some extra spending money.

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