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Looking for the best survey sites can be a somewhat daunting task due to the number of sites currently available. Not only do you need to find these sites, but you also have to decide whether or not you can trust them with your information as well as if they will pay out the rewards you earn or not. In order to lessen the workload, we’ll look at one of the more popular paid survey sites currently available, which is

We’ll be factoring in a variety of necessary considerations such as their reliability and trustworthiness as a company alongside their reward scheme and barriers to entering. By the end of the review, you should have a clear understanding of if it is a good fit for you or not.

MobileXpression: The Company’s Profile

MobileXpression is a market research firm looking to understand the trends and behaviors of mobile phone data usage. This is achieved through members downloading a mobile application which then silently runs in the background of their device. This information helps to determine how different groups of people use the Internet as well as what web pages they choose to access.

It is also a child company of comScore, a leader in online behaviors and trends. comScore’s total user base provides a massive insight into the mobile internet activity of approximately two million users around the world.

comScore has been featured in many renowned papers and journals such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. This level of recognition helps to reassure potential members in the legitimacy of any company associated with them.

First Look at the Website

The website itself takes a minimalist approach, offering very little information on the initial landing page. Instead, users will see where they can sign up to the platform or log in if they’re an existing member.

While the home page isn’t filled with content, both the FAQ and privacy and license pages offer a wealth of information to help potential members learn how their data are both used and protected as well as to see a full list of questions asked about the operations of the company alongside detailed answers.

The benefits page is rather lacking and offers almost zero information on how members will actually be rewarded for installing the application. Instead, you’ll learn general points such as how rewards are paid out and their Trees for Knowledge program.

How It Works

This program is a great paid system that allows users to generate a passive income through the use of a mobile application that can be activated once and then left running.

Here is the process on how to become part of it:

  1. Sign up to the website and fill out a relatively short registration form that asks your general profiling information to build a profile for your user account.
  2. Download and sign into the mobile application from either the Google Play or Apple App Store depending upon the make of your smartphone.
  3. Have the application running while you use your phone as you would any other day. The app monitors your internet activity in order to collect data about Internet habits; you’ll then be rewarded for your participation. Members are also able to partake in both mobile and online surveys and will be notified through email or phone. These will then display a cash value before the member joins the survey.

Application and Safety

Having your Internet activity monitored can be concerning; however, the application only monitors what mobile applications you use, what websites you visit, and how long you spend on each. At no point does it track the activity within the app or webpage; therefore, keeping any banking or private information secure throughout the process.

All the information gathered on your habits is then anonymously stored in a large pool of data for an increased level of security making it near impossible to differentiate data.  The mobile application itself also has to pass numerous safety and privacy regulations implemented by the application store. This helps prevent any malicious code making its way to your phone through the application.


With regards to rewards, members can claim them through the following methods:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Donations to charity
  • Sweepstakes entries

While this is rather limited when compared to other paid survey sites and there is no immediate option for cash payouts, the company offers a variety of other perks that competitor sites do not.

  • New USA members will automatically receive a $5 Amazon gift card after they install the app and are active for one week.
  • UK users will receive £20 after two weeks and users in India will receive a 300 Rupee Jabong gift card after two weeks of being an active member.
  • New members will be automatically entered into the $100,000 sweepstakes and every month, one participant will receive $100 as well as would be given a chance to win $2,500, $5,000, or again be entered into the $100,000 sweepstakes.

To keep the rewards rolling, there’s also a weekly physical prize giveaway. Below is an example of a month’s worth of prizes:

  • Week 1: KitchenAid 14-piece cutlery set
  • Week 2: Apple iPad Air, Wi-Fi, 16gb
  • Week 3: Samsung 32″ LED HDTV
  • Week 4: Canon PowerShot digital camera bundle

Fun Fact

After 90 days of active membership, the company will donate a tree to Trees for the Future through their Trees for Knowledge program. After the initial 90 days, a tree will be donated and every month after that during an active membership.

Other Users Experiences

The consensus for the website is relatively poor when it comes to their mobile application.

While the website and mobile surveys are great as well as an easy-to-use system, there are a lot of complaints when it comes down to the mobile app slowing down their mobile data. Users have reported numerous problems with slower internet speeds as well as not being able to access specific applications that are internet dependent.

This is a significant flaw since the majority of the income stream available is derived from running the app in the background.

Verdict: Legit

Although MobileXpression is undoubtedly a legitimate way to make money online and passively through the application, it might not be worth the extra hassle, especially for regular mobile internet users.

If you don’t suffer from any blocked applications or you don’t notice a massive change in your internet speed, then the app is excellent as you can passively earn an income with almost zero effort on your part. However, for the most part, people are reporting the same issue across the board and having such a hindrance on your everyday internet activities wouldn’t outweigh the cost of your phone’s internet bill that you’re unable to use adequately because of the app.

Alternatives to MobileXpression

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