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Are you a medical professional? If yes, I’ve got a piece of nice news today. You can earn a bit of extra money on the side by taking paid surveys. And I don’t mean commonplace surveys that are open to everyone. I mean specialized surveys on medical matters that require knowledgeable users. The platform that will pay for your opinions in this area is called MedSurvey. And here’s an honest, in-depth review of it.

If you aren’t a medical professional, the good news still stands. You can join even if you are just a knowledgeable user or a patient.

Who Are They?

Formerly known as Ricca Group (until 2017), MedSurvey is a distinguished market research corporation with four decades of experience in medical niche. Their founder was Sharon Ricca, and current CEO is Paul Golota. The company has headquarters in Southampton, Pennsylvania, and they work with clients from healthcare industry.

Speaking about their background and legitimacy, it’s worth noting that they are accredited with Better Business Bureau and have A+ rating, which is definitely a signal that you may trust them with your sensitive data. Last year they debuted on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s most successful private companies, joining the exclusive club of behemoths such as Facebook, Microsoft and Zappos.

How Does It Work?

Joining is free, but only US residents can register for an account. The signing up process is quite simple. Provide your basic contact info and confirm your account from the email they will send you. Then, you will be presented with a screening survey that’s supposed to help them better determine your user profile. It’s nothing complicated. Just enter your medical condition if any, as well as some of your lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine, etc.

While filling out this info, you will be able to choose your preferred way of taking surveys – either online or via phone. From what I’ve seen, it seems that phone surveys pay more than online, so I would recommend you to opt for that.

As soon as you submit your answers to this screening survey, the registration process is over and you can start earning money. For every survey, you will receive an invitation. Make sure to respond as soon as possible, since it may get enough respondents and become unavailable. This platform isn’t immune to some common issues with survey panels, and sometimes, when you’re halfway through a survey, you might get that dreaded notification that you’re ineligible.

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Great Earning Potential

Anyhow, the rewards are nice. Every successfully completed survey, whether online or by phone, will bring you between $15 and whopping $250 – a very nice compensation, well above the industry standard. This sum is music to our ears, but don’t hope you will be able to quit your full-time job, since there aren’t nearly enough surveys to help you make a living. In fact, you will qualify only rarely, depending on your niche if you are a physician, or the type of your condition, if you are a patient.

You will get the sum you earned via bank check, much like with Scarborough Surveys. The fact that you get cash and not some abstract currency such as points or gift cards is very nice and singles out MedSurvey from a bunch of their competitors.

MedSurvey Advantages

  • You will earn actual cash. Many survey takers are sick and tired of getting gift cards for retailers that they don’t even shop with. No such issues with MedSurvey. Along with an invitation to participate, you will also get the duration of the survey. And the amount of money it will bring you.
  • There’s no threshold for cashing out. A check with your earned money will hit your mailbox in up to three weeks from earning it, which is within the industry standard.
  • The compensation is among the highest in the industry. MedSurvey is one of the best paying survey platforms out there. Even if you come upon a survey once every few months, it’s awesome to bag $15 to $250 in just one hour or even less. Let’s say you earned something in between, for example $100. To accrue that amount of money on your average survey site, you would probably need three or four months, with dozens of hours spent and even more hours wasted.
  • The panel is available to patients as well as medical professionals. There are multiple medical survey panels, but as far as I know, this is the only one that is open to patients too. So, it’s not that exclusive as one might expect it to be. After all, who isn’t a patient these days?
  • You’re doing a good thing for the community. It’s nice to know your work contributes to healthcare industry instead of marketing services that are based on mere consumerism.
  • Great customer support. If you have any questions or are generally curious about the platform, their live operators are available during business hours.

MedSurvey Disadvantages

  • A bit exclusive. This survey platform is not for everyone. You either have to be a medical professional or an informed patient in order to be eligible. However, I am not sure if that is a true disadvantage. Much as I would love to be eligible for just about any survey platform out there, I have to admit that it’s nice to have admission criteria. That’s exactly what makes it worth your while if you manage to join. Apart from the mentioned terms, you have to be a US resident over 18 years old – which is a pretty standard requirement.
  • Surveys are pretty rare. Since there aren’t many user reviews online, I haven’t managed to figure out how often a new survey pops up. It probably depends on the company’s current needs.

Final Verdict – A Decent Survey Panel

If you are able to meet their requirements, I would heartily recommend this survey panel. They are most definitely legit and successful at what they are doing. Plus, the compensation amounts will really make it worth your while even if you do just a few surveys per year. Their reputation means they will handle your personal information with great care and never share it with third parties. In an age of dishonest data hunters, this is of paramount importance.

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