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In recent years, survey panels have become one of the more popular ways to make some side money. If you google “paid online surveys”, you will get back hundreds of millions of results including survey sites themselves, and review sites such as this one. Along with all that, you are bound to get another major headache. How to separate the wheat from chaff? Some of those panels will get you some money, that’s for sure. Others will promise big and trick you into giving them loads of information for free. Many will just prove to be a complete waste of your time.

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So, which group does Marketing Analytics Panel belong to? Read on to find out.

Company and Panel Overview

Very little information is available on Marketing Analytics Panel, but here’s what we could ascertain.

They have been in business since 1997. Over two decades of experience should definitely account for legitimacy, if nothing else. Add to that accreditation with SBS Service, as well as membership with Market Research Society and Chartered Institute of Marketing. Even though these names don’t mean much to ordinary users who are just looking for a way to make a few extra bucks, it still means that the company has to abide by some rules.

Their headquarters are in Salisbury, England. But it doesn’t mean the business is conducted locally. On the contrary, they claim to be available worldwide. In truth, as you’re about to find out the moment you try to register, they are currently only accepting users from the US, UK, and Canada.

marketing analytics homepage layout preview

To date, the panel boasts over 30,000 panelists. Compare that to some US-based panels with millions of users, and the number instantly stops sounding so impressive.

As for their clients, I couldn’t find any super famous names in the testimonials sections. Nevertheless, some of them are definitely big and respectable companies. Capita, for example, is the largest outsourcing company in the UK. Another notable example is Thales Underwater Systems, a manufacturer specializing in submarines systems. Others include Wilton Carpets and Haskins Gardens Centres, companies with a firm establishment in Britain, but lesser renown elsewhere.

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So, at least we can assume that the panel is legit.

How Can I Become a Member?

analytics panel join page preview

There are two ways to become a member of this panel.

Either head down to the left-hand vertical menu and click “Join Panel”, or find the same option in the top right-hand corner. It will lead you to a contact form. Details that are required of you include: your birthdate, email and physical address, education, employment, etc. They will also ask you about your internet usage, preferred shopping venues, how often you shop online, which magazines you read or buy, if any.

Next, you get to choose one or more activities in which you would like to participate. The options are:

  • Online groups
  • Face to face groups
  • SMS online surveys
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone surveys

As soon as you complete all four sets of questions, you may consider yourself member of Marketing Analytics Panel.

join marketing panel notification

As you can see in the above screenshot, they will also offer you to sign up for their sister site Green Gauge Panel. But that’s only for those of you who appreciate, advocate for, or use green products. I looked it up on Google without any luck – which probably means that the panel doesn’t exist anymore. However, it also means that our friends over at Marketing Analytics Panel aren’t very thorough or accurate in their keeping the site up to date.

Anyhow, I carefully went through all the steps I outlined above. It took me less than ten minutes, so I can’t say it was much of a waste of time. Nevertheless, once I submitted my response, there was nothing else I could do. Not even an account confirmation from email, which is regular with survey panels. My inbox was empty, even the Promotions or Spam tabs.

I guess it’s just about having to wait for that precious email containing an earning opportunity.

Earning Potential

Alas, the site keeps silent on this question, just like on most others. So, I had to dig deep to find a few online places that mention it.

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And here’s what I found. For taking surveys and participating in other activities, you can get compensation in two ways:

  • Cash (paid via check)
  • Gift cards redeemable with various retailers

If we are to trust some online sources, there are no approximations as to the value of the activities on average. Just like with most survey panels and other get-paid-to platforms, it will vary depending on the activities’ duration and how hard they are. But there seems to be a set value of focus groups. For every focus group you participate in, you should get up to around $25. Speaking in the UK terms, that’s up to £20.

And that’s not a totally bad bargain. Focus groups are typically very easy to participate in. They assemble a demographically targeted group of people and ask for their opinions on a certain product or service. There are no right or wrong answers – you just need to show up and say honestly what you think.

Judging by what little info we could find on their site, these focus groups are organized in person and online. So, you might get lucky to cash in those $25 or so without even leaving your house.

What We Liked About Marketing Analytics Panel

  • You can get cash, albeit the traditional way. Naturally, in this day and age most people usually prefer PayPal. Still, a good old check is the second best. The third best are gift cards, which also seem to be an option here.
  • There are various activities, not just surveys. Focus groups tend to be more interesting, even when they are sporadic. Plus, they always bring more money, which is why most of us are here for.

What We Disliked About Marketing Analytics Panel

  • Will you ever get a survey invitation? Or any invitation to any activity for that matter. It’s been a week since I first signed up, and there’s nothing in my email. Nor is there an option to sign in, so that I can see my status and assess my situation. 
  • Both the site and the people behind the panel don’t seem to be too responsive. Let’s start with the obvious: the panel looks as if we are stuck in the 1990s. And not just in visual or aesthetic terms. On the contrary: the whole system just doesn’t seem to operate smoothly. They don’t send out emails to let you know what are your next steps, or if you’re admitted at all.

Final Thoughts – Is This a Decent Panel or a Waste of Time?

I would very much like to be able to recommend this panel. Unfortunately, that’s just impossible, what with all the issues I outlined above.

They just haven’t made enough of an effort to make it worth our while. Maybe their surveys and focus groups are good and rewarding. At any rate, I can’t claim that they are not, since I wasn’t given a chance to test them. So, why bother when they won’t even send me an email to let me know that I’m in – or out?

That is not to say that the panel is a scam. Judging by their long experience and a few respectable clients, it should be a completely legitimate survey site.

For the sake of absolute fairness, I have to emphasize that I signed up as a US user. The situation might be different for panelists from the UK or Canada. (Though I wouldn’t be too optimistic about it.)

In an age of hundreds of decent survey sites, everybody has to fight harder for every single user. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t find any proof that the folks from Marketing Analytics Panel are aware of that.