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Market research panels are diverse and offer many ways through which their members can make extra cash monthly, usually involving opinion sharing, although some of them are much more original than that. While there are many survey panels to choose from, they all offer and promise different things, so it can be difficult to know which ones are legit and which ones aren’t. We have done the research for you about MintVine.

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MintVine: Get Paid for Your Opinion

This website is a market research panel that is nothing different from all of those that you already know by now; it sends survey invites to the members that match certain criteria and asks for their opinions regarding services and products they are studying.

Once members finish the surveys, they are awarded with points that can be redeemed for cash payouts once they have accumulated enough.

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An interesting thing to know about MintVine is that, when you go into their website, you will come across a well-designed page with a great user interface and even an introductory video where you are told how the survey system works.

Not all of the contemporary paid survey sites offer this visual impression, and that’s something that MintVine should be praised for.

In addition to that, to demonstrate how serious a company they are, they teamed up with Facebook to let you directly sign up for an account with your Facebook account, letting you link both websites for simplicity.

Although this might mean that MintVine will then have greater access to your personal information, it also means that you can trust them, or Facebook would have never let them get near its user’s data in the first place.

This is a good thing to know, and the company sets it straight from the beginning: MintVine is a site you can trust.

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Mintvine’s Survey System and Available Prizes

Once you sign up for a MintVine membership, which is completely free, you will be asked personal information that will help them categorize you into a specific demographic profile. This will help them send relevant surveys once you are part of the program later on.

The more information you tell them about yourself, the more they will be able to send you surveys that match that data, allowing you to earn more points and prizes.

In addition, they also have a referral program that lets you earn more when you invite your friends to participate, and they give their members daily deals, product and service offers that you can take advantage of, just by joining the panel.

If that’s not enough, you will also be rewarded by filling out daily polls, which are simple and help you stay active as time passes. Finally, they also have games where they ask you brand names for both products and services which, if you get right, will also add up to more rewards.

All of these points that you gain throughout the website will be credited to your member account. 1,000 points are worth $10 and once you have reached that amount, you are eligible to redeem them.

The prizes available are quite useful; first of all, you can get cash via PayPal or Dwolla online wallets, and secondly, if you are into gift cards, you can also request a Tango gift card which will allow you to choose from their participating retailers. These retailers include:

Yep, you read correctly: you can even get a VISA prepaid card with the cash you earn! And just by becoming a member, you receive $2 instantly.

Redemptions usually take up to 48 hours to process, and a valid phone number might be needed to cash out the rewards, but we have to give them enough credit: in comparison to the 6 weeks some panels can take to process your requests, 48 hours and a phone number is not too much.

When you refer a friend, you will earn 15% of all the points that person gains from that moment on, and the quick daily poll will gain you 5 points each day you log in. That’s $1.50 a month just by logging in!

Moreover, if you log in 10 days in a row and participate in the daily poll, you will win a Poll Streak opportunity, which is 25 extra points.

Finally, as we mentioned above, there is also a local deals program, which offers great deals for purchasing products and services through MintVine, also allowing you to earn even more money.

MintVine Pros

First of all, customer support is great and they always reach back when any user has a problem or a certain doubt. This is something to give them credit for because this is normally where most paid survey panels fail—unanswered complaints end up in inactive users that downgrade the website.

You can use your Facebook account to sign up. This will simplify the process and although some of you might think this is a bad sign, the truth is that you are already giving all your personal information to the market research panels that you are a member of. Why not trust a webpage that is linked to Facebook, as well? This is certainly a vow of trust from Facebook itself.

Another great thing about MintVine is that its point system is quite interactive and allows you to earn points in many ways that are not only surveys; you can refer all your friends (which is quite easy through Facebook), take daily polls, and use the local deals.

MintVine also has a forum where its members can share their opinion about happenings around the website, such as daily polls, local deals, and even issues with the site’s performance. It is called MintForum and can be accessed by all members of the panel through the main portal.

Lastly, the whole website is quite new, which makes it up to date, fresh, and always trying to make things better. The layout of the webpage, the customer support’s functionality, and even little details like adding Dwolla transfers, show that this is a research panel that is planning on doing things right and that they might do it for a long time.

MintVine Cons

Some users have experienced issues with several parts of the system. For starters, if you happen to change addresses, the webpage will show errors and might not send you surveys anymore.

In addition to that, several users in the past few months also had problems with the Cash Out button. Some of them stated that the button disappeared altogether, freezing their numbers without being able to redeem rewards.

As we said, customer support is excellent, and they will always try to solve any glitch that shows up. However, you will have to insist and e-mail them with a complaint in order for them to do so.

When it comes to privacy, some users might find MintVine a little bit on the abusive side. Firstly, because if you join it to your Facebook, it will have access to all personal information you have there; and secondly, because even if you decide to not use Facebook and log in with your email address instead, you might still get asked for your phone number at some point.

Although the requests take only 48 hours, the tricky part is that MintVine takes up to 3 weeks to actually let the obtained points fall into your account. So, you might be able to redeem them in two days… fifteen days after you finished the survey.

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Mintvine Review Conclusion

MintVine has been around for quite a while (it launched in 2012) and it keeps growing with time, so it won’t be the last time that you will hear about it. This is a paid survey site that does pay money and that actually tries to reach out to its members so, do we recommend giving MintVine a shot? Absolutely.

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If you are lucky and happen to match the in-demand criteria, you will be able to get real money really fast and even exchange it for cash and credit cards. In addition to that, they will make it easy for you to make more points; all programs they have only show you that it is not about the money for them but truly about the opinions of its members.

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