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If you’ve heard of online surveys as a handy way to supplement your income, your first step would probably be to search the App Store or Google Play for apps that would let you do that. Surprise! There aren’t that many apps – not when you compare results to the hundreds of traditional survey panels readily available on your desktop or mobile browser.

Why is that? I suspect there is more than one reason for this phenomenon. Many if not most of all available panels are either passive or downright dead. Others are frauds fishing for unsuspicious users’ info without ever intending to go public, let alone invest money in an app. Whatever may be the case, we still have to wait to see all of our phones turned into earning machines.

The London-based Measure Protocol is one of those rare market research companies who have made it to the mobile world. Heck, they went even further and left us no choice, as there isn’t a browser version of the panel. The app is called MSR App, and is only available in the App Store.

So I did a bit of research to see if it’s actually worth downloading. If they have made enough of an effort to roll out an app, they must have done it with a purpose. Or so my reasoning told me. Read on to see if I was right!

Measure MSR App homepage preview

How Does It Work?

There you are, sitting at your computer and rummaging through their website to find a signup button. And there is a contact form where you can sign up. Alas, it won’t make you a panel member. It will only subscribe you to their newsletter.

To sign up, you have to download the app. But that’s not the only requirement. You also have to be a resident of the US, UK, or Canada.

Once you’ve entered your details and verified your account, profile surveys will be waiting for you. They are not mandatory, but you should still do them for two reasons:

  • You will boost your chances to get relevant surveys
  • There’s a reward for filling out your profile. Once you’re done, you will receive 50 MSR credits. Yay!

Or… nay? What exactly are these MSR points?

Well obviously, you can’t pay the bills with them. But you can redeem them for money. Unfortunately, this money doesn’t come in the form of cold, hard cash – preferably, PayPal cash. Instead, you will have to opt for one of the various gift cards and vouchers, from Amazon, Sephora, GAP, and other popular retailers. I’ve even heard of VISA prepaid cards.

But how much is 50 MSR? The math is simple. 100 MSR equals $1. Therefore, you earned a $0.50 just for signing up.

Of course, you will be earning these points for every successfully completed survey. What singles out this app from most of the competition is the fact that they will grant you some points even if you don’t qualify. It won’t make up for the time you lost, but it will reduce the frustration at least a little.


  • Finally, someone has brought mobile users into focus! I guess we’ll see many more survey panels going mobile in the future, but it’s nice to have more options here and now.
  • Surveys aren’t the only activity. This app is much more fun and interactive. It may require you to take a photo of a product, share your Amazon purchase history, or rate a recent vacation. All of these activities come with rewards, of course. Another way to earn additional points is by referring friends. You will get 50 MSR points whenever a friend downloads the app through your link and sets up their profile.
  • The earning potential isn’t bad. The activities are short and sweet, taking up 5-15 minutes of your time. For that, you can earn anywhere from $0.25 to $10 worth of MSR points. Not bad at all, considering how easy and seamless it is to do these things. Many people do them for free anyway!
  • The cashout threshold isn’t unreachable. At $10, it shouldn’t take months to turn your points into store credit for Amazon or another retailer. 
  • Blockchain technology should account for your payments safety. If what they claim is true, that is. Frankly, it’s the first time I’ve encountered a market research company that claims to have secured their processes this way. And so far they have given me no reason to doubt it.


  • You can’t use the panel on your computer or mobile browser. If you try, you will realize that it’s just a landing page presenting the app to the world.
  • There is no cash. Gift cards are the second best option when it comes to survey panels, but I hear your frustration for not getting some ready money.
  • Users complain that the assignments are scarce. As is usually the case with survey panels and apps, the amount of projects will primarily depend on demography. However, since it’s a fairly new app, it just may be the case that they haven’t made a proper breakthrough yet.
  • There isn’t an Android app at the moment. Sadly, Android users only have two options: either wait or switch to iPhone. Okay, there’s also a third option: forget about MSR and look for another survey app. (I guess Measure guys aren’t really aware of it.)

Final Verdict – Is MSR App a Good Way to Make Some Money?

Even though there are a few (and not insignificant) downsides to this app, I won’t go so far as to discourage you from trying it.

First and foremost, the concept is awesome. The app works great from a user’s perspective, without many glitches and bugs, and I wish more survey panels would follow suit. You can even rate the projects. Hopefully, this will help improve them, instead of just sweeping them under the rug.

As for the lack of jobs, it’s like I said above. Maybe it’s the same for everyone, but there’s also a chance that you will be luckier than somebody else, based on your demographics. There’s no other way of knowing but to try.

But even if you only get a single survey or another project every week or two weeks, it will still be some of the sweetest money you’ve ever made. So, if you’re a proud iPhone user, feel free and download this app. If not, you can wait for them to roll out the Android app, or just skip this opportunity and go find another. 

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