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Not so long ago, people used to take surveys just for the fun of it. Most of us will still readily spare a moment to take a poll on our favorite news site, but the survey game has changed for good. Nowadays, there are hundreds of survey panels where you can get compensation for your time – in cash, e-vouchers or some other rewards. Admittedly, most of these rewards are petty. They won’t pay your bills or help you pay off your mortgage. But who could expect much more from such an easy and carefree activity?

But the truth is, you can avail yourself of significant supplemental income if you’re patient enough and willing to play smart. A single survey panel can’t bring you more than peanuts. But choose carefully and combine a few of the good ones, and you can make additional $100 to $500 every month. That’s already a sum to reckon with!

This is especially true for the specialized survey panels that recruit professionals from a certain branch. Naturally, they won’t send you new surveys every day. But the few that you manage to get should be worth your while. One of these panels is called MDforLives, and we’re here to examine it. Take a couple of minutes to read this article before you go for the signup button. You need to know that a panel is legit before you can trust them with your private info!

MDforLives homepage preview

Overview – Who Are These Guys?

The company behind MDforLives is called Borderless Access Pvt. Ltd. We’ve met them before here at SurveyCool, when we reviewed The Panel Station. And from what we know about them, it seems that they are legitimate. Both of their panels are free to join and use, which is the first sign of legitimacy. They have clearly listed contact info, as well as social media pages. Finally, they aren’t aiming at the widest possible number of users. Instead, they are only after healthcare professionals – just like the name suggests.

But let’s dive into some specifics. In their Privacy Statement, they mention some third-party “meter” that you will be prompted to install on your mobile and computer. From what I’ve seen on other panels, software like that usually tracks and measures your online behavior. In this case, they would record your emails, telephone calls, as well as your browser activity.

Why a healthcare panel would need such a tool is beyond me. And I refuse to settle for the “quality control purposes”, which is their official explanation. But in any case, you don’t have to accept it. Over the years, people have grown suspicious of such tracking devices, and understandably so.

Who Can Become a Member and How?

Like I said above, the first condition you need to meet is working in the healthcare industry. The second is a geographical one. Their Terms & Conditions say that you need to reside in any of the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, KSA, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, or US.

But as soon as you go for the signup button on the right, you’re in for the first complication.

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Below your name, you will notice what looks like a drop-down menu, where you should be able to choose your country. Alas, you can’t choose anything, as India seems to be the only option.

MDforLives sign up page layout

Even if you happen to be an Indian resident, you may experience issues. A friend of mine tried to register from there, and here’s what she got.

MDforLives sign up page rejection example

“Currently registration not available for your country. Please try again later.” Bummer! It seems that they aren’t accepting new members right now. And instead of disclosing that on the homepage, they’d rather just keep silent and let you waste your time trying to figure it out.

Their social media confirm that there’s something – or rather nothing – going on. The last activity dates back to December 31st, 2018. In other words, the panel is either sleeping or dead.

How Much Can I Earn (if They Ever Reactivate the Panel, That is)

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. For obvious reasons, I wasn’t able to test the panel, and there are hardly any user reviews online.

So, we’ll have to rely on the information available on site. Surveys are worth anywhere from $10 to $500. Curiously enough, that doesn’t depend on the survey’s complexity and duration, as with most other survey panels. Instead, your honorarium depends “upon your speciality and the country in which you reside”.

But what is the average value of a survey? How often can you hope to receive new invitations? They don’t say a word.

Still, the silver lining is that their users can hope to get cash. Far too many panels only offer vouchers, sweepstakes entries and other unappetizing rewards for your trouble. With this one, if it ever starts working again, you can get money and even choose the transaction channel. PayPal is surely the most widely used payment service, but you can also opt for Paytm, SnapPay, or Google Wallet.


  • They pay in cash, which you can choose to get via PayPal or a few other payment processors.
  • Honorariums can climb up to $500. Note the word “can”, however. And keep in mind that the minimum is a meagre $10. Therefore, this point is not a pure advantage, but more like “so-so”. 
  • They have a mobile app, available on both Google Play and Apple Store. That makes survey taking much easier, since you don’t even have to be at home. Plus, it reduces the chance that a survey will expire before you manage to get home.


  • It’s a pretty exclusive panel. They only accept healthcare professionals from certain locations – the US, as well as a dozen other countries from Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Or do they? On to the next bullet point…
  • In fact, they don’t seem to accept anyone at the moment. As I described and illustrated above, they won’t even let you register. The only location option is India, and even that doesn’t work.
  • There’s not enough vital information on site. Granted, there’s more than most other panels tend to disclose. But to yap about payments, requirements, conditions, without ever saying that the panel doesn’t work anymore? It’s plainly negligent, even deceptive.

Final Verdict – Is MDforLives Worth Joining?

Obviously, no. And not simply because we deem it unworthy. It isn’t worth joining because joining isn’t possible at the moment.

But even if it were, I would be reluctant to recommend this panel to anyone. Firstly, I don’t like the fact that there aren’t any user reviews and testimonials online. Secondly, I don’t like that they pay different amounts of cash for equal work, based merely on the user’s location. A panel aiming to recruit medical professionals should know better than to openly discriminate.

And thirdly, there are at least a few decent healthcare panels – MedSurvey, MNOW, MedPanel, to name but a few. All of them are legit, all of them pay consistently. Most importantly – all of them are alive and kicking.

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