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In a world where it’s increasingly hard to make a living, every spare dollar and cent are valuable. Even more so if earning them doesn’t take too much effort. Paid online survey takers are well aware of that fact, so they are always on the lookout for new earning opportunities. Right now, there are thousands of paid survey sites all around the world. Whereas it’s free to join the legitimate ones, it still doesn’t mean you will match their targeted demographics. But even if you do, the question remains will they deliver on their promises. If you happened to come across a survey site called MaCorr Panel, you will wander which category it belongs to. I am writing this article to help you determine if it’s legit or scam, and if it pays off or not.

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As you probably know already, the fact that a panel is legit doesn’t mean it will bring you money. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t upfront with that information, for obvious reasons. So, it requires some digging to determine if you should spend even a minute of your time on an unrewarding panel, when you could spend it where it counts.

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Company Overview

MaCorr Research Solutions is a company based in Ontario, Canada. They are a market research company operating from 2003. Their main goal is to recommend strategies to increase sales, maximize brand exposure, conquer new markets. That’s the surface information readily available on their website.

However, when one takes a look into their social media pages, it’s easy to conclude that they are not very popular with audiences. On Facebook, they only have somewhat above 200 people following them. LinkedIn fares even worse with just 23 followers, most of whom are probably their employees. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are untrustworthy. It only tells us that they don’t have a habit of attracting new members on social media. All that on the verge of third decade of the 21st century, when successful companies are battling for each and every user. This negligence could cost them dearly, but we’re not here to consider their success. We’re here to determine what’s in it for us.

MaCorr Panel homepage preview

How Does It Work?

Let me tell you upfront: if you’re not from the U.S. or Canada, there’s no point in even trying. Just like many other survey panels out there, MaCorr Panel is pretty exclusive when it comes to their applicants’ residence.

Luckily, they are not that exclusive when it comes to demographics. Anyone is welcome to join for free by clicking the “Join Our Panel” button in the top right-hand corner. All you need to do is fill out a very short survey with your basic information, such as the city of residence, the nearest large city, occupation, education, marital status and household income. There’s nothing else to do – not even confirm your account from an email, since they won’t send you one. They won’t even let you know if you got approved to join. You can only wait for a survey invitation, if you ever get one.

Most online surveys and focus groups will be about products that haven’t been released yet. Questions will concern the potential cost of the products, adequacy and relevance of particular advertisements, customer expectations, and similar stuff. So, it sounds really easy, and even exciting. It’s great to have an opportunity to influence future products. Later on, when they hit the market, you will be proud to know that your opinion actually mattered.

Earning Potential

However, much as you might enjoy shaping future products, it gets less enjoyable when you learn that you won’t get rewards automatically. Similarly to Fairfield Research, MaCorr Panel pays in cash – but only if you win their sweepstakes. That’s right. By completing surveys and participating in focus groups, you only become eligible for the cash prizes. It’s quite disappointing to learn that, since there are many other panels that always (or almost always) pay for such work.

The cash rewards can be worth up to $250, which sounds very nice. But how likely are you to ever win that prize? No information available on that matter. I also couldn’t find any payment proofs, so the only thing left is to hope you will actually get the prize. According to MaCorr Panel website, they notify the winners within ten days from project completion.


  • It’s free to join. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t have been necessary to single it out as a pro. However, many scammy panels actually charge for signing up. So, the fact that it’s free confirms that the company is legit. It’s also worth noting that the signup process only lasts a couple of minutes.
  • The prizes are in cash. A significant amount of cash, for that matter. $250 is a nice prize to win. The only problem is that it’s a prize, which means you don’t stand much chance to actually win it. More on that in the “Cons” section. Anyhow, if you win the prize, you will get to choose from transfer via PayPal or check.
  • You can help shape future products. That’s about the non-monetary part of the bargain, and it’s a nice opportunity for those of you who like it.


  • They don’t pay automatically. As I said above, just because you complete surveys doesn’t mean you will get paid. We wouldn’t consider it as a con if there weren’t panels that always deliver.
  • They won’t notify you in any way whether you’re admitted or not. Dropping a single automated email isn’t hard, and it would show respect to their users. Such as it is, you don’t have any way of finding out if you can count on this panel as a (potential) side income or not.
  • They restrict access to users who are not from Canada or U.S. It’s a common thing for many survey panels, and everybody has an absolute right to target whomever they like. But I still consider it a downside from the users’ perspective.

Verdict – Is MaCorr Panel Worth Your Time and Attention?

If you like to see that your opinion matters, and if you’re okay with just being eligible for cash prizes, then I would say go ahead and join the panel. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it. It’s absolutely legit and safe to use.

However, if you prefer to always get the money, there are dozens of other survey sites that are well worth trying. True enough, none of them will get you reach. But even if they don’t, you won’t regret spending your time on an activity that is unprofitable most if not all of the time.

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