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With so many paid survey sites available today, it can rather be time-consuming to attempt to decipher which are the best survey sites where you can legitimately make some extra money online. In order to help streamline this process, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review one of the more popular paid survey sites, Mindswarms.

This review will look at the fundamental factors that make an excellent paid survey site such as the trustworthiness and reliability of the company, the reward scheme, and even the experiences of existing users. By the end of the review, you should have a clear understanding of whether this is the right paid survey site for you or not.

Mindswarms: The Company’s Profile

Mindwarms is amongst the leading market research companies that utilize visual survey taking to assure genuine responses from its members. Rather than filling in surveys online or via their mobile device, they will answer up to seven questions while using a video call feature.

The main focus of the website is to deliver high-quality video surveys to operate as surrogate focus groups or traditional ethnographies. With the quality of response drastically changing with mobile video research, the company had come in with their team of experts to analyze data and produce high-quality and productive results.

First Look at the MindSwarms Website

When entering the website, you’ll be greeted with an extremely professional design that clearly directs users to their relevant fields whether they’re a business looking to benefit from marketing insights or a potential member looking to sign up to their services.

At the top of the page, you’ll also find two clearly separated tabs labeled “Researchers” and “Participants” which is, of course, relating to the two different types of users looking to benefit from their services. Each of these links then displays a dropdown bar with relevant subfields that are full of relevant information creating an extremely informative and user-friendly website.

Both the login and signup buttons are also easily found in the top right corner of the webpage, ready to take you through the necessary steps to get you on your way to completing more surveys!

How Mindswarms Works

Step 1: Sign Up

You’ll need to signup either through their website or mobile application but operate exactly the same; they simply offer different user interfaces.

Step 2: Create a Profile Video

You’ll be required to record a short profile video, possibly two for camera verification, before answering a few questions that’ll also help build your profile.

Step 3: Apply to Surveys

Now it’s time to begin applying to surveys. The surveys that are currently available appear on your dashboard where you’ll be able to select the most appealing rewards for you. What is better is that the site only displays surveys that you already qualify for.

During the application process, you’ll simply answer some more targeted questions to see if you match the company in question’s ideal candidate. This step sounds like more work than it is as it typically takes less than one minute.

Step 4. Answer the Survey

During the answering phase, you’ll be required to answer up to seven questions using the video function on your mobile device or via your webcam. This process typically takes less than 10 minutes, and your answers will then go towards the development of marketing products and services.

Step 5. Get Paid

Payments are sent 24 hours after successful survey completion directly to your PayPal account.


The website provides a thorough and detailed terms-of-use page as well as an additional privacy page that allows potential members to gain a thorough understanding of both how they collect and use the data collected via their video survey method.

Reading through the policy, users will be assured that their data is only shared with Mindswarms and the immediate, interested party. This assures members that their information is unwillingly sold to any third-party users for purposes other than the original intent of its submission.


The company offers two varieties of reward payment: PayPal payments and Amazon gift cards. Again, doing away with the point system, they only offer a cash value for completion of their surveys.

Unlike other paid sites, they offer a fixed price per video survey of a very generous $50. This makes it by far the highest paying per-survey website that we’ve come across. They also make the payments 24 hours after completion, so there are no more waiting four to eight weeks for a check to arrive in the post as these payments will immediately appear in your PayPal account.

Other Users Experiences

Users are generally very satisfied with their overall interactions with Mindswarms.

The Good

In terms of the upsides, the company pays extremely well when compared to other paid survey sites and they only take 15 minutes to complete. This makes them very appealing to both new and veteran survey takers.

Yes, you do need to be comfortable with video recording your answers, but after a couple of sessions, you’ll be more than comfortable answering the questions in detail while recording yourself with your phone or webcam. Pair this with the speedy payment as you receive the rewards just 24 hours after completion which is significantly less than any other site we’ve ever come across.

The Bad

The most common complaints that users seem to find is that there seems to be an apparent lack of video survey opportunities from the moment you sign up. This isn’t to say that there are no opportunities available, but instead, there is a significant element of luck when it comes to the surveys that are available matching your profile. Nonetheless, matching up with a single survey through the website can deliver a greater reward than receiving rewards from numerous surveys from other sites.

Verdict: Legit

Again, the only downside is the frequency of the surveys that are available; however, when you completed a survey, the payout is more than worth the wait. So, it is certainly possible to make some extra cash with Mindswarms, and there is no doubt in the legitimacy of their reputation as a paid site.

As long as you don’t need a reliable source of income each week, then this is definitely a paid survey site that you’ll want to sign up for as early as possible in order to catch a more considerable amount of surveys that match your profile.

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