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There seem to be 100’s of online companies offering rewards in return for taking part in surveys. Is it legitimate? Can people really make money by sharing their opinions online?

Plus, is it really worthwhile? How many surveys do you have to complete before you actually see any profitable return?

How Online Surveys Work

Information about you, your lifestyle, and your spending habits are considered extremely valuable by market research companies. Using the data collected from samples across the population, they can accumulate insights and popular opinions that are then sold to commercial organizations. These data will be helpful in improving their products and services.

Thus, your opinion matters since it could help influence and change the future marketplace of products and services that you use daily or regularly. That being said, we did an in-depth review of Loop Surveys to see what rewards and benefits they offer in return for your time and opinions.

What Is Loop Surveys?

It is a company established quite recently in 2017 by an already accredited Canadian research company, The Logit Group. Since then, it has rapidly grown and is now among the leading provider of consumer research studies across North America. It already has over 250,000 contributing members that are helping to shape data analysis about consumer behavior.

How Does It Work?

You literally get paid in return for answering market research surveys! You have to register as a member on their website to get started (and get paid), but after that, you choose how little or often you work, and how much you earn.

Here is a bit more about what to expect from the first day you visit the site to the first time you get paid. These details will help you decide if it’s something you want to do or not.

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1. Become a Member

Upon visiting the site, you just click on the “Join Now” button which will lead you to the join form. You will then be quickly asked to provide some bits of information that will help the company filter you. Whether it be by age group, household income, or gender, this information will enable them to send you more relevant and interesting surveys.

2. Confirm Your Email

You will, of course, be asked to confirm your email address and as you know, this is pretty standard practice across any website that you are becoming a member of or subscribing to. This will not only help them know that you have given the right email address so that they can contact you but also will make sure that your cash rewards get sent to the right place!

3. Share Your Opinions

Once you’ve confirmed, the company will email you when a relevant survey becomes available that they would like you to take part. If you can’t wait for the email, then you can log in to your account on their website and see what surveys are available to you.

Each survey will have a point value attached to it which will vary depending on the length of the survey and the topic. This is great as you always have a choice of whether each survey is something you’d like to contribute to or not before starting it.

4. Get Paid

Your points will accumulate with each completed survey. One hundred points are equal to $1.00 cash, and once you have reached a minimum of 2,500 points, you may redeem them in exchange for a physical or virtual, pre-paid Visa card worth $25.

You can spend this on anything you choose, as long as it’s with an establishment that accepts Visa. Do note that places that don’t take card payments are few and far between these days.

Why Choose Loop Surveys?

So why choose this website over all of the other websites out there? Here is a quick rundown on the assurances and rewards they offer their members:

1. Accredited

The parent company, The Logit Group, is accredited gold seal members of the Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA). Loop Surveys take this association very seriously and adhere to all guidelines and policies set out by them to ensure your privacy and safety.

2. No Spam

The company complies with the USA and Canadian legislation. They will only ever email you with market research opportunities that are relevant to you and will surely not share your email address with anyone.

3. Cash Rewards

Completing surveys earns you points that you can redeem in exchange for virtual or physical, pre-paid Visa cards. They can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. Hence, by offering up some of your free time each day, you can earn serious $$$’s towards the next big weekly shop or towards your next dream holiday.

4. Bonuses

The company awards you 200 welcome points ($2.00) when you sign up and confirm your email. After that, you can also earn an extra 100 points for each friend you refer to the website. Once your friends see how much extra cash you have each month for filling in the odd online survey, they’ll probably want to join too.

5. Confidential

Your personal data and opinions will not be shared with anyone. The opinions and information you provide to them will only be shared as part of aggregate information gathered, and your personal data will never be associated with any of the information you have shared.

Loop Surveys: Legitimate Source of Income?

If you’re asking if this is a legitimate way to make extra cash without leaving your sofa, then the answer is yes! Over a quarter of a million of Americans are already taking part and earning extra cash each time they complete an online research study.

It’s so easy you could even fill in a survey on the bus on your way to work or while you’re waiting for dinner to come out of the oven. If you don’t have much time, then just completing one survey a week will mean that within a few short months, you can treat yourself to something extra that you wouldn’t normally be able to fit into the monthly budget. What are you waiting for?!

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