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Playing the lottery is probably one of the most pleasant and hassle-free ways of making some money on the side. Some super lucky rascals have even won entire fortunes with it! And today, in the blessed internet era, you don’t even have to visit a store to buy lottery tickets. Heck, you don’t even have to buy them! Online apps such as Lucky Day App can make that happen with just a couple of clicks, and without a single dime invested.

But if you’re anything like me, you won’t be so quick as to trust promises of easy money. Plus, you’ll be pretty careful when downloading random apps. Read this in-depth, impartial review to learn what you’re in for before you grant them access to your sensitive info! 

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Lucky Day App & Company Overview

According to their Terms of Use available in the home screen footer of the app or on their website, you don’t need to buy anything or spend a single penny in order to enter or win any game. Even if some of the games require tokens, you can get these for free.

The company’s name is Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc. It’s a company from Delaware headquartered in Los Angeles. Sounds trustworthy? Let’s not make reckless verdicts just yet!

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Only users from the US, Canada (without Quebec), and the UK who are more than 16 years old can use this app. To be more precise, anyone can download it, wherever in the world you may reside. But you will only be able to redeem your earnings if you live in these three (or rather, two and a half) states. People who live elsewhere can only use it for some fun. 

luckyday android app

As of this writing (May 2020), the app has over ten million downloads on Google Play alone. The number sounds grand, but the amazing average rating of 4.3 stars sounds even grander! And it’s hard to believe it’s rigged since it’s averaged from nearly one million user reviews. The app must be doing something right, right?

Plus, the company addresses and replies every single negative review. And they have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, each with millions of followers. If nothing else, they seem to be legit. Would the company expose itself to such lengths and such range of public opinion if it was a scam?

However, none of this still means that Lucky Day is a good app. Let’s dig deeper!


How Can You Earn Money via Lucky Day App?

To kick off the process, you first need to download the app from Google Play or App Store. You can choose to sign up via either Google or Facebook.

Lucky day play page

After those couple of minutes, you can start fiddling with various activities: 

  1. Scratchers. There are nine fields to scratch off. If you get three identical fields, you will earn a certain amount of tokens. The good news is that you can play up to 46 scratchers every single day. If you win, you’ll either get some cash or – tokens. 
  2. Lotto. Yep, it’s the standard game of choosing six random numbers. There are daily drawings, so all you can do after you make your choice is keep your fingers crossed that there’s a winning combination hiding in there. Cash begins with a combination of four matches, but it’s $5 peanuts. The $100,000 prize is actually a jackpot, for which you need six matches!
  3. Raffles. You’ll get one free entry per day for a raffle worth $500, and one per month, which may bring you $5,000. But you can also buy more entries with tokens.
  4. Black Jack. The standard card game where you bet with a certain amount of tokens. The prizes? Why more tokens, of course!

But what to do when you run out of tokens? Getting tons of new ones is very simple. You will get hefty amounts of them from scratchers. But you can also take surveys that can bring you up to 500,000 tokens, invite friends (100,000 per friend), or watch videos (1,000 tokens per video). 

Is There Any Cash Involved?

lucky rewards page

Tokens this, tokens that… But you’re not here for tokens, are you? The good news is that you can also get cash via this app. But that’s only if you win cash prizes! And that cash goes through PayPal, but you can only redeem it if or when you accrue the minimum cashout threshold of $10. Once you submit your request, it will take up to seven business days to get your hands on the money. So, if you decide to give this app a shot, make sure to register with the email address associated with PayPal. 

Most scratchers will let you win a certain amount of tokens. 

So, there are tons of tokens you can get. But can you just go ahead and redeem these tokens for cash?

Unfortunately, no. That would have been too the easiest (and most abundant) type of cash if it were possible! You can only exchange your tokens for gift cards. Which is better than nothing, but it’s still not good enough to call it a side income or even pocket money.

Is It Safe to Use This App?

The company acknowledges that they are doing business with some third parties – whether they are plugins, apps, or various services. But whether you will allow these parties to collect your personal info is entirely up to you, and Lucky Day won’t be held accountable for your choices and permissions.

Anyhow, your sensitive info that Lucky Day App may collect is the usual: name, contact info, but also your geolocation, type of device, pages you visit while using the app, the amount of time you spend there, the number of clicks you make. I don’t think there’s anything wrong here. Most apps will collect these data anyway.


  • The app is free to use. It’s a good thing indeed, considering that you don’t have to play the lottery the old way, by buying tickets.
  • Even if you don’t win any cash, there’s nothing to lose with this app. So, if playing the lottery is your cup of tea, you might get some fun free of charge.


  • It’s all sweepstakes and gambling! All of these activities are basically different types of lottery, where everything boils down to luck. In other words, there’s no guarantee that you will EVER get a single penny from this app.
  • You can’t redeem cash for all those thousands of tokens. The only way to spend them is to pay for more and more entries.
  • There is a cashout threshold. Yes, $10 is a comparatively low minimum, and it shouldn’t be hard to earn that much. But this app is lottery, remember? There are no guarantees that you will earn anything here.
  • There are way too many ads interrupting most of the activities. And who doesn’t hate ads? While a certain amount of them is entirely acceptable, throwing a bunch of them at users is just too obtrusive and accounts for a lousy user experience.
  • Even the gift cards seem to be unavailable. According to many users, as soon as you accrue enough tokens to redeem a gift card, you’ll see that they are all sold out.
  • Many disgruntled users complain of not earning anything for months on end. And that’s after they got $8 or $9 – just under the threshold but not enough to cash out. 

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Final Verdict – Is Lucky Day App Worth Your Time?

Much as I would like to say otherwise, I really don’t think this app is worth anyone’s time. Based on all the info I could get my hands on, the app is legit. But I just don’t see myself wasting my time on trading tokens for more tokens, without ever getting to win anything.

And that’s the gift of most user complaints, which the company doesn’t refute. They just keep on encouraging users to play some more. Because you never know – the luck may smile on you too one of these days! 

lucky day app negative review comment

But luck is usually not how money works. To earn some cash, you usually need to invest if only a little bit of work too, don’t you think?

lucky app negative review page

If you need some small but tangible pocket cash, it’s much better to take paid online surveys on your phone or computer. Yes, these will also frustrate you from time to time. But if you’re persistent, you will surely manage to supplement your income every month without breaking a sweat.

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