We’re taking a look at the popular site, LoQueDigo, which is an online service set up to help individuals as well as companies and organizations connect with each other to find more cost-effective and more accessible ways to communicate and participate in offers and rewards.

The companies benefit by having access to targeted panelists who can participate in their market research surveys which are then used to improve their service offers and customer relationships. As a consumer with a LoQueDigo account, you get rewarded accordingly for your efforts and input.

The name suggests an interest specifically in the Hispanic community but that’s not necessarily the case and you are asked a series of questions relating to ethnicity, preferred language and country of residence when signing up.

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About the Company

Founded back in 2015 and operating out of Denver, Colorado, LoQueDigo aims to connect companies and organizations with prospective customers for feedback on how they can make their products and services more attractive, faster, cheaper or efficient, for example. The company is focused on providing what they call an unparalleled panelist experience.

They share 35% of their own revenue with the panelists who complete the surveys, plus the additional opportunity to earn up to a further 50% revenue via an active downline program – i.e. recruiting friends and family.

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What are the Features, Benefits, and Services of LoQueDigo?

Quite simply, LoQueDigo allows members who have signed up to operate an account on the platform to earn cash by taking a series of surveys. Relevant background information is collected upon signup so that the polls can be targeted; good for the companies as well as the consumer.

Rewards vary according to the country of residence, but they are primarily cash-based which is certainly an attractive factor. For each survey completed, members can earn anywhere from $1 to $5, and there is also the option to build a downline too, like the network marketing model, which further rewards completion of surveys for your team members and those you refer to the system via a unique link.

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What Kind of Profiles Will You Be Asked to Complete?

When starting out with LoQueDigo, you’re encouraged to set up your profile in order to increase the number of surveys you might be invited to participate in. Profiles settings included the following:

  • Personal profile
  • Work profile
  • Auto profile
  • Technology profile
  • Medical profile
  • Travel and entertainment profile
  • Shopper profile

Occasionally companies on the platform send out invites to a broad and non-specific group but generally speaking, the more comprehensively you complete your own profile, you will be invited to take part in better quality surveys and receive more opportunities to create a more significant additional stream of income for yourself.

The site actively encourages new members to spend some time filling out their profile as its also great practice for completing surveys and gives you a taste of what’s in store; it doesn’t take too much time.

What About the Rewards On Offer From LoQueDigo?

This particular platform offers PayPal as well as Amazon cash rewards and retail gift cards. Every 1,000 points translates to $10 credit. Besides cash rewards, the site also provides restaurant gift cards, access to online services as well as the option to pay via charitable donation.

Again, these are all geographically determined. Facebook credits, as well as magazine subscriptions, are also part of the platform’s incentive scheme.

What’s the Payout Time Frame and Process?

If you opt to be paid via PayPal, payments are processed every 1st and 16th of the month, excluding when that date falls on a weekend or a public holiday. Some of the other rewards are delivered electronically, directly into the end users e-mail account so that they can redeem themselves.

Redemption of available rewards can take anywhere from four to six weeks on average, depending upon how the surveys are completed, and are also subject to the responsiveness and the verification of the validity of the survey by the operating company.

The status and value of rewards are easy for members to keep on track of by accessing their personal online account where those details can all be checked and monitored, along with the progress and activity of a member’s downline. There is a minimum threshold of $20 required before a withdrawal request can be authorized.

What of Surveys Which Does the LoQueDigo Platform Offer?

This platform offers a range of surveys including online, video as well as daily-style surveys with the key rewards system being in the form of Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash payments. Facebook credits and magazine subscriptions.

Customer support is in place but only accessible via e-mail with no phone support, but the website does also have a comprehensive range of published FAQ on its website.

There aren’t any stated age restrictions, but the key countries of residence preferred in order to participate on this platform are the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

What Kind of Money Can You Make From the LoQueDigo Scheme?

That all depends upon how active you are concerning completing surveys and also growing your own downline. It’s also a function of how many surveys you are invited to participate in.

New members are automatically credited with 500 points upon opening up their account and as you build and grow that downline with first, second and third tier referrals, the potential to earn residual income for doing nothing yourself, of course, increases too.

Inviting friends to join the platform is simple and easy and can be done either directly via a system generated e-mail invitation or a link shared via Facebook or Twitter. Full instructions are provided on how to do this. It’s quick and easy to join up and has a user-friendly interface.