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LifePoints Review in summary: LifePoints is excellent – a great choice to have in your repertoire. Great range of surveys and consistent payouts. We recommend signing up . We give it an 9/10.

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When looking for a new survey panel to pocket a few pennies, it’s very wise to be cautious. For every legit get-paid-to platform, there’s probably at least one that doesn’t like to play by the rules. And that can cost you more than money. As the age we live in has taught us all too well, it’s pretty easy to trick us into giving away our personal information. And creators of fraudulent survey panels were very quick to learn that.

So, you’ve come across a panel called LifePoints. Is it legit? If it is, will it help you make some money? Chances are you aren’t there just because you like taking surveys. So, read on to learn everything I could dig out about this panel.

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Company Overview

Take it from the horse’s mouth – the panel is run by a company called National Family Opinion (NFO). They weren’t born yesterday. In fact, they’ve been up and running ever since 1946. Today, they are known as Lightspeed, a global market research firm that conducts business in over 70 countries.

LifePoints themselves haven’t been there for long. Until a few months ago, they were known as Global Test Market. Which then merged with MySurvey and got a major makeover, and so LifePoints were born. Judging by the experience of their longtime users who have witnessed both stages, many things have changed, and not for the better. But more on that later.

The panel brags about having over five million members to date. That’s huge, but beware! That number doesn’t say anything. While the platform is definitely legit, it hasn’t acquired so many users out of the blue. Rather, the users came as a dowry from the two wedded panels. 

How to Become a Member?

Your first step is to fill out your contact details – name, email address, gender, birthdate, and street address. You will then get a validation email. After you click through the confirmation link, boom – your first ten LifePoints are waiting for you.

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That’s the better scenario. The worse is that you won’t be able to access your account. That’s exactly what happened to me. The message read: “Sorry, your membership is temporarily unavailable.” How is that possible? I did everything by the books, and they wouldn’t even let me in.

But let’s just consider this as a case of bad luck, and see what other members are saying. The ones that actually can log into their account, that is.

How Does It Work?

The basic model is simple, just like with most survey panels you might have had a chance to work with. You take surveys and provide your consumer opinion and feedback, as relevant and honest as it can be. Your data go to LifePoints clients, not as an individual input, but as part of an aggregation of info that can influence their further business decisions and help them increase their brand exposure.

There are three basic types of activities that you can partake. All three are simple and common in get-paid-to platforms:

  • Online surveys. These are relatively frequent, and topics include health, travel, sport, and other facets of your everyday life.
  • Diaries. Occasionally, they will ask you to keep track of your behavior in a certain area – for example, shopping.
  • Product testing. They send you a certain product, and you are supposed to provide feedback, including your opinions and experience with the product. There’s no need to sweat over it – they will ask questions, and you just have to answer them.

This sounds rather nice, but let’s jump to the most vital question.

What Will I Get in Return?

I know your preferred answer would be cash. But it’s a wee bit more complicated than that.

Your effort will be compensated with a currency conveniently called LifePoints. Maybe it’s an even better option than just getting cash, since you can redeem it for a variety of nice things:

  • PayPal vouchers. It’s the single most useful and popular way to redeem your earnings.
  • Gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, eBay. In case you are an ardent shopper with these services, it might be the second best thing to do with your LifePoints.
  • Charity donations

They don’t say how many LifePoints you can get on average. Of course, it depends on the urgency and length of every survey. And of course, the more complete and up to date your profile is, the more surveys you are likely to get.

Note that your LifePoints won’t sit in your account indefinitely. If you are an active member, they will expire after three years. But if you’re not active, the expiration period shortens out to twelve months.


  • You can choose from cash, gift cards, or charity. And the cash goes through PayPal, which is very nice and convenient.
  • Cashout threshold is low, compared to most other panels. $5 shouldn’t be hard to earn, even if it’s all too easy to get disqualified. That means you will need about 5,500 points.
  • You won’t have to wait too long for the funds to hit your PayPal balance. Up to ten business days is the maximum amount of time, as they say in the Help section on their website. That’s certainly very far from “immediately”, but it’s still shorter than in most other survey panels, which would have you wait for weeks or even months. This period also pertains to gift cards. 
  • Users from all over the world are welcome. They don’t pose geographical restrictions as most of their competitors do. You can join if you’re residing in US, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Thailand, Brazil, and many more countries.


  • Many users are complaining that their accounts were suspended when they were due for payment. What’s even worse is that they couldn’t get hold of customer service. So, you’re possibly in for a number of technical issues. And when you try to resolve them, there’s hardly anyone willing to help you out. Now, I am usually quite reserved when it comes to customer complaints – except when many people have similar claims, such as here.
  • Disqualification seems to be a common issue. Of course, that stands for nearly every single survey panel I’ve ever had a chance to test. Still, it’s no less frustrating to spend your time on a survey and then get kicked out.
  • LifePoints seems to be overall worse than its parent panels, Global Test Market and MySurvey. Users were generally happy with these panels, and there are reports of making hundreds of bucks with them. Sadly, things are far from being so bright with LifePoints.

Final Thoughts – Are LifePoints Worthy of Your Time?

From the safety standpoint, there’s nothing to be afraid of in my opinion. LifePoints is a legitimate and trustworthy panel.

When it comes to profitability, however, that’s an entirely different story. Even though there isn’t a single survey panel that would make you rich, some of them still try to make it worth your while. Judging by all the info I could get hold of, LifePoints are not one of them. Or at least, not yet.

Let’s just hope they get some time to collect themselves and fix the numerous issues with the panel. If that doesn’t happen, all those millions of users will have been for nothing.

But even if things don’t get any better, you shouldn’t regret it too much. There are many decent panels out there that will be more than happy to pay for your opinions. Happy hunting!

You can join LifePoints here!